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by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-17
election night live!  -  touch screen smart table
At 2: 00 a. m. EDT: Candy Crawley just leaned down from her authoritative table and yelled at the authority on another authoritative table.
I don't know this is allowed!
Now they're talking about Sarah Palin. -
I can't stand it.
MSNBC is waiting patiently for Harry Reid to deliver an exciting speech that I'm sure will be.
Fox is playing a montage of the Republican victory speech.
At the same time, a reporting error in Colorado has caused a lot of controversy, but no one is talking about Minnesota's very strange reporting error, which makes governor candidate Mark Dayton look like he is cruising in an easy election.
Megan Kelly has already mentioned "Speaker Boehner ".
Bret Baier was impressed by Boehner's wonderful and exciting speech.
Roland Martin is getting angry.
Harry Reid finally came out.
This is Carl Palladino's "concession speech," and he threatened Andrew Cuomo with a baseball bat: Ha, the Fox cut the Ryder Road, too late ---
They are going to shoot a bunch of gold ads.
Reid is just not very good at conveying these inspiring clichés.
Fox left Reid in order for Britt Hume to speak.
That's it for me. More tomorrow.
Good night, America.
Everyone did a good job.
For further election analysis, read Catherine Jean Lopez's talk about Harry Reid on Twitter.
EDT: Alaska closes at 1: 05 A. M.
We don't know what will happen next for the time being.
Pat Cadell and Frank Rentz didn't convince me to give up. mute Fox.
Earlier Kasich explained the campaign: you can't win if you're just negative.
But if you're negative and people get angry, you win!
Meanwhile, Chris Matthews is talking about the people who are playing in the NFL from Scranton and how they can get back to the Republican Party.
In fact, he is implementing his Senate campaign strategy.
Talk about work.
Steel and subway trains.
Matthews: "Do I have to make this case a little bigger? I will make it a little bigger.
I think it was written by John Kerry because he doesn't care anymore.
EDT: when Fox left Nikki Hayley and called Mark Kirk in Illinois, CNN went to Nikki Hayley.
"This is a condemnation of the president," said Karl ROV . ".
Because Barack Obama is why this flawed candidate has barely lost to another candidate with a terrible flaw to replace a severely flawed interim senator appointed by Rod blagoevich.
The way to go, Obama. -
You just got accused.
Fox was so excited about Kirk and the divided government that they ignored Pat tumei's victory speech.
MSNBC cut to Sestak. (
By the way, Chris Matthews is sure the seat is his. )
Sestak's kids are cute. -
Maybe little girls should run more.
"The country is run by the good people and the bad people who manage it. "--Chris Matthews.
12: 15 EDT: Giuliani from Fox: "We will find out tomorrow whether the president is a theorist or a pragmatist.
I never knew!
"Yes, I am also looking forward to learning about this, and I am glad that Rudy has been open to this so far.
Oh, obviously this is happening: tonight I learned that even though Charles krauma is obviously happy, he still looks like the impossible combination of the world's most smuggled and miserable lizard puppets
"A lot of our audience will remember Brewer in January," Wolf Blitzer said . ". (
As the screen said at the time, she was the governor of Arizona. )
Fox is still dreaming of Democratic senators changing parties.
Now turn to Nikki Haley for a speech, because why not?
11: 45 P. M. John Boehner will say briefly: "Because we still have work to do.
Tomorrow, the campaign for Fox News, "Let the new nation be seated now," begins.
Thank God, we have brought people like this back to power. (
This is the basic message for the "Mad Man" show, yes, I 've never seen it, but I think it's about how bad he is when someone who looks like John Boehner manages everything)
Boehner also admitted that having a strong power means a huge responsibility.
He was bitten by radioactive carrots.
Oh, my God, Boehner cried.
Ten minutes after the start of the new country, Sharon Anle told him where to go? He will be as disgusted as Nancy Pelosi, so I'm glad he enjoyed the moment.
11: 40 p. m. Chris Matthews suggested Colin Powell as chief of staff.
The old moderate Republicans are still widely regarded as the smartest people God has created. (
Other advantages: he can give the United States a reason for our war with Iran. N.
As David broad suggested)
Olberman said to Ed Rendel: Governor, I just want to put it on the record that you asked Rachel what she would do about the situation with the chief of staff, not Chris.
Olbermann: "Let's take a break.
Matthews: "Let's have half an hour. hour break!
Michael Steele is repeatedly repeating "Nancy Pelosi's dismissal" on Fox ".
The election also sent a message to "people in the hall of power", wherever they are.
"Roland Martin and Donna Blazel looked really disgusting after listening to Eric Eriksson.
While I was watching MSNBC the mad hat Wolf, Blitzer shouted, "change the place!
"Spitzer is in the middle of the table now.
EDT: Olbermann disappeared from Carl Paladino, a New York loser, who "risked his disappearance" to tell the story of a drunken sailor.
"Joe trepi is now pretty sure Obama will lose Pennsylvania in 2012.
Karl ROV said that the Great Lakes will have Republican governors, ignoring some states that do not have Republican governors on the Great Lakes. (Like Minnesota. -
Where do I think Mark Dayton will take it? -and New York. )
Karl ROV-Fox-
People who really want to help the Democrats keep the Senate. -
I suggest that the Democratic Party give up the President, I think, just Republicans.
EDT: A helpful correction to the upcoming media report about Obama's voter opposition to him, from The Times: "Tonight, only 46% of voters said they voted for Obama. Obama in 2008.
"You may remember that most voters voted for Barack Obama.
So, is this "Obama getting moderate nonpartisan opposition to him" or is it in the mid-term elections that usually puts young, poor, and freer voters in trouble (
Whether a more liberal agenda on financial reform and health care will increase the number of those angry voters)
But whatever Evan Bakh says tomorrow is right, Democrats have to raise their retirement age immediately to address the deficit.
Only CNN reported the victory speech of Como. (
Mike Huckabee is on Fox. -
I think his view of Christmas is very simple. )
Andrew clearly attacked Paladino, but I was listening to everyone on MSNBC's sympathy for Russ Feingold.
They explained on Fox that Democrats were warned that pushing forward their agenda would bring them seats, and also that it would be good for Republicans if they won the House, not the Senate, because the Democrats will delay their "pro"
The growth agenda directly led to Obama's failure in 2012.
Next is Rudy Giuliani!
EDT: Michelle mann has 4-
Bullet point plan: keep taxes unchanged and abolish health care, I missed other taxes.
I think they are "a very memorable interview!
Chris Matthews said to Michelle mann, "Have you been hypnotized ? " Bach man: "I think the American people are the ones who are finally speaking tonight and they are getting rid of the nightmare.
Matthews: "Thank you, member bach man. she looks in a trance.
"I don't know why the bach man agreed with this ---
Although I guess this is the case where other members of the MSNBC group are not allowed to speak to her.
Oh, hey, Cantor is starting now.
This is the Republican victory on MSNBC. -
They're controlling liberals.
Maddow is trying to silence Cantor on tax cuts and deficit rhetoric.
It does not work.
While this led to Eric Conto saying: "There is no tax cut.
No one is cutting taxes.
"It's a good thing they didn't run on that!
They went on to ask Lawrence O'Donnell if Conto would vote to raise the debt ceiling.
In fact, all of you have made Conto look like a tool that refuses to admit that Republicans can't live up to their empty talk about the deficit, which doesn't mean you won, guys.
He just upset your audience on your network.
I hope Ed will interview Boehner, who will be the next Republican hit to join the "10 years of ssnbc salt wound tour! (
Meanwhile Geraldine Ferraro and Sarah Palin hang out on Fox because why not? )
Edt msnbc is having a policy debate at 10: 10 pm.
This is one night this year, Ma.
Racial coverage is more useful and important than substantive policy debates.
Oh, wait. okay, Ed's here.
EDT: I 've now seen the ads for TLC's upcoming Sarah Palin reality show on all three cable news channels.
At the same time, Homer was basically separated from the Soviet Muslim countries they imagined.
Joe trepi of Fox looks like a sad man.
But he pointed out that Republicans left by nominating madmen, "three or four Senate seats they could have won.
They soon began talking about the Tea Party to Juan Williams.
He made no point.
Britt Hume said Obama has inspired many people and his wave has received positive support.
But the wave is mostly about angrily rejecting things, even though Republicans have not won. (
Because voters like Republicans, Karlov disagrees. )
Congrats McCain and Chuck Grassley!
Kandi Crawley said that tomorrow we will hear the "Rubio message" from others "---
The greatest and largest political team on American television agreed that Marco Rubio was perfect in every way.
Tim Borenstein is now smug at Fox.
EDT: no headlines: Victor returns to the Senate!
Rubio wins threeway!
Rubio also announced that the United States is the greatest country in human history. -
Even though its greatness is incredible, it is clearly extremely fragile, as two years of moderate Democratic rule is enough for it to go straight to hell.
Rubio knows that America is great, not because he read about it in the book, but because he sees it with his eyes.
CNN gave up Rubio and cut commercial ads as Fox and MSNBC continued to stay.
Oops, MSNBC went to the O'Donnell charter speech because o'berman said, "bring the popcorn. " (
Chuck Schumer's award-winning speech has not been taken seriously, which is a clear proof of media bias. )
O'Donnell didn't wear her lady costume. -
Probably the reason she lost. -
"We won," she announced ". " Breaking. . . (
Fox ignored her and instead had a cold nity chat with Doug Sean. )
O'Donnell also said she instructed Chris corns to look at her 30-
Minute ads. (
I know you 've "won" Christine, but it's too late to convince your opponent to vote for you. )
O'Donnell: "We have a lot of food and we have rooms all night.
As one friend pointed out, it would be the best episode ever "party failure ".
EDT: at 9: 15 p. m. in a funny mix and match, Joe Perry is now governor of Texas, Rick Perry is touring with Russian airlines and at odds with Steven Taylor.
At the same time, Rand Paul's victory speech!
Oh my God those are Rand Paul's kids playing Daddy's victory party they look a bit like a young man who pays tribute to some water religious figure if you get what I mean
This is an epic victory speech by Rand Paul.
The subject is why the Senate does not consider how great the United States is if it is so thoughtful.
Another theme is that the government cannot create jobs and prosperity, and leaders without mercy will help us ---
He will go to the US Senate and ask them to stop creating better things for anyone in the name of freedom.
"I will respectfully ask the Senate to consider this: do we want to live freely or be enslaved by debt ? " The Senate will say, "you are a new junior senator of the minority party. go to hell.
EDT: 2012 presidential candidate, Evan Baye, Marco Rubio, tonight at 9: 00 p. m.
When you have to spend hours explaining things that are easy to explain in new and interesting ways, anything is possible!
Reader Kathy points out that everyone on the MSNBC panel (
Especially Larry o'donner and even the Pulitzer Prize.
Award-winning columnist Eugene Robinson
Seems to have deliberately tempted Rachel Mado with.
Praise Bayh and B)
Blame the union and primary for Lincoln's defeat.
Palin explained at Fox that the Democratic victory in West Virginia was a denial of Obama and his agenda.
Palin: The Failure of Christine O'Donnell is "not surprising "!
Palin went on to ask Carl ROV to take a look at the "exit poll" that showed Mike Cassell would lose to Christine ".
"Oh, New York is here.
Bret Baier inexplicably claims: "Carl Palladino has shown an early commitment, but sadly he can't eat enough Democrats to gain an edge over his opponentSandra Lee.
8: 40 p. m. Richard Blumenthal will go to the Senate-
Or at least a few years later, he will claim that he served in the United States. S. Senate.
Linda McMahon will go back and kill wrest.
Perriello lost a game in Virginia, which proves that President Obama will bePresident's term--
He should probably now hand over the key to Hillary.
At the same time that Fox followed pelello, MSNBC was more interested in Manchin in West Virginia.
Fox continues to lose to Alan Grayson!
O'Reilly said to Alan, "I saw something low-level ---
Never lower than him.
Except criminals. " (
He means Ollie North and Glenn Baker. )(
The elected Blanche Lincoln has lost and no one in the world misses her.
Former White House staff, Penn, celebrated here. )
Michael Steele has just finished his tenure with CNN and entered MSNBC.
EDT: Fox broke the story of not claiming to be a tea party but still publicly voting for Republicans.
In addition, Florida Tea Party supporters voted 84% for Marco Rubio and Kentucky Tea Party supporters voted 89% for Rand Paul. (
Who is the other member of the tea party who voted for Cleon Skousen)
Fox then said an "election alert" and switched to some sort of wedding band played by Rand Paul headquarters.
Then they go to business.
8: 15 p. m. Joe trepi, Juan Williams and Carl ROV are a strange group.
There are only three of them.
Everyone remembers Christine O'Donnell. . .
"Like 10 seconds ago, the last time you heard about her.
At the same time, a group of very safe incumbents won the victory.
Carl ROV said Christine O'Donnell was "right on these issues," but he also thought she was a strange lady who said something crazy.
Fox wants to keep talking about Marco Rubio in the rising Showmade guy.
When will he run for president Juan Williams and he says he will win the Hispanic vote!
MSNBC is more interested in Democrats who won seats in the Delaware House of Mike Castle.
Keith Olbermann said 100 "leaders ".
Bill O'Reilly says Arianna will hire Alan Grayson.
EDT: CBS called Delaware Chris Coons because of Gawker and gender discrimination.
As Rick Sanchez predicted, Rich Iott, a World War II history enthusiast, has lost.
Governor of Ohio and Floridaand-
Supporters of Rand Paul step on all their necks.
EDT: Wolf Blitzer is actually impossible to pay attention to at 7: 30 p. m.
According to the CNN team, if Manchin wins, it is either evidence or there is no "wave ".
Ed Schulz explained the game in West Virginia: Manchin was good --
Despite his "tragic loss of life", he still likes to be in West Virginia.
"Man, Republicans have not lost to a dead man since Ashcroft in 2000.
Oh my God, Chris Wallace has a little whiteboard.
There's not enough room on his little whiteboard to list the house games he's actually talking about. (
Chest surgeon Larry Bucshon leads the way in Indiana-
Good cycle for tea party with medical degree. )
EDT: Hooray, Shep!
Rand Paul and Dan Coates are also senators now.
It's too early for David Gergen to make any clear statement about anything.
Elliott Spitzer is talking about it.
Catherine Parker hasn't said a word yet.
EDT: Juan Williams called John Boehner "compromise, deal --
Let the leader "who" is willing to play.
Howard Finman reports that Rand Paul likes Mitch McConnell.
Charles Krauthammer declared the Senate election a "punishment" for arrogance ".
6: 30 p. m. Sarah Palin has suggestions for Barack Obama-
Strangely, the most reasonable centrist columnist will make the same suggestion to Obama tomorrow: move to the center! (
The wolf is just doing his patent "randomly throwing it to people in different places, pretending to understand what they said, then throwing it to someone else for a while, and then turning around to the expert thing. )
EDT: The first time I saw Luke Ruster!
Lester can confirm that John Boehner is in his apartment right now.
Finally, he announced that John Boehner might be the speaker of 113 Congress, a meeting after the next meeting.
Next is Fox: Governor Palin! (
Wolff Blice has entered the terrorist group in Yemen. )
EDT: Chris Matthews repeated his last sentence at the end of five o'clock P. M. m. hour (
Better words to save President Obama)
At the beginning of 6 pm. hour on CNN.
Why wouldn't Obama explain all his deficits?
Indeed, Mr. Obama has never explained that the deficit is largely due to a sharp drop in revenue from the global financial crisis, and we cannot count on voters ---
Or Chris Matthews. -
Or understand things unless the president explains them slowly and clearly. (
"All 435 House seats are at stake tonight," CNN graphics said . ".
I'm sure hundreds of security incumbents have received news. )
Chuck has a special number.
"EDT at 5: 45 p. m. : Bret er and Megyn Kelly have planned an amazing night for us.
With "touch screen" and "big Fox board "!
"ABC News is also planning things.
They did not even invite Andrew Brett Bart from reports on election night, which led to a tantrum (
Soros media attention Soros and so on. ).
CNN already has 400 people on a big table saying something very predictable to Wolf Blitzer.
Glen Baker predicts hyperinflation after a break.
The first vote ends 15 minutes later. -
According to the polls, Boehner is already our new president.
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