elizabeth eisenstein, printing press historian and tennis star, dies at 92 - digital tablet-ITATOU

elizabeth eisenstein, printing press historian and tennis star, dies at 92 - digital tablet

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-18
elizabeth eisenstein, printing press historian and tennis star, dies at 92  -  digital tablet
Elizabeth L.
Eisenstein, a historian, made a pioneering study of the movable cultural influence of Gutenberg
Known as an "assassin" in her later years, she was one of the most feared players on the senior tennis circuit and died in January.
Her home in Washington. She was 92.
A daughter named Margaret delexi said she was ill but did not know the exact cause of death.
Research on printing machines is not unusual.
Eisenstein published two of her articles.
In 1979, the printing press as a promoter of change was refined.
As early as the 17 th century, scientists and philosophers Bacon considered printing, as well as gunpowder and compass, one of the inventions that "changed the face and State of the whole world. ”One of Dr.
The Contemporaries of Eisenstein, Marshall McLuhan, a Canadian philosopher, famously observed that "media is information": that is, the way information is transmitted --
In a digital tablet or podcast by talking or printing-
The way it is perceived is crucial.
In The Gutenberg Galaxy "(1962)
He believes that living words effectively reshape human cognition and for such a large
With the development trend of nationalism.
However, no one before the doctor
Eisenstein has considered the comprehensive and specific cultural impact of the printing press, said Sabrina Alcorn Baron, assistant professor of history at the University of Maryland
Edited a paper about the doctor.
Influence of Eisenstein
"There was really nothing before"
She said aisenstein was a "promoter of change ".
Multi-disciplinary books-
It is entangled in the fields of scientific history, political history and bibliography, and book research as a cultural object --
Centered on relatively simple observations, the printing press makes information more accessible, accessible and affordable.
Free from time
Consuming the work of the scholars, books and brochures, sometimes wrongThe number of people is growing. The result, Dr.
Eisenstein believes that this is a "communication revolution": the rapid spread of ideas is faster than at any time in human history.
She believes that the printing press contributed to movements such as Protestant reform and the scientific revolution, allowing Martin Luther's arguments to spread widely in brochures and making it easier for scientists across Europe to share ideas. Dr.
Prior to the publication of the promoter of change, Eisenstein was unknown and served as a part-time professor at American universities from 1959 to 1974.
The manuscript of the book provides her with an academic breakthrough.
In 1975, she was appointed a professor by the University of Michigan and taught history there until she retired in 1988 to become professor emmerita.
A year after retirement,
Eisenstein reached a different peak in her career and she won the first place.
Tennis Ranking-
As a member of the United StatesS.
Tennis Association 65-and-over division.
Betty Eisenstein is known on the pitch, and she took part in her first adult championship in 1973, the year she was 50. She lost —
Dorothy "dordo" Cheney, member of the International Tennis Hall of Fame
But she quickly found a foothold in a sport she played as a girl only for a short time. Dr.
On 2005, Eisenstein boarded the cover of the Washington city newspaper, titled "assassin ".
Although 82 years old, only 5 years old standingfoot-
2, it is said that she moved "like a child": "She made the opponent work so hard and hit so many extra shots that all the physical blows ended up catching up with her, xu Huan, the author, said she had a fatal spike. In the 80-and-
In the department, doctor.
Eisenstein is almost invincible to 2003 countries hard
There was no court tournament that lost a game.
She won 33 national tennis championships.
Winning 36 straight wins at a time-
Before taking part in her last game in May
Ten years before she retired, she told the city newspaper that she was not sure if the day would come: "It's like an old warhorse, and you're gone when you hear the trumpet.
As soon as I received the entry form in the mail, I forgot the pain and I only remember the fun.
Elizabeth Ann Lewis was born in New York on October. 11, 1923.
Her father's grandfather is a famous investment banker and philanthropist in New York, Adolfo Lewis.
She graduated from Vasa College in 1946, received a master's degree in 1947, and a doctorate in history from Harvard University in 1953.
In addition to the study of the early printing press, she also studied the revolutionary
France in the late 18 th century and early 19 th century.
Her later works include "Grub Street overseas" (1992)
It studied the publishing scenes of the years before the French Revolution, as well as the "sacred art, the machine of no way "(2011)
An investigation into the acceptance of the print media over the centuries.
In 1979, she became the first resident scholar in the Book Center, a newly established branch of the Library of Congress, to promote reading and research books as cultural objects.
At the Folger Shakespeare Library, she occasionally teaches courses and is also a member of the board.
She won the Outstanding Scholar Award of the American Historical Association in 2003.
The survivors include her 68-year-old husband, Julian Calvert Eisenstein of Washington;
Two children, Margaret deloxi from Portland, Oregon.
And Edward Eisenstein of feyette, Missouri. ; a sister;
Three grandchildren. and two great-grandchildren.
Tennis gives her more publicity than her research, but she treats both with the same intensity and focus.
"I often think that tennis is something you two try to see who will control the movements of the other person," Dr.
Eisenstein told the city newspaper.
"In my mind, it is very important to control a point.
It can be said that when I lose control, I will be angry with myself.
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