elizabeth smarts uplifting words to brave jayme closs after she was found alive - smart-ITATOUCH-i

elizabeth smart's uplifting words to 'brave' jayme closs after she was found alive - smart

by:ITATOUCH     2019-08-09
elizabeth smart\'s uplifting words to \'brave\' jayme closs after she was found alive  -  smart
Elizabeth Smart sent a word of encouragement to Jayme Closs, just after the authorities discovered 13-year-
The old man who has been missing for nearly three months
Smart, a child safety activist who was kidnapped at her home in Salt Lake City in 2002, called Jayme "brave, strong and strong" in this week's Instagram post ".
"I hope we can all continue to support and embrace Jayme because she has lived her life again and accepted her reality," 31-year-old wrote.
"What a brave, strong and strong survivor! ! ! !
"No matter what may happen in her story, let's all try to remember that this young woman has survived, and the most important thing, no matter what other details, is that she is still alive, she added.
Jaymemissing was officially reported on October.
The delegates found the body of her parents at their home in Wisconsin.
James and Deniss Closs were shot and killed. the security department in Barron County said their death was murder.
Authorities issued a yellow alert to Jayme's disappearance and led several ground searches with thousands of recruited volunteers.
She was listed on the FBI missing person list in October.
Considered an "endangered species ".
"On Thursday night, the Sheriff's Department announced that Jayme was found after she managed to escape the alleged kidnappers nearly 90 days after her disappearance.
Police have identified 21 men suspected of kidnapping Jayme. year-
Old Jack Thomas Patterson
The sheriff who is investigating her case, Chris fitzgerrard, confirmed that Jayme was found alive in Wisconsin Gordon, about 60 miles north of her hometown of Baron.
Jayme has been reunited with her aunt and other relatives, authorities say.
According to The Associated Press, Fitzgerald previously said in November that he had recorded Smart's 2002 kidnapping when he was looking for Jayme.
According to The Associated Press, he said he had a "gut feeling" and Jayme was still alive.
Smart was kidnapped by the kidnappers in June 5, 2002, when she was 14 years old.
She was found and rescued nine months later.
Smart called Jayme's rescue a "miracle" on Instagram ".
"Such a heartbreaking tragedy has finally had some joy in the story," she added . ".
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