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elizabeth smart: 'what a miracle!!! jayme closs has been found' - smart

by:ITATOUCH     2019-08-01
elizabeth smart: \'what a miracle!!! jayme closs has been found\'  -  smart
Elizabeth Smart, an outspoken kidnapping advocate, after her widely publicized 2002 rocked the country, said on Friday that the Wisconsin teen Jayme Closs was found alive as
Smart, posted on Instagram: "How brave, strong and powerful survivors! ! ! !
No matter what may happen in her story, let's try to remember that this young woman has survived, and the most important thing, no matter what other details, is that she is still alive.
"4: 43 Jayme was found in Gordon, Wisconsin. m.
According to the office of the county sheriff of Daoyi, Thursday.
She's been missing since October. 15. A nation-
After Jayme's parents were shot dead at their home in Wisconsin, Jayme has been extensively searched.
Details of Jayme's kidnapping are still rare.
MORE: Missing Wisconsin teen Jayme Closs is found alive: we know how she escaped being kidnapped at the age of 14 in June 5, 2002, brian David Mitchell is at his home near federal Highlands in Salt Lake City, Utah.
She was discovered in 2003.
Since her kidnapping, Smart has written several books about survival and her personal story as a victim of the kidnapping.
"When I looked in the mirror, I also saw a mother and a wife, and a person I was proud of," she said in an interview with March.
"I see an advocate.
I saw a survivor.
Despite all the terrible things that happened to her, Smart told the Republic of Arizona in many ways that she was lucky.
Smart concluded in her Instagram post: "May God bless you Jayme Closs and may we continue to look for every missing child.
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