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energy firms likely to miss smart meter deadline, warns which? - smart

by:ITATOUCH     2019-07-24
energy firms likely to miss smart meter deadline, warns which?  -  smart
Large energy suppliers need to double the number of smart meters they install to meet the 2020 deadline, which is the consumer group? has warned.
In the next two years, the company will need to install 30 smart meters per minute to replace 46 million existing meters, the company said.
At present, there are only nine large energy suppliers.
Seven metres a minute
Smart Energy GB says suppliers are "working to provide smart meters to all homes as soon as possible ".
A spokesman for the independent agency responsible for promoting the program added: "According to government figures, smart meters will help people save an average of nearly £ 50 per year on energy bills by 2030.
"But where is Alex Neil, general manager of home products and services?
He said: "The introduction of smart meters has been plagued by problems and has been delayed on a large scale, the benefits have been exaggerated, and the savings they may bring to consumers are at risk.
"Therefore, it is time for the government to re-plan with industry and consumer groups to ensure that people get the most benefits at the lowest cost," she added . ".
"Large suppliers so far
Which is the definition?
Customers with 250,000 or more customers
11 million smart meters have been installed to show people how much energy they use and the cost of pounds and pence.
A spokesman for the Ministry of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy said: "The government is committed to providing smart meters to all households and small businesses in the UK by the end of 2020.
"As suppliers recruit and train more installers, they will strengthen their operations in the next 12 months.
"July, Cross
The party's UK infrastructure group says it believes the goal of 2020
People will miss and question "whether the plan will bring meaningful returns to consumers ".
In the following month, the public suggested extending the deadline to 2023.
Centrica's British gas company says it has installed nearly 6 million smart meters in homes across the UK. E.
1 installed On.
4 million smart meter, and said "firmly believe in the benefits they provide to customers ".
A spokesman for EDF Energy said: "We are achieving the goal of 2018.
Npower said it has installed 428,088 smart meters to meet the target agreed by the energy regulator Ofgem.
More than half of its 860,000 retail customers have smart meters installed, says Mr Energy.
Scottish Power and the Shanghai Stock Exchange could not be reached for comment.
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