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facebook unveils 'home' for android phones - interactive screen

by:ITATOUCH     2020-06-29
facebook unveils \'home\' for android phones  -  interactive screen
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said today that the social media giant has joined the mobile sector.
"Today, we're finally going to talk about Facebook phones," Zuckerberg said . ".
"How do you turn your Android phone into a great social device.
The company has launched a new Facebook.
At a press conference in Menlo Park, California, the company developed software called "Facebook Home" based on Google's Android operating system. , headquarters.
"We're not making phones.
"We don't have an operating system," Zuckerberg said . "
"We're building something bigger than an app.
"We want to shift people's focus on mobile phones from apps to content," he added . ".
"I think it might start to change our relationship with these computing devices.
"To support the new software, htc ceo Peter Chou announced a new phone, HTC First, at the event.
This will be the first mobile device to have software pre-installed.
The phone will be exclusively supported on AT&T LTE networks.
HTC First, which will launch in April 12 for $99, will have four colors. 99. Pre-
There are orders today.
Photo: Facebook Home and HTC First in PHOTOS Facebook Home will also be downloaded on some other Android devices with fudge-
Latest operating system for Android--
About a week later, Zuckerberg said.
The company will release an updated version of Home once a month.
But no one has said to go home to see Apple's iPhone.
Zuckerberg said the design of Facebook Home relies heavily on images and "very basic gestures ".
It starts with Cover Feed.
When users hold down the profile picture at the bottom of the Cover Feed, they get shortcuts for the app and messenger.
The background is the content in the Facebook news feed, including your friend's profile picture, the story link posted by your friend, the Instagram update, the status update of your friend, to name just a few, users get all the interaction through their news feed.
Users can browse for updates by swiping one at a time, double-clicking "like" something, or clicking on the comment icon to post a comment.
Imagine the cover material as an interactive screen.
Save money on your phone.
From the Cover Feed, users can still receive new messages from friends or notifications of new updates from Facebook.
Clicking on the notification will get the user into the Facebook app itself.
"We all want to talk to people, not the app," Zuckerberg said . ".
"The Cover Feed is designed to show you the most important things.
Notifications make sure you don't miss the most critical things.
"Another unique feature in the home is the chat head, a messaging component that combines Facebook messages with SMS messages.
When a new message appears, it displays a profile picture of your friend in a small circle icon.
Knocking on their faces will open the message.
Unlike the current mobile messaging system with chat headers, family designer Joey Flynn explains that users don't need to close messages when they open an app, and vice versa.
Instead, Chat head allows users to switch seamlessly between the app and messaging, and allows users to have multiple conversations at a time.
For example, suppose you're rolling an article, a notification of a new message pops up in the corner.
Flynn said in the article that clicking on the photo of your friend "will get you into the conversation" without closing it, and then closing the message will take you back to the article.
"Wherever you are, you can talk to anyone," Flynn said . ".
Facebook Home also offers app launcher.
Users hold down their profile pictures on the Cover Feed, pop up the app button, and take them to the downloaded app page.
In the past, the company has been mired in user privacy issues, and when asked if more data about users has been collected through the home, facebook said they have analyzed how people use their products, these products are classified in a short time.
Last week, when Facebook sent an invitation to media members via email, rumors began to circulate about what Facebook might announce, an invitation to make fun of Facebook's "new home" that will be displayed on Android ".
"HTC, a Taiwanese handset maker, released the status in 2011, an Android phone with a Facebook brand and dedicated Facebook software.
The phone was not sold on Facebook and received very bad reviews.
The company recently released its new HTC One Android phone.
Amazon has taken a similar approach by developing its own Android software on the Kindle Fire.
It puts Amazon's services in the center.
There are rumors that Facebook has been developing its own mobile phone for several months.
However, although Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has said that Facebook is a mobile company focused on mobile business, he denied plans to launch a "Facebook phone" last year.
The company also announced today that it hopes to eventually bring Facebook back to the tablet, but that will not happen until later this year.
At the same time, HTC's first mobile phone may increase pressure on other media giants to expand the mobile phone market.
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