facelift for the eye department at madurai gh - the smart board-ITATOUCH-img

facelift for the eye department at madurai gh - the smart board

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-25
facelift for the eye department at madurai gh  -  the smart board
The Government Rajaji Hospital ophthalmology here has been completely transformed to make people like it more than private clinics and hospitals.
The department has recently upgraded and has accumulated funds from various sources, including the chief minister's integrated health insurance plan.
Thyagarajan, head, Ophthalmology.
The theater was renovated with quality flooring. World-
First-class screening and disinfection equipment and modern optometry machines such as surgical microscope, fundus camera and non-microscope
The purchase cost of the contact eye pressure gauge used to measure the internal pressure of the eye is approximately Rs. 40 lakh.
To promote better teaching
In the process of learning, the ministry has integrated the country-of-the-
Art smart board is a facility to transform a regular classroom into an effective interactive learning environment.
In addition to this facility, the department has installed a closed-circuit television to allow students to watch the live broadcast of the operation with the help of the surgical microscope, Dr. Thyagarajan.
He added that the department is a referral point for all government headquarters hospitals and medical school hospitals in the southern region, serving about 150 patients per day.
According to Dr. GRH, the department receives patients with multiple diseases
Special complications
Under the chief minister's integrated health insurance program, the department performed eyelid repair, retinal correction, glaucoma and strabismus correction operations.
According to the regional blind Prevention Association program, nearly 150 cataract surgeries are free every day.
"We are also carrying out publicity programs on eye donations and various diseases, such as glaucoma, which may lead to decreased vision," said Dr . "
Chandra Hika, associate professor of ophthalmology.
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