farage and johnson are obvious political bedfellows for trump - a smart board-ITATOUCH-img

farage and johnson are obvious political bedfellows for trump - a smart board

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-10
farage and johnson are obvious political bedfellows for trump  -  a smart board
John Bolton is a savvy, savvy operator and learned well in the conspiracy Middle School of American bureaucracy.
He carefully chose his words, unlike many who came to the Trump White House, and despite some tension in foreign policy in recent weeks, he cleverly avoided the chopping board.
However, Brexit and the UK/US trade agreement are an issue where the two can be firmly united.
Trump's national security adviser has always been positive about the opportunity to reach an agreement.
Today, he said more optimistically that the president "looks forward to an independent Britain" and proposed
The way to trade with Canada.
But Bolton, who has been closely watching British politics for a long time, knows what a "delicate" moment it is for Britain, and a fierce battle for leadership will replace May.
Just before I spoke to Ambassador Bolton, the president had left the White House.
They are clearly Trump's political partners.
They speak his language and share the spontaneous love.
Mr Bolton is considered a policy-minded person, but he is no stranger to Brexit.
It was reported that he had lunch with Iain Duncan Smith before he sat down for my interview.
The White House is unusual in many ways, much more open to the outside world than previous governments.
There are a lot of rumors about whether President Trump will host a private dinner with Faraj and Johnson.
This is a potentially embarrassing side.
When Prime Minister May tried to manage her exit and find a way to make meaningful progress between the two countries, she showed that to Prime Minister May when she had £ 1 feet.
But whatever the political institutions want, Trump is proud to be close allies.
When Mrs. May announced her resignation, he also sharply affirmed her, and I was told that they often talked behind the scenes.
Trying to navigate through state visits and visits
When the UK is in a changing state, it is not easy for both sides to have in-depth talks, but they all want the visit to work.
Regardless of the differences between Bolton and Trump over Iran and North Korea, his national security adviser is a smart player who is going through an era of great political change, he also enjoyed himself.
Whether or not you believe he is a hawk to Trump pigeons, he is definitely a loyal and core figure at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
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