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five reasons why i still won't buy a tablet - best tablet for sketching

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-18
five reasons why i still won\'t buy a tablet  -  best tablet for sketching
When tablets first came to market, they were hailed as the "next big thing" to replace PC ".
Tablets enter the market as multimedia devices, with an added advantage over smartphones like big screens, and are able to handle everything from games to multitasking, many even for note-
Shoot, annotate, and sketch.
After several years of strong growth in the tablet market, sales are steadily declining and smartphone sales are rising.
International Data Corporation (IDC)
March reports that global tablet growth has declined, and even forecasts that tablet growth will reach single digits in the coming year.
Apple, for all practical purposes
In 2010, the iPad began the tablet market, but it was not immune to the decline in tablet demand.
IDC recently said that iPad sales have been affected by buyers who prefer iPhones (
Especially in big-
Screen for IPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus)
IPad sales are expected to continue to shrink.
Some other market research reports point out that the sharp decline in tablet sales is due to the extended life span shared by these devices among family members and also due to the factors that tablets often receive updates (
At least in the case of the iPad)
To minimize the need for replacement.
Laptops have also changed from bulky fashion devices to fashion devices. The 2-in-
1 s can also be thought to ease the burden on tablets, and devices such as Lenovo's Yoga series offer consumers the advantage of a laptop with an additional model that can be used as a tablet.
One of the reasons for slow adoption of 2-in-
1 It is said that the device on the Windows 8 platform is the uncertainty of the consumer.
Personally, the tablet did not meet my expectations for the laptop and did not have any advantage of the smartphone.
There aren't so many marketing gimmicks or new features in the tablet that I bought one, that's why. 1.
After so many years, the tablet is not portable enough. The two devices I like to move are my smartphone and a laptop --
It's easy to put one in the pocket and the other in the bag.
While one makes everything convenient, the other has a complete advantage
Mature keyboard for fast typing.
There is a tablet between my smartphone and my laptop and it cannot replace any of them --
This leads to my second point. 2.
The tablet will not do anything you can no longer do with your smartphone
Size of smartphone.
I can only do it on a tablet, not on a smartphone.
The big screen may be a little bit better for surfing the Internet, reading e-books, and even watching movies, but that doesn't justify the extra volume of the tablet.
I have to take my phone with me and I can already browse the Web, read or even watch movies on my phone.
So why let another device do the same thing with its e-reader
Ink screen, still makes more sense than a tablet if you really want to keep a third device. 3.
One of the biggest reasons why I don't buy a tablet is that these apps --
Or they are missing.
Like most smartphone users in India, I am on the Android ecosystem and there are not many apps on the platform that are optimized for tablets.
There are the best tablet apps on IOS, iPad, but I won't consider switching the ecosystem just for tablets.
On Android, however, most tablet apps just resize or upgrade-
Zoom Interface for phone app.
In many cases, on smaller phone screens designed by the app, the user experience is actually better than on larger tablets.
This does not apply to iPhone and iPad users, but the rest still applies. 4.
While tablets are much more portable than mobile phones, they are not as versatile as laptops.
But even if you think it's a pure consumer device, there's a bit of a problem with the limited storage space on the tablet.
Tablets on the market usually have only 8 gb of storage (
In the case of the iPad, 16 gb, although the available space is small)
Apple's tablet does not even support microSD cards.
It's hard for you to get a laptop with less than 250 GB of storage and be able to install all the software you need, like Office Suite or Adobe Photoshop, or games, and still have room for your media.
On the other hand, using a tablet, you will keep working with files due to limited storage space.
Cloud storage options and usb otg are certainly not enough, the former is not very useful in India because of the lack of extensive connectivity, and the latter is inconvenient. 5.
Another reason why the tablet is not able to replace my laptop for me is the limited connection options available.
Like a smartphone, the design of a tablet is also stylish and visually appealing.
This reduces the chances that most ports will be included.
Ordinary tablets now include micro computers.
USB port charged with 3. 5mm audio jack
Like a smartphone.
The laptop is missing like full-
The size of USB, VGA/HDMI makes it almost impossible to connect a tablet to a TV or even a printer, which is what you really need for your "master computer.
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