flashback from will hurd: we need a smart border wall, not a 3rd century solution - what is a smar

flashback from will hurd: we need a smart border wall, not a 3rd century solution - what is a smart board

by:ITATOUCH     2019-08-23
flashback from will hurd: we need a smart border wall, not a 3rd century solution  -  what is a smart board
Editor's note: This column was first published in August. 7, 2017.
We have driverless cars that we can pay for with facial recognition software, and space is the next popular destination for business travel.
Yetwe continues to debate the effectiveness of the third-century solution in ensuring the security of our southern border.
The American people are frustrated that they have every right to do so.
The federal government should have protected our borders so far.
The tools to do so are available and have been in the private sector for some time.
After serving the CIA for nearly a decade, I used many of them while working for a private intelligence company.
As a member of the House Homeland Security and Intelligence Committee, I have always been surprised by the innovations in security and surveillance technologies.
We can use the existing sensor technology to determine the difference between Jack Rabbit and man crossing the desert.
We have drones that can track individuals anywhere on Earth.
But on the border issue, we have allowed an outdated, tangible obstacle to dominate national dialogue and stifle innovation.
The wall is neither big nor beautiful: Reuben navarrett tea onesize-fits-
We cannot solve our complex boundary problems by all means.
While physical barriers may be effective in urban areas, each sector at the border faces unique geographical, cultural and technical challenges that are best addressed through flexible sectorsby-
Departmental approach, empowering local Border Patrol personnel with the resources they need.
Of the existing 650-mile border fence, there are hundreds of miles to be repaired, as criminal organizations have crossed, dug or plowed through the border fence many times.
Drug cartels are using more modern technology than we do to break through our borders, so why should we double the use of outdated tools?
What we need is the "smart wall" to solve the boundary problem of the 21st century ".
The smart wall will use radar and surveillance technology to detect and track intrusion across our borders, so that we can deploy our most important resources efficiently-men and women on the border patrol, complete the most difficult taskinterdiction.
This process can be done with computer vision, artificial intelligence and machines.
Learn to keep our border patrol people focused on stopping individuals and contraband from crossing the border illegally.
The recent horrific human smuggling tragedy in my hometown of San Antonio clearly reminds us that there are nine major criminal organizations operating in Mexico that have nothing to do with human life
A physical wall does not prevent the Zeta drug cartels from smuggling some of them onto a raft on the river.
On the other hand, smart walls can detect intersections and track these people until they are safely arrested by agents.
Every step we take to defend ourselves, our opponents fight back.
As agreed by the National Border Patrol Board, real border security requires flexible defensein-
Deep strategy including personnel, technology and changing tactical mix --
The price of all these things is lower than the wall.
According to the government's budget, the physical border wall will cost $24 per mile. 5 million.
According to leading technology entrepreneursthe-
Shelf technology for building smart walls will costper-
Less than $500,000 a mile.
Proven tracking technology and statusof-the-
Art drones, we can have a safer boundary in a fraction of the cost
It can be fully operational within a year.
According to these figures, we can use more than $32 billion to pay off national debt and hire more border patrol personnel, or increase the operations of the CIA and the National Security Agency in Mexico and Central America to hunt down criminal organizations.
I introduced the security mileage with all the resources and technologies (SMART)
Take action to ensure that we adopt the most effective and financially responsible strategy to achieve situational awareness and operational control over our southern border.
Under my bill, the Department of Homeland Security will be required to deploy the most practical and effective border security technology.
Before building an expensive physical barrier, the Secretary of Homeland Security must prove to Congress that the cost is reasonable.
Donald Trump's immigration crackdown will be deadly, with liberals coming to an end on immigration: US column regulation: take a look at the last decade's failed attempts at technical solutions along race, justice, and media borders.
A project called SBInet was placed 53 miles from Arizona --
The Mexican border, which cost $1 billion, was suspended soon after due to poor management.
This attempt failed because the person who ended up using the system lacked input
Border Patrol personnel.
Also, since the last attempt, sensor technology has become so cheap in a very short time that the types of sensors needed on the border are basically disposable, advances in data processing will allow for easier integration of different data feeds into a picture that can be transmitted to Border Patrol agents wherever he or she is.
We can spend tens of billions of dollars on an outdated solution, fight well-known domain name lawsuits against our compatriots over the years, or we can be smarter, more efficient and cost-effective response to this most pressing countryeffectively. Rep. Will Hurd, R-
Texas is a member of the House Homeland Security Committee and the intelligence committee.
Follow him on Twitter @ HurdOnTheHill.
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