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flippin' over lenovo's convertible tablet - notebook touch screen

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-24
flippin\' over lenovo\'s convertible tablet  -  notebook touch screen
With companies like Fujitsu and HP launching convertible PC products, Lenovo has joined the trend with the launch of IdeaPad S10-3t.
The convertible PC is essentially a laptop with an LED touch screen that can rotate 180 degrees to fit the top of the keyboard and double the functionality of the slate. Watch S10-
The ergonomic design of 3 t is impressive.
Its screen is 10. 1-
Inches wide, the lid is a smart black with attractive relief geometry and can also be seen on the lower board below the keyboard.
The power button is unconventional on the top panel and is close to the screen, which means that you can turn on the power even in slate mode.
Below is the lock button that locks all other buttons.
There are three buttons on the left side of the screen, the first is to open the Lenovo natural touch software, the second is to change the view between portrait and landscape, and the third is the mute button.
Like all netbooks, the keyboard is small and narrow, it takes a while to get used to it, and it's easy to touch afterwardstype.
However, one feature Lenovo missed here is the ergonomic chiclet-
Key designs can make the typing experience better and help add to the aesthetics of this already amazing tablet.
In terms of connection options, the tablet offers two USB 2.
Port 0, 6x1 card reader, 3.
5mm stereo headphones and 3.
5mm microphone slots and VGA ports. IdeaPad S10-
The 3 t trackpad is too small, uncomfortable and troublesome to navigate.
At its best, it doesn't respond either, especially when scrolling up and down.
And hard-
Feel the lack of physical left and right mouse buttons, so that users feel more cramped.
Weight is also a problem, close to 3 pounds, and it's not completely light according to netbook standards, far from some of the Vaio models we 've seen.
Using the touch interface in S10 is a pleasure
3 t capacitive touch screen.
It is responsive and smooth to recognize gestures and requires minimal effort.
While from Lenovo's point of view we do not see the drawbacks of the touch screen, the Windows 7 operating system is disappointing at this point.
The operating system is basically Windows with touch control-it doesn't work.
The controls are small and difficult to operate, resulting in a large number of jabbing on the screen.
Sometimes you get bored and just need to use the trackpad.
This is also where you see the limitations of capacitive touch-point the edge of your finger to the small controls, or your nails won't open the program.
Another drawback is that I am in full slate mode. e.
When the screen is directly above the keyboard, Lenovo is not ready for the screen keyboard.
This means that you cannot browse the network or use any word document in slate mode.
All you can do is use touch controls occasionally to achieve the most basic features, watch videos or indulge in card games.
Lenovo is trying to compensate Windows by including the app NaturalTouch.
While this does make it easier to use the touch feature of your tablet, it's still not enough to be a good reason to choose a convertible PC.
The MediaThe stereo speaker is located at the bottom of the top panel below the screen.
While this does mean that you can guide the sound according to the way you rotate the screen, we are disappointed with the volume.
Barely heard in a crowded room, whether we play YouTube videos or music loaded on Windows Media Player.
The sound quality is also poor-in most cases it seems like there is no bass at all.
This means that if you really want to watch a movie or listen to music, you have to plug in a pair of headphones and then copy the quality.
Movies and videos without stuttering were played very clearly.
However, we do feel that the color reproduction will be better-the saturation is small and the color is not bright enough. The S10-
3 t comes with 220 GB of storage, which is very important for all your files.
The webcam is on the right-
On the hand side of the screen, it often cuts off your face, so you have to keep putting yourself in front of it.
Performance S10-
3 t scored high in performance.
It's by single-
The core Intel Atom N450 processor can be seen on many netbooks such as Dell Inspiron Mini.
Although it is known for its slightly slower performance, especially in more
Mission, we found S10-
3 t did quite well.
We tried it using multiple browser windows, plugged in the external hard drive and played the music, it performed all these tasks smoothly without much delay.
While the Atom N450 processor should extend the battery life, we don't see much evidence here-it's very poor-you're against 4-cell battery.
We went through the video for almost three hours and played it for about an hour.
You have the option to upgrade to an 8-cell battery so you can have a few more hours of juice.
Using it in video mode will give you plenty of time to watch movies and take a little browsing time if you're lucky.
Considering that netbooks and tablets are portable, Lenovo may be able to improve its battery life-in this area, the iPad's 10-hour battery is the benchmark.
Lenovo's convertible tablet will take about two minutes to start.
When we connect a USB drive or memory card, the reading time is a little longer than usual before it is displayed on the icon tray.
All in all, our verdictAll tablets work just as well as netbooks.
Whether a rotating touch screen can run independently as a tablet seems questionable-especially when using Windows operating systems and considering new entrants to markets like Dell Streak.
We would recommend S10 before that-
If you're looking for a netbook that meets basic computing needs, and the novelty of a convertible touch screen.
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