football kits 2019/20: what arsenal, man utd, chelsea, liverpool plus the rest will be wearing next season - what is a smart board

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football kits 2019/20: what arsenal, man utd, chelsea, liverpool plus the rest will be wearing next season  -  what is a smart board
The season is over for most clubs in Europe.
A few games left.
Although some of them are big-
Before we go to the summer vacation
Then do it again next season.
Like modern football, clubs around the world will now change their face with new homes, away and third jerseys and a range of other items.
Some people have already done it.
Some Premier League clubs, including Chelsea and Liverpool, have officially announced their new home jerseys.
Juventus also revealed their home jerseys on Sunday.
A lot of ridicule.
But many clubs have fans waiting.
In fact, teams like Arsenal, Manchester United and Manchester City have maintained support from supporters and are expected to release in June and July.
Football shirt as a classic
Founder Doug Bilton told The Sun in February that the club will return this year.
He said: "These patterns are very prominent and influenced by shirts in their early 80 s and 90 s.
This is the pinnacle of football shirt design for me.
"Most fans agree that it's time to produce the best jerseys.
"Today's fashion is after 80 s and after 90 s. inspired -
Graphic design is very big at the moment, that's what people wear.
"If the company releases a shirt like this, they know they're going to be big sellers.
"We have searched the deepest and darkest corners of the site and the site, such as FootyHeadlines, to find all the latest news, bugs and pictures of the kit that is expected to appear next season.
Arsenal are excited about their jerseys next season.
Arsenal will replace Puma with Adidas after the Gilman sportswear giant reached a huge contract worth £ 0. 3 billion and £ 5.
Annual contract with the club.
There are a variety of leaks in the home kit, but the latest version shows that Adidas has chosen a safe red and white with little decoration.
It was the shirt that went out buzzing.
Adidas's return is expected to mean the return of the iconic "bruised banana --
Arsenal fans love the yellow and blue jerseys in their early 90 s.
Different versions have been leaked but no final message has been given.
The third equipment is expected to be the Navy.
Earlier this month, Cherry launched their new home kit.
Also made by Umbro, there is nothing you can do wrong with black and white stripes.
The next season features a redder, with a noticeable change in sleeves from black to red.
There is also a subtle diagonal figure on the front.
The away jersey has not yet been released.
Chelsea Blues also released a striking New Jersey a few weeks ago and made their debut in the final home game of the season.
The kit is "rush blue" with full
Print through graphics.
Its abstract design was inspired by Stamford Bridge, taking steel beams and shapes off the stands of Matthew Harding.
Leaked away jersey images show it's pure white with a small amount of blue and red trim on the sleeves and collar.
There is very little information about the third kit, although there are rumors that it will be black and orange.
Nike's third shirt is definitely retro.
Use the old logo-
Some of the kits will feature "nfl-style' collar.
Crystal Palace eagle in the exciting 5-
Beat Bournemouth on the last day of the season.
The gold trim was abandoned and replaced with less bold white, while the blue stripes on the kit also wore white stripes.
Although this season's jersey has faded on the stripes, blue keeps its color at the bottom.
The Away kit has not been released yet.
Leicester City jerseys will have more gold next season.
The three stripes and logos of Adidas will be golden, not white.
Some of the gold pipes on the sleeves have been removed and are now all blue.
The biggest change is a subtle graphic on the kit, which gives it the board effect up close.
In April, Away and the third kit were leaked on social media, but it was not clear which one they were and how accurate --
While it was leaked next to the new home kit, it turned out to be correct.
The leaked Leicester kit showcases a pink shirt with black trim and another black shirt with white details.
Liverpool can wear their New Jersey in the Champions League final.
It hasn't been confirmed yet, but next year's home jerseys are officially available the next day of Madrid's big single.
The new suite is very different from the current one.
The badge and the New Balance sign are now Golden, while the shirt has a thin white stripe on the front.
Bob Paisley's signature is on the inside of his neck.
Pay tribute to the legendary manager, who will be 100 in January.
The fine-striped look is the subtle design of Paisley 1982-82 team.
In addition, a away jersey was leaked with a pure white color scheme with blue details and red flowers on the sleeves. Two cities
Time Champion abandoned Nike for Puma
They doubled the value of the deal.
Nike paid £ 20 to Manchester City and Puma will sponsor the entire City Football Group (
7 clubs including New York City and Girona)for £50m.
But the German brand put their cards on their chests with little information about what the kit might look like.
The color scheme of the home kit will not change fundamentally.
Some leaks suggest that away jerseys will be black and pink, and the third will be yellow pink.
Manchester United will rely heavily on their 1998-99 Treble-
Win the Champions League jersey for inspiration.
It's been 20 years since the famous night in Barcelona, and after a few bad seasons, Manchester United will learn from these glorious memories.
Retail giant Sports Direct accidentally shared the image of the design, and while it will not be released until July, it is definitely the design.
It features a badge on the shield with a black and gold background and a pure red look with a black trim.
The badge also has a "star" background, just like the Champions League brand.
On the hip was a nod to the famous night. The text wrote: "The treble --BCN_26. 05. 1999'.
The famous late target was also mentioned on the sleeve.
One says "90" and the other says "90"
Teddy Sheringham equalised the times of the late Champions of solskia.
The away kit is expected to be a subtle gray with hints of black and red, while the leaked image of the third kit shows it is black and orange.
A subtle white pattern of Manchester rose is attached to the jersey.
Tottenham have no idea what Tottenham will wear next season.
The classic white and navy will continue to exist and the only reliable information indicates that the faded look at the bottom of the shirt will be discarded.
The away jerseys will be Navy, and some leaked information shows that the club badge and Nike logo will be rainbow-colored.
Like any other Nike.
Made kit, the third one will be vintage with lights
The main scheme is blue/Duck color.
The Watford Hornets have launched a scary New Jersey this year, which later turned out to be fake, one of the better dummies of April.
This kit features barmy yellow, red, black and white diamond designs and white shorts.
Later in the day, the club released the right equipment.
To get rid of the stripes, Watford went to buy a Balckburn Rovers-inspired half-and-
Half top in black and yellow, details and decoration in red.
There are some concept packs around the restaurant, but no specific details of other Premier League teams have been found.
An official at the Barcelona club has just announced, but all the leaks point to one thing: a huge change.
Not as big as President Joseph Bomei wanted.
He wanted to modernize the club badge, but the rest of the board was not happy.
The home kit will feature an advanced designthink Croatia -
Bright decoration with less gold and more yellow.
The new look of the Barcelona badge is that the color is slightly different and the letter "fcb" will be removed and the black border will be removed.
However, the new look is not well received by the board, so it may remain the same for at least this season.
Away jerseys will rely heavily on 1970 favorites.
The new away jersey, built by football legend John Cruyff, is expected to be bright yellow with a red and blue belt on the front.
Like other Nike third jerseys, Barcelona's jerseys will be significantly increased in the past with a vintage logo and a full collar.
The colors will be as blue-green, blue and red as the jerseys Stoikov and Ronaldo wear.
Real Madrid and German giants Adidas are close to record-
Breaking will become the richest jersey deal in sports.
This is not completely out of range yet, but Real, who has been wearing Adidas since 1998, will sign a 10-
An agreement of 1 billion pounds.
All the news is that Adidas will bring back one of the favorite color combinations of Real Madrid fans.
White decorated in gold.
Similar colors are in 2011-
In 12 seasons, they won the championship under Mourinho's leadership.
Don't know much about away or third kit.
Away jersey is expected to be navy jersey, the third set of Jersey is mint green jersey, lighter than the Spurs away jersey color this season.
The famous old club AC MilanThe has entered the second year of trading with Puma, and the German brand has decided to keep the traditional stripes and make some clever but subtle changes.
The vertical stripes are expected to be much thinner than this season, and the appearance of the stripes has extended to the sleeves --
The sleeves are mostly black this year.
There is no information about away or Article 3.
Italian giants Inter Milan, like rivals Juventus, will make a big change to the traditional vertical stripe design of their jerseys.
It is said that Inter will be a part of the home jersey next season on the oblique stripe.
There are conflicting reports about whether this will be on the entire shirt, or just in the kit center where the Pirelli logo is located.
There is no information about away jerseys, however, according to the trend of Nike's third jersey retro, the third jersey will be a lot of reference
Favorite in late 1990.
Inter won the UEFA Championship in Ronaldo's first season, mainly in black, dark blue and gold.
On Sunday, the old woman drew a lot of ridicule and criticism after wearing their New Jersey.
Juventus have abandoned the traditional stripes and launched half-timeand-
Set in black and white.
The biggest feature is in the form of a thick pink stripe in the middle of the shirt --
To be fair, it did not fall well.
On social media, it is described by a large number of fans as the worst equipment in the club's history.
The club changed from white socks and shorts to more traditional black shorts and socks.
The away jersey is expected to be white, the shade of red will be subtle, and the third set will be blue and gray.
The two kits will be released in July.
Unlike their rivals, Rome seems to be in touch with tradition.
Home color remains the same with main function set to gold zigzag
Shirt middle have line.
While the second one will be white and the third one will be Navy, little is known about away and third sets of equipment.
Bayern Munich market will not be too impressed with Ribery.
The club has decided to send 250 of the new jerseys to fans to celebrate the last match of the French at the club.
But he leaked the equipment when he was supposed.
The complete details are not visible, but the color shows very clearly the brighter red color than in recent seasons.
Other leaks show a horizontal graphic in front.
The Yellow Submarine wore their new gear last weekend.
As ever, the main change in yellow and black is the eyes
The pattern on the shoulder.
There are also words in the inner neck to celebrate the club's 110-
Anniversary of December
It says, '10 years. Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow.
An image of a black shirt with a gray pattern leaked also spread. Paris Saint-
When Jordan Brand took the first step in the Paris Saint Germain game, they were expected to do a series of off-site games
Field and casual wear.
But this season, American companies
Nike's division, which designed the Champions League jerseys for Paris Saint Germain, will go further next season.
Although the kit is not officially released yet, there will be a similar vertical line in the middle, but a large part of White will be added to red next year.
This shirt is ready for release but will not be available until July 1 as the PSG will no longer be sponsored by Fly Emirates.
Unlimited life by Accor (ALL)
Will be a major sponsor of New Jersey and the deal will not start in the coming months.
For away jerseys and third sets, the Jordan brand will rely heavily on the brilliant career of basketball star Michael Jordan.
Named "Infrared 23", the color of the away jersey is basically the same as Jordan's game at the Chicago Bulls.
It will also feature the famous "jumper" logo.
The away jersey is expected to be black and white.
The Dutch giants were out of the Champions League last week but didn't waste time getting fans excited about next season.
The next morning, the club released their new jersey.
The Ajax suite is very signature and you won't really go wrong.
Subtle changes see a little bit of black trim added to the neck and sleeves
The flag of Amsterdam is black, white and red
When the badge is restored to black and white.
It has been red and white in recent years.
CelticThe Bhoys launched their new kit early this month.
The Celtics jersey is another signature design with few mistakes.
The main change this year is the addition of the round collar, the addition of the traditional collar
There is a large piece of white on the neck and shoulders.
It looks fashionable in jeans.
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