for apple and samsung, size matters when it comes to tablets - tablets with stylus for drawing-ITA

for apple and samsung, size matters when it comes to tablets - tablets with stylus for drawing

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-16
for apple and samsung, size matters when it comes to tablets  -  tablets with stylus for drawing
Perhaps a page from smartphones, the tablet market is trying to grow by offering more options.
Both Apple and Samsung have released larger tablets than previous models, hoping to capture new market segments in the market, although each company's approach is different.
The IPad Pro is 12. 9-
Designed inch tablet
It is possible to use it as a user-facing replacement for laptops.
Samsung's view is 18. 4. -
A portable TV Android device positioned in the entertainment market.
Part of the reason these companies try to be different is that the tablet market is stagnant, and IDC reports that the global tablet market fell by 7 percentage points year-on-year in 2015.
The company is down 5-
While the annual forecast for the category does indicate that part of the problem is the lack of innovation in the category, increased competition, or two market leaders.
From a technical point of view, the iPad Pro is an amazing technology with a new A9X processor that is powerful, fast, and has a bright screen.
Its accessories are expensive and a very good computer.
Optional Keyboard ($229)and stylus ($129)
Technically, the keyboard is an absolutely necessary accessory for this product.
The only other problem is that sometimes the technology clearly shows the limitations of iOS.
This is a mobile operating system, even if it can run split-
Multiple applications are displayed on the screen, which is still different from the more powerful Mac operating system.
Samsung has long been committed to covering as many bases as possible in the market, which seems to be one of the few ways to justify Samsung's views.
This huge tablet comes with a hinged stand and handle, which is optimized to work with the company's fiber TV service as it is Bell exclusive.
In fact, it was advertised as a portable TV. tablet hybrid.
Ken Price
The President of Sales and Marketing, an operator of Samsung Canada, said the view could be the best product for dad, who was squeezed out of the living room by children at home, and Will wanted to see his portable and piece-rate performance.
Pricing is key in both cases.
Apple's iPad Pro will launch 32 gb of Wi for $1,049-
The Fi version, although it is for professionals, is great for media viewing and has great speakers.
This is not great for playing games because most game apps feel like they are blown too much on the screen.
"IPad Pro is a replacement for many people's notebooks or desktops," Apple CEO Tim Cook told The Daily Telegraph . ".
"They will start using it and come to the conclusion that they no longer need to use anything other than the phone.
"There are a variety of decent laptops besides this price, they may not be that powerful, but they are still a better optimization for the job.
As for the point, since its screen is not a Super AMOLED screen on other Samsung tablets, it costs $699.
This seems reasonable in terms of the size of the tablet.
But consumers watching TV can actually buy a bigger TV at a similar price, although it clearly sacrifices portability.
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