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for children, how cool is it? - best digital drawing tablet

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-09
for children, how cool is it?  -  best digital drawing tablet
Michelle mariotov
16. the days when children's toys are mainly driven by the mainstream and imagination have passed 2000, and a doll that will only say "mama" will be considered a complete talker.
Nowadays, a relatively advanced technology gives a lot of fun.
Does the child's gift list include hands-
The organizers who took the snapshot or the toddler of a robot better than some parents say, all potential projects face the same test: is this cool?
Today, this question can be answered in many ways.
If a toy needs a rechargeable battery, it's likely to be cool.
Surge Protector if needed-
Yes, it might be cool.
If there is a cut in the toy
As with Sony's PlayStation 2, The edge microprocessor is likely to ensure cool.
During this festival, children and adults like the same devices more than anyone else, such as portable digital music players, DVD movie players, video game consoles, digital cameras, mobile phones and new PCs, the sooner the better.
Advertising seems like generations of offspring have to wrestle with the older generation of inner children, who are as fascinated as the latest wave of microchips --
Active hardware.
More than a few people may land in the hands of children who dream of toys born in the digital age.
So let the microchips fall where they can.
Maybe Junior will let you borrow these.
Built-in organizer
What is the personal organizer without a digital camera and photo gallery? The Phusion ($119. 99)
From VTech Industries, it's all in 6-by-3 1/2-
Package less than an inch thick. Phusion's 2-
Megabytes of memory can hold up to 25 black-and-
160 White Photosby-160-
The pixel screen is the viewfinder of a digital camera.
The image is displayed in 4-grayscale L. C. D.
Screen, but translated to 256-
Grayscale display when uploading to computer.
It downloads files from the computer in bitmap format.
The organizers include trivia and other games, translation, address book, alarm clock, Class Scheduler, calendar, memo and calculator.
The device features a blue or yellow panel and a neoprene suitcase and is equipped with docking brackets, cables and software for computer connection.
It uses two AA batteries.
Recommended for children aged 9 and over.
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The digital music player smusic is not far from the button, nor will the HitClips mini-music system from Tiger Electronics be much larger. One-minute FM-
High-quality audio clips from artists such as Britney Spears, 'N Sync, Fisher and Smash Mouth are placed on postagestamp-
Clip on a dress or backpack and play the size chips through earbuds. The chips ($3. 99 or $4. 99)
Also bring your own driver for the system, micro personal player ($7. 99)
Equivalent to the size of a quarter, there are play and stop buttons that act as amplifiers.
Accessories include rock mini Boombox ($9. 99)
Alarm Clock ($15, pictured)
And Yahoo downloader ($19. 99 to $24. 99)
Record up to two-minute clips. 3.
Painting Studio ($69. 99)
Digital drawing tablet from KB Gear Interactive simulates the feeling of drawing with pen and ink.
Freehand design under the pressure of Jam Studiosensitive 5-by-7-
Inch screen appears on computer screen via American screenS. B. port.
Images can be stored in various formats used in Photoshop and other graphics programs.
The device is compatible with Macintosh OS 8.
5 and later and Windows 95 or later with drawing, simple animation and web design software. 4.
Music System JBL audio equipment mini system (SG3030)
: Even in the era of digital music downloads, there are still traditional small personal stereo systems that are manufactured.
The latest and coolest one is JBL's sound gear, one three
From half of it, the system of debris stuffed
Inch titanium laminated dome tweeter to 200-
Watt amplifier with intelligent audio technology.
The $379 system has two removable speaker cabinets and a central unit that holds three speakers
AM-disc drive
FM tuner and dual automatic-
Reverse box deck. 5.
The robot that sees it is enough to make a child's toy look good.
Now the toy is looking back.
In collaboration with MIT's Media Lab, Lego has developed a range of Lego building kits that encourage young people to make work robots with digital vision.
The $100 package, called the Lego mind storm visual command system, includes a PC camera with the American flagS. B.
An array of connections, dedicated software, and architectural elements.
In order to have more robot fun, the visual system can be combined with Lego's robot invention system (about $200)
This allows the robot to react to light, motion, and color. 6.
The learning block is colored.
When they play electronic circuits in a series of kits, coding blocks teach kids some programming concepts such as binary logic and negative feedback loops.
The simplest set, Buzz Kit, is $19.
95 for children aged 4 and over, let the child establish a beep and flashing circuit. The $59.
A set of devices called "Electric City" designed for children aged 9 and older allows children to make anti-theft alarms and many other things.
4 AA batteries are required for most kits. 7, 8.
Educational toy learning has turned into a $39 Turbo Twist bl and Turbo Twist Math game.
99, from the level. (
Turbo twist spelling is also provided. )The hand-
Children's toys between the ages of 6 and 14 are taught using sound effects, music beats and games.
In fact, Blaster needs a game.
Show methods for history, characters, geography, science, nature, and music, while mathematical versions teach addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, and percentile.
These devices are adapted to the skill level of the child.
New games and activities tailored to children's abilities can be downloaded via PC using LeapLink ($24. 99)
Connecting the leap-forward development of superior learning services.
There are three membership levels: Silver ($9. 99), gold ($15. 99)and platinum ($23.
99, good download volume for about a year)
The price of the content is different.
LeapFrog will give away a silver card member, which is good for three months of downloads.
Advertising enhances the reading device by dragging a stylus on a print page on LeapPad Pro (not shown)
Children aged 6 and older can listen to a word or line of text and learn to spell and pronounce unfamiliar words.
Touching a picture creates the sound of an object, such as a drum.
LeapPad Pro ($79.
99, from LeapFrog)
Including a sample book that teaches geography, science, music, and foreign languages, along with a 66-
The page "Oz wizard" story book that helps the professor read comprehension and vocabulary.
The extra book fee is $14. 99 to $16. 99.
The LeapPad Pro is portable and requires 4 AA batteries.
It includes a headphone jack.
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