forbes: made-in-calgary app will help keep you healthy - digital pen and pad-ITATOUCH-img

forbes: made-in-calgary app will help keep you healthy - digital pen and pad

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-24
forbes: made-in-calgary app will help keep you healthy  -  digital pen and pad
No one likes to spend any time in the hospital, especially the one who wrote the article.
It's been good so far and we hope this will continue, but there is a new way to monitor your health and make sure you stay healthy.
A local doctor and her colleagues usually use paper charts on the hospital clipboard, they have left the paper and created a very cool app called HealthQ.
The doctor emphasizes that this is your life and health, so you can also have it and you can use this new app to help you better control your condition.
Men are especially bad at taking care of themselves, not to mention the whole family.
Now, this new app will handle this for you when you press the button.
How many times have you asked yourself: "When was my last check?
"When will my child do the next immunization" or "Did I check the prostate last year or did I check the prostate two years ago ", this huge group of local doctors in Calgary has been strengthened with a bilingual reminder app that can track the health of your entire family, and remind you when you need to see a family doctor and take care of your own health care.
We live in a very busy society and usually do not check ourselves before the symptoms appear and then misdiagnose ourselves on the Web MD.
It can be said that they decided to create a program that allows patients to get information based on their age, gender health and link to the screening tool.
This good idea reminds you to keep track of upcoming appointments, drug updates, the latest tests and suggestions, and the pre-production schedule.
If you don't have a new shingles vaccine or a flu vaccine, this app will remind you to go to the pharmacy to get the job done.
I 've been using this app for about a week and it's a simple tool to book upcoming reminders for a healthy lifestyle.
Everything contained in the app is based on the Canadian Task Force on Preventive Health, a homemadein-
Calgary invention
The doctor behind this little invention has more than 25 years of experience, they put down the pen and paper and took out a mobile hand, a little surprised
Because it's not about digital invention-
After so many years of writing, for any of them.
I sold it and hope it keeps my no
Hospital treatment.
If you want to know more, you can email the doctor directly via your health phone @ gmail.
And talk to the doctor. Margaret Watty.
Autumn and winter are in sight.
Hope this information will keep you smiling and healthy.
HealthQ is available for download in the App Store.
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