forget the phablet: samsung is working on a tablet with a massive 184inch screen - wacom screen ta

forget the phablet: samsung is working on a tablet with a massive 18.4inch screen - wacom screen tablet

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-09
forget the phablet: samsung is working on a tablet with a massive 18.4inch screen  -  wacom screen tablet
It's closer to the TV than the phone.
But Samsung believes the new "big trend" will beat Apple's rivals.
The gadget, codenamed Tahoe, is expected to target the living room when it is released later this year.
It will compete with Panasonic's already released 20 inch tablet and Apple's upcoming iPad Pro, which is expected to have 12. 9inch screen.
Scroll down to view the video based on the information we received, SM-
The T6 70 code-named "tahoe" is Android 5. 1 Lollipop-
Tablet based on 18. 4-
It will feature a tft LCD screen with a resolution of x 1080 pixels in 1920, octa-core 64-bit 1.
6 GHz Exynos 7580 processor, 2 gb ram, 32 GB internal storage, microSD card slot (
Supports up to 128 GB cards)
And 5,700 battery.
"According to the website, it will also come with an 8-
Megapixel main camera and 2. 1-
451 pixel secondary camera. 8 mm wide, 275.
High 8mm, 11. 9 mm thick.
Samsung Tahoe goes to the giant Toughpad with Panasonic, a month-
Almost three times the size of Google's Nexus 7 inch 4 k tablet, running Windows software.
It also weighs more than 5 lbs, five times as much as Apple's new iPad Air, but only half an inch thick.
However, Panasonic did not design the tablet for consumers.
Instead, it aims for hospitals, museums, architects and construction sites.
It is called the Toughpad because it is made of reinforced fiberglass and has a magnesium alloy housing.
The 4 k technology on the screen is called the Next
Generation High
The Toughpad has a resolution of 3,840x2,560.
This gives it a pixel. per-
The Inch density of 230 is slightly higher than that of Apple 13-
Inch Macbook Pro.
The tablet is also equipped with Intel i51.
9 Ghz processor, 8 gb ram, 256 GB built inin storage -
The same amount provides high-
Apple's ipad and Google's 12 are over. 85-
Inch chrome pixels.
It is said that Apple will launch a giant iPad called iPad Plus in November to cope with the growing challenges posed by Microsoft's surface and Android tablets.
The company also hopes the big screen will help it distinguish the iPad from the big-screen iPhone 6 Plus.
It is also considered to include
New Bluetooth stylus accessory with pressure sensitivity and new pressure sensitive screen.
According to Digitimes, Apple's orders for the device are relatively low.
Apple's upstream supply chain is expected to start supplying parts over the next 12 years. 9-
IPad later on
The device is expected to be available after mid-September
November, it said.
However, according to sources in the upstream supply chain, Apple is fairly cautious about placing orders, with initial shipments well below what most market watchers expect.
Previous reports suggested specifications for the new iPad.
A person familiar with Apple's future product plan revealed that the company is actually conducting a comprehensive
The new iPad has a bigger 12. 9-
According to appleinsider, inch display.
Apple is expected to add NFC radios to its 12 new phones, the person said. 9-inch iPad. While tap-to-
The payment feature in the IPad is unlikely, and the addition of NFC may allow "iPad pro" to be used as a payment receiving terminal for Apple payments.
The addition of NFC can also simplify pairing with accessories, such as the new stylus that is said to be in use.
Sources also said the giant
The IPad will introduce a new touch screen to improve touch latency. Apple's next-
It is said that the popular generation of iPhone 6 s will also be equipped with an Apple Watch and the mandatory touch input currently available on the latest MacBooks.
IPad Pro is also expected to be equipped with USB-
C input, although they do not indicate if it is a new second port option or USB-
C will replace the Lightning connector on the current iPads.
According to the case of the allegedly leaked "ipad pro" design, large-screen tablets are believed to be scheduled for release by the end of this year.
Rhoda Alexander, an analyst at IHS, a market research firm, said the pots were already advanced.
Our supply sidesources say)
Alexander told Fox News it was 2015. com.
The release time is vague and may not be available until the fourth quarter. fourth quarter)
Other updates for IPad.
However, we got input from components and [product]
It's a real product and part of their 2015 building plan.
Apple CEO Tim Cook talked about the future of the iPad at the latest earnings call in January.
For a long time, he said, the iPad was a great business.
"I also saw clearly what was going on and it felt very, very good about it.
Earlier this month, a pose on Weibo, a Chinese social networking site, leaked the device's specifications.
Obviously, the tablet will be 12. 9-
Inch display with a resolution of 2 k and a thin profile of 7mm.
The leak also said that the tablet should weigh 700 grams and have a 11,000 mAh battery, much larger than the 7,340 mAh battery of the iPad Air 2.
At the end of last year, the design of a case was leaked, revealing more details about Apple's long-rumored iPad tablet.
According to the French blog.
Fr, the case comes from a "reliable source" that has previously provided them with advance details of Apple's products, which the company is notoriously secretive about.
It will be equipped with a screen to measure from 12. 2 to 12.
9 inch is diagonal, it says.
The tablet is expected to also have four speakers and can even be equipped with two charging ports, which can remain plugged in when in either portrait mode in landscape mode.
A few weeks ago, an image appeared to be leaked from the mold of the device.
It is reported that this photo was taken at the factory of Apple manufacturer Foxconn in China, and it is said that the height of the photo is about 12 inch and 8. 7 inches wide.
This is after the leaked sketch last week, which claimed to show the so-
It's called megapad, iPad Pro or iPad Air Plus.
The latest images are posted on Weibo, China's social network.
If rumors are true, the iPad Pro will be much larger than the current iPad Air 2.
Experts estimate that the mold will produce a tablet with a height of 12 inch.
7 inch wide 0. 27 inch deep (305. 3mm x 220. 8 mm x 7mm).
In contrast, the iPad Air 2 is 9. 4 inches by 6. 7 inches by 0. 24 inches (240mm x 169. 5mm x 6. 1mm).
There are 9 IPad Air 2. 7-
The iPad Pro is said to have a 12-inch display. 2-inch screen.
This will make Pro comparable to Samsung's 12 products. 2-
Inch Galaxy Note Pro launched in February.
It is reported that the leaked sketch last week was also taken by an employee working at Foxconn, and it appears to show a grille that will also have four stereo speakers.
The picture was posted by a website in other parts of France that had previously leaked details of unannounced smartphones and Apple gadgets on the grounds of Foxconn's sources, which turned out to be
The initial test of the iPad Air Plus stopped in the summer, and Apple's suppliers will soon start mass production of the tablet, the source said.
The sketch shows that the tablet looks similar in design to the iPad Air 2, with rounded corners and the same standby button, rear camera, microphone and volume button position.
However, it seems to confirm rumors that a larger tablet will provide stereo sound, and there seems to be a speaker grille at the top of the case.
Japan's magazineMac Fan announced in December that the iPad Air Plus will also adopt a faster A9 processor, which will be launched from April to June.
Bloomberg and other publications reported that Apple plans to release the device in early 2015, although a recent report from the Wall Street Journal said, with vendors struggling to meet demand for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus releases, California has postponed mass production of large iPads from December 2014 to next year.
These designs show that the device is only 7mm thick, but the screen size is uncertain, and there are rumors that the size is between 12 inch and 12. 9 inches.
Just a few weeks ago, the large screen size of the iPhone 6 Plus had an impact on the use of the iPad.
The release of Apple's iPhone 6 Plus means that there is only one 2 now. 4-
The size of the tablet screen and the inch difference between the display on the iPad mini.
Analysis shows that more and more people use their phones to watch videos or read as their phones are getting bigger --
Make their tablets almost redundant.
Study in pocket
An app that allows users to save web pages, videos and other content for reading-
Recently, it was found that the proportion of people upgrading to the iPhone 6 Plus using tablets is 36 less than before.
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