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by:ITATOUCH     2019-08-23
forum : digital dream world  -  what is a smart board
Michael Cross started a quick trip to Tokyo to pick a friendly virtual pet, an essential accessory for the season as far as I know.
Sadly, my first shop to choose Tamagotchi "cute eggy" is sold out. This is ablue-and-
Pink plastic wire shaft with liquid
The crystal screen, on which virtual chicks are programmed to hatch and die.
Between the two, it eats and drinks like real things.
The challenge is to see how fast it is to kill birds without pressing the right button.
I considered robbing a local primary school student to get a sample, but ruled out this: these burly beef --
Fed children in the Middle Ages should not be played.
In any case, I suspect that the real culprit is not a Japanese female student, but a foreign journalist who desperately wants to find something to write and takes 3 million tamaguchi from the store.
I comforted myself with a less demanding electronic companion, NEC's virtual fish Club Aquarium. It’s a high-
The TV is cleverly disguised as a large glass box.
The result is more passive than Tamagotchi-
You don't even pretend to feed the fish.
But there are 21 laser discs for different fish schools to choose from.
For some reason, number three, "Red-
Very popular among lawyers.
The clerk reminded me that the aquarium was not designed for the exit.
It weighs 130 kilograms, among other things.
So, I explained that when I got home, I could always remove the electronics and fill it up with water and real fish.
But really, how brilliant it is to see earthquakes, recession and poison-
Gas terrorism did not strike Japan's confidence in high technology.
Last month, Toshiba's nuclearpower-to-laptop-
As the Finance page says, the computer group opens up its vision for the digital future through an exhibition of "tomorrow 21: a pointer to the future.
Its pure purpose is to give visitors a preliminary understanding of what the 21st century has prepared for all of us. . .
Anyone who grew up in the UK, in his 1950 s, if he still remembers "Ecological Economics", will have the idea that in this world, we are sitting on a maglev train,
You can almost expect Tony Blair to tell the holographic images of Britain's birth in the heat of this revolution.
Perhaps the most evil idea at the show is smart TV, which can learn what you like to watch and then serve you the same food.
The last episode is "human
Friendly Robot ", follow instructions such as" pick up the blue ball "or" pick up the red ball.
Now, this is the electronic partner I really want.
My flight home was delayed for an hour because of the plane. by-
The Airbus A340 is traveling on the tarmac.
The captain explained that the engineers were trying to restart the flight.
Control software.
This is not the most reassuring statement I have ever heard.
No one asked what would happen if the software failed during flight. . .
A very comfortable flight attendant invited me to visit the flight deck and shook me up.
The captain recognized me as the champion of 1980 modern space invaders.
As soon as the door was closed, I knew something was wrong.
Its light
The banned faces are grim.
"Thank God, cross, you are on the ship.
You're the only one who can save us. look.
The two control bars swing without any use.
Each video screen in the cockpit is blank, but the word "error/retry/abort" is blank.
"All the systems are down.
Our height dropped very quickly.
Before we touch the ground, only people with keyboard speed can restart. "The captain pleaded.
I tried to protest and raise a right hand that was disabled because of RSI.
"But I 've been exhausted since the first bad luck boom," said Istammer.
I haven't been on a bigger plane in years than the Psion organizers.
The captain lifted his thunder.
Ban, reveal the other pair below.
"It's too bad, cross.
Looks like a lot of people die today.
Shirley, do we have anyone else on board who can program this crate?
She scanned the passenger list.
"It's been a long process, but we have William H. Gates in 56F.
Can I ask him to come up? ”Gates!
My old opponent, sitting in a cheap seat as usual.
For a moment, I was tempted to let him take over and see him solve the crisis by holding a press conference to announce the upcoming bug
Free version of flight control 97.
If that means Gates is gone too, my death must be a small thing.
Then I remembered the innocent faces in the main cabin.
I rolled up my sleeves decisively.
"Come on, I will take over.
"My fingers flew around on the flight control and stood the sting from the shattered tendon.
One video screen is live, then another, then another.
The roar of four rolls-
The engine of Royce Eagle was gradually enhanced, and the aircraft's nose began to rise.
"Tie yourself up," said Imutter, biting his teeth. "It may be a bit bumpy. . .
"A more convincing flight attendant patted me on the shoulder.
"Please fasten your seat belt, sir.
"The Space Intruder champion is gone, and aflabby hack is trying to buckle in the belly for 14 hours at high altitude.
The sewage farm in Middlesex welcomes me home through the window of the cottage.
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