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by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-07
free-spirit in print  -  wacom
As Kolkata-
Born Neha Khaitan sits at her desk in her house
Based on the workspace, she turned on her Macbook and restarted the Wacom graphics tablet.
She has the grace of a natural dancer as she presents some of her collages, which are on display at the ICONart gallery called "imprint ".
"I have a lot of vague ideas on certain topics, and influenced by Frieda Kalou, I subconsciously go to collage to express them. ” Self-
The portrait of the late artist conveyed many of her pain during her health care.
Another particularly resonating work created by Neha is fragile, in which a person is shrouded in a demon.
"I was affected by some minor disturbances, so I felt the butterfly effect.
"Imprints" reflects the personal journey.
"Broken Heart" is my personal favorite article, which is based on what the Ham of the big bad man says "broken heart hides hidden treasure ".
There is a melancholy about it
Some people like and dislike this feeling.
The heart wrapped in thorns is cracked, with flowers --
Or "hidden treasure"
Come out of it
"Neha faces considerable challenges during the six months of completing the collection;
Find the image with the correct resolution and really happy with the final artwork.
"It took about a week to make an article, and it took some time to think and come back and forth with ideas, because images are tricky from the right perspective.
The chief guest of the inauguration, Gauri Vemula, gave me a lot of insight on specto
Color composition.
Avani Rao Gandra also encouraged me to pursue art from beginning to end.
"The result is an exhibition of unsung cohesion and stimulation of natural human beings.
The aesthetics of Neha's integration into graphics provides an alternative nature that depicts the mosaic nature of the emotion.
"The response I received was very complicated and I fully accept that.
ArtNeha, a former computer engineer, believes that her life needs to change and she is not bound;
She launched a flower child, an art initiative that reflects anti-society
Summer of Love Culture
As an untrained artist, she realizes that the art world is sometimes biased against an art degree, but thanks to those who recognize the expression of their wishes, "For this reason, I often question myself, I know my art is an alternative, a little irrational and unflattering.
But I do have a message about what I created.
"A pohardo dancer is good, and the Neha shares an art form with interesting similarities," there is a saying, 'What do you think is one of the 60% cm on the stage, because there are many factors there.
When you start painting, you will see how the paint is dry and how the color quality continues.
Similarly, when you perform live performances, you will also consider factors such as stage lighting, clothing, space, and audience.
So when you are training, the quality of the training is not the same as what you practice.
She also dabbled in the ink on the paper, each of which took about three days to complete.
Sometimes she combines her own methods to create mixed media artwork.
But Neha, like most artists, admitted that she did stop halfway and that there was a whole bunch of unfinished work under her belt.
Neha has also made a lot of explanations for the publishing industry.
Her contribution to the Kaladi story priyanka Khaitan boutique jewelry and coffee table book of various works of art is a sign that as she continues to follow her heart through art, there will be more artists coming from the scene.
With the abundance of talent in the city, the community is welcome to show more space.
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