frontier airlines lets flight attendants keep their tips the union opposes tipping - digital table

frontier airlines lets flight attendants keep their tips. the union opposes tipping - digital tablet

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-18
frontier airlines lets flight attendants keep their tips. the union opposes tipping  -  digital tablet
Create extra income, low
Cost airlines have tried a few dollars
Develop ideas such as charging for printing boarding passes during flights and promoting credit card membership.
Border airlines are trying something new to generate extra revenue for airline flight attendants: tips they don't have to share. At the Denver-based, low-
Cost airlines, passengers who order food and drinks from digital tablets on the plane can choose to tip the flight attendant.
Since launching the digital tablet three years ago, flight attendants have had to share sales tips with flight attendants on the plane. But as of Jan.
1. flight attendants can keep the tips they receive from these sales.
Border spokesman Jonathan Fried said the change was made at the request of flight attendants. But the Assn.
International flight attendants representing 50,000 flight attendants from 20 airlines, including the border, opposed tips, saying flight attendants were responsible for the safety and security of the aircraft, their service should not be based on how many tips passengers give them.
The group also accused Frontier of using potential tip income to disrupt contract negotiations with the Union.
Trade union president Sarah Nelson said: "Regardless of the tipping issue, border airlines need to step up efforts to pay the airline's first responders the wages to recognize their key security role on board.
Freed pushed back and said, "in addition to the contract salary of the flight attendee, we think the tip is an additional compensation.
Industry experts say there are no other countries in the United States. S.
Airlines provide passengers with the ability to tip flight attendants, and they do not want other airlines to follow the footsteps of Frontier.
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