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frustrated, confused: what leave voters plan to do in the eu elections - smart

by:ITATOUCH     2019-08-21
frustrated, confused: what leave voters plan to do in the eu elections  -  smart
Lungate's Kentish harbor played an unwanted role in Britain's Brexit saga.
Transport Minister Chris Grayling has signed an agreement with a company that does not actually have any ships
Pay taxpayers at least £ 6.
In fact, regular cross-over recovery
The town would have welcomed the Strait ferry service.
A few years ago, trucks and passenger ships bound for the coast of Normandy stopped sailing.
Today, Ramsgate has a small coastal fishing fleet, dwarfed by smart new ships with offshore wind farms.
Fishermen are worried that the turbine will scare the fish away.
There is a feeling of being left behind or ignored by state politicians, although it bears the brunt of fair austerity.
So, in 2016 EU referendum, it is not surprising that local people voted for Brexit.
The Ukip also has strong local influence.
Nigel Farage is one.
Local celebrities are outgoing members of the European Parliament in southeast England.
He also came forward twice to become a member of South Thanet.
He was defeated twice.
The Conservative party invested a lot of resources in his last battle in 2015, when he won nearly three (32. 4%)of the votes.
Now, Mr Farage has broken with the Ukip and has opposed the nomination of candidates for his new Brexit party.
Most people think that Britain will leave the EU so far, and few hope or expect us to take part in this European election.
They were wrong.
But as my colleague Lewis Goodall reportedHe is well-
Prepare for the election.
Where is Europe?
Voters in Ramsgate tend to do so. The vast majority of voters I met this week on a sunny afternoon in town tend to do so.
Anyway, I heard F-word and the C-word.
They are "frustrated" that Britain is still in the EU and "confused" about how they will vote ".
That's it if they vote.
At least one woman said she planned to abstain from the protest.
Many say they will vote for any party that looks stronger on the polling day.
This, of course, is Steve Barrett's point of view, who is a local fisherman who has flown to Parliament on the 2016 th vacation fleet on the Thames, and the parliament "maintains a protest" with Bob Groff"
Mr. Barrett used to hang the purple pendant of UKIP on Razorbill's mast.
Today, he was seduced by the "plain" party.
The man in trouble, Mr. Farage.
Of the quality fish and lobster captured by Mr. Barrett, 60% (in season)
Finally in Brone, France.
He believes he was still able to sell his fish there after the Brexit, without a problem saying "this is the way it has been ".
He says his quarrel lies not in Europe where his parents and brothers live, but in EU regulations that cause a large number of fish he catches to be wasted and discarded back into the sea.
According to chef Jack, this is a similar story from the Pitt fish factory.
Mr. Farage and local Conservative MP Craig McKinley often go to the waterfront fish and chips shop.
Mr. Farage is a visitor they are still talking about.
Jack summed up his customers' views on the EU issue in one sentence: "frustration.
"I heard it again at the Royal Victoria Pavilion.
A thriving social center in the town is now the largest JD Wetherspoon bar in the country.
People don't understand why we are holding these elections, and those who drink in bars are at least tempted by the smaller Brexit parties.
No one mentioned Labor or the Conservative Party all afternoon.
In anti-secession
The vote between the Ukip and Brexit will hurt both sides in European elections.
But if I were Steven Batten, the leader of Ukip, I would be worried.
Brexit and Farage are talking in the heart of Ukip.
There are still five weeks left, but Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn, and other party leaders should also start to worry.
The latest YouGov poll shows that Brexit has the largest share of support.
Britain withdrew 24% from the EU party, 17% from the Labor Party, 11% from the Conservative Party, 6% from the Green Party and 6% from the British Independence Party.
This may be just a quarter of the total, but if Mr Farage's score is the same as the real race at the end of may, he may be number one in the European elections for the second time.
He's going to mess up politics again.
He will almost certainly kill the Ukip and recover No. Novice trading.
On the other hand, if things don't go well and the UK finally stays in the EU, I found a resignation notice in the bar.
"We will bear it, that's how we are," one drinker muttered in her pint.
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