fully-automated, accessible apartment building a first for calgary - touch screen smart table

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-16
fully-automated, accessible apartment building a first for calgary  -  touch screen smart table
After two years of construction, Calgary's first fully automatic assisted living apartment building is ready for residents to stay.
The hotel is located at 1129 North 23 Avenue. W.
Overlooking the federal park near Capitol Hill in Calgary.
The building will be a 45 low family
Limited liquidity income Calgarians.
Smart apartment with functions such as lighting, blinds and doors can be controlled by touch
Screen tablets, as well as other barrier-free facilities such as wide corridors, two elevators, cabinets with touch and heated sidewalks, so that snow does not pile up.
One of the new residents of the building, Rui ankostik, said that he and his neighbors have different needs, but they all have their own wishes. sufficiency.
"I think at the end of the day, what we all want is the ability to make our own decisions, and the ability to do what we want when we want," Kostiuk said . ".
Rent accounts for at least 70 per cent of total income per resident, including utilities, cables and wireless networks
All catering, laundry service, 24/7 support and case management.
"Some residents need extra care support, such as bathing and feeding," said Michelle Rhodes . " She has accessible housing.
Residents, aged between 18 and 65, earn less than $46,000 a year.
The project broke ground in September 2016.
The building will be
A profitable organization for accessible housing.
This smart technology is done by digital lifestyle developers in Calgary.
The project, which cost $16 million, was funded by the province and private investors.
The agency is still raising funds and hopes to raise another $4 million.
In November, Mike dumer, president of digital lifestyle, told Calgary eye opener that he wanted to help people with cerebral palsy like his neighbors.
Meet with the developer behind Calgary's first fully automated apartment for the disabled, "If you remove these obstacles, you no longer need help.
You're enough now. that's what we do . "
Barrier-free housing said that by 2019, an estimated 200,000 California people over the age of 15 will live with disabilities.
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