galaxy note: samsungs half-phone, half-tablet has a big, big problem - best tablet with stylus-ITA

galaxy note: samsung's half-phone, half-tablet has a big, big problem - best tablet with stylus

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-15
galaxy note: samsung\'s half-phone, half-tablet has a big, big problem  -  best tablet with stylus
Samsung galaxy note: too much compensation?
Any reviews for Galaxy Note--
Like any discussion about Dirk Digler or Ron Jeremy-
Must start and end from its size.
The shape and size of the Galaxy Note is roughly the same as the flat black pop tart.
It's bigger than your cat's face.
A pair of internet comedians suggested that the note could be used as a basketball rebound, bedside lamp or surfboard at a critical moment.
I would like to add: provide bullet proof clothing, replacement microwave door, temporary air hockey table top and portable runway for small aircraft for emergency landing. Yes, it's fun (and easy! )
Simulate the magnitude of the Galaxy Note.
Despite Samsung's public launch of the Android smartphone, it is often called a tablet in tech media: halfAndroid-phone, half-Android-tablet, all-
Humongoid mobile Android device with stylus.
The display screen is exactly 5. 3-
Diagonal inch: think it's almost exactly between 3. 5-
IPhone and 7-inch phone
Inch Kindle Fire or BlackBerry PlayBook, you have the Galaxy Note.
So, yes, the Galaxy Note is a huge phone, probably the biggest smartphone you 've ever seen.
But is it worth $299?
To find out, let's try to answer the question raised by an old poet (
I believe it's Elliot?
Or maybe Spencer)
: Is it the size of the ship, or is it the movement in the ocean?
Dancing iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy Note-by-side.
What are the best places for fans to say Galaxy Notes? "Size matters.
Say one thing you do on your phone and it won't be easier immediately on a larger screen.
It doesn't matter who owns a patent at a critical moment. to-zoom --
I don't have to zoom in with this kid anymore.
Watch movies, read books, watch websites, send text messages, write emails, sign in the quartet--
All of these things are a lot easier when you don't squeeze your thumb together and go play with a little keyboard or some ridiculous little icon or link on the page.
Have you heard about the fat finger problem of smart phones?
My finger is probably twice the size.
With Cheez graffiti stuffed, I can still use this thing 99% accurately.
"Also, when it comes to graffiti: look at my stylus. Jealous?
Look, friend, but don't touch it. o.
I can paint graffiti on almost anything, make real notes, Doodle genitals.
Try to do this with your phone: you can't because you don't have a digital pen.
The stylus is cool, but it's cool again--My S-
The pen is like a light band with smartphone accessories.
"Bruce, do you know what won't disappoint you? The display. So bright! So colorful!
Every image on the notes is very dazzling and vivid ---
Especially every illustration and animation from MSlike Memo app --
And all 5. 3-inch screen!
I ask you, what is love?
Is there any chance you don't like this phone?
"What will H8R be (HATER)
What is the worst thing about this phone?
"Hey newsflash, this is Christiane Amanpour, there's an exclusive report in front of you: you look like an idiot.
Do you know how silly you look to lift that thing to your ears?
Do you really need a phone? It can only be held in one hand by someone who can also be fully mastered.
Basketball bloat?
Do you realize how silly things are in your pocket?
It looks like you have something in your pants that is not eaten.
"No, I'm just kidding--
It is good to have such a bulky, unnecessary, huge mobile phone.
At least for now, when you drive to work, you can put it in the passenger seat and drive along the carpool lane.
"From left to right: smartphoneSO for Kindle Fire tablet, Samsung Galaxy Note tablet and iPhone 4S, who is right: fan or H8RS?
I have to be on the H8Rs side, but not for what you might think.
I don't support H8Rs due to battery life: battery life, although the phone comes with a huge Ultra HD AMOLED screen and power-
Surprisingly, 4g LTE is very stable.
After turning on 4G, the battery lasts from 9. m to 5 p. m.
No charge (and then some)
Quite easy, quite favorable compared to competitors (much smaller)smartphones;
The Galaxy Note apparently inherited its battery life gene from the family's tablet.
I also don't support H8Rs because of the weight of the phone: When most people see the Galaxy Note, they immediately think it has to be as heavy as an anchor: it doesn't have it at all.
It's about an ounce and a half more significant than the iPhone 4S: The difference is actually negligible.
In fact, the Galaxy Notes feel almost feather-like in your hands and/or hands.
Finally: For me, the elephant size that wasn't even the Galaxy Note ruined it. (
Maybe it's because for most of my days I'm either still, lying down, or completely lying down, using my phone while sitting on a table or lying on the couch. )
For most of my time, a 5. 3-
Inch phablet means easier typing and easier-to-
Easier to read web pages-to-watch videos.
It was frustrating to go back to my iPhone, even my Galaxy Nexus, a week later. (
Yes, several times. -
Especially in town. -
When I was myself
Realize that taking out a Bible from my pocket must look like a huge glow.
If you own this note, be ready for everyone to stare at you
When they first saw your phone, they took a look at it.
Yes, you look ridiculous when you talk about it;
I don't really like to talk, frankly, so it's never a problem. )
The Galaxy Note is a smart phone and will not be confused at least for any other phone.
No, it's not size, it's not weight, it's not battery displacement. No, no, and no.
It's not even a terrible pre
Android Gingerbread loaded with AT&T/Samsung flavors, standard configuration for Note with seven family members by default and too many bloated pre-loaded apps. (
We really need all share, AT&T code scanner, AT&T home map, AT&T info, AT&T Navigator, AT&T Ready2Go, Kies Air, live when we are from when an original phone was pulled out of the box, does Qik Lite take up space with a yellow page search bar widget?
Does anyone use these things? )
Instead, what disappointed me with the Galaxy Note was the amazing, almost intuitive lag of the touch screen.
Galaxy Note has obvious touch screen response issues and pauses occur when you touch the icon or link, or press your finger on the keyboard, or run the stylus on the screen. (
The "delayed response" was also noted by CNET ". ")
Of course, this lag is counter-intuitive because Samsung touted the Galaxy Note as a notebook, graffiti, notes --
Artist's easel--
All this is what it strives.
Now I have never really found the chance to use a stylus or any built-in stylus
In the app provided for jokes, graffiti, or notes --
But touching the screen with a stylus or finger is always disappointing.
Have a smoother, lag-
From Apple's iPhone to Nokia's Windows Phone, smartphones have free options;
Hell, even Samsung has built a very responsive smartphone itself, called the Galaxy Nexus (
I can also add that fortunately it is not inflated
Y application mentioned above).
I don't know what caused this lag (
Dual processorcore 1.
4 GHz, should be competent for this task).
Amazon managed to fix the touch screen response issue complained loudly on the Kindle Fire, and about a month after the initial release, Amazon released the OS update, hoping Samsung could fix it as well.
I can't recommend this note to anyone until this ---
Even those very good people.
Those who find their iphone lost in palm fat folds are given big hands, and those who find themselves squinting at the screen, even if the font is as enlarged as possible.
Phones of this size seem destined to find a niche: smartphone users with big pockets ---
Or, as a Samsung spokesperson suggested to me, a wallet or handbag ---
Who doesn't want to carry tablets and phones with them, who might fall in love with a slim tablet with a beautiful monitor like a note.
However, before Samsung can provide these users with a simplified, faster experience, the time for the giant Galaxy Note to appear is a bit short.
Captain gadget profile & cost for Samsung GALAXY NOTECarrier: AT&T, $299, 2-
Annual Contract Display: 5. 3-
Inch, super weight: 6.
This thing is really big. Dimensions: 5. 78 x 3. 27 x 0.
It will fit 38 pants: Carpenter, cargo, MC hammer OS: Android 2. 3.
5 gingerbb operation stations?
: Can be used as one of the pinchNetwork: 4g lte battery life (stated)
: 26 hours of talk time, 40 days of standing
If the battery is dead, you can do something interesting: empty the center of the note and use the shell of the note as coffee: 1. 4 GHz dual-
Core Memory: 1 gb Memory: 16 or 32 gb internal;
The MicroSD card slot allows 32 gb of extra storage: I was able to stack about 800 pieces of corn flakes on the back of the Note's surfaceCamera: 8MP, including cheese and salsa
Face flash; front-
When you take it out of your pocket for the first time, most people face 2 miles of noise: hahahahaspecial function: "S-
Handwritten pen for remarks-
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