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gardiner returns, leafs lose to tampa despite solid effort - smart e table

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-26
gardiner returns, leafs lose to tampa despite solid effort  -  smart e table
Jack Gardner is back.
Coach Mike Babcock and other maple leaves can breathe out.
The plan is to have the veteran defender in several games before the start of the first round of the 2019 Stanley Cup playoffs, with a uniformed dinner on Thursday night, the first since February. 25.
However, Gardner and his teammates could not beat the top clubs in the National Hockey League.
Tampa Bay Lightning team won the championship in less than six minutes in Game 3 from Alex kelorne.
His knurkler surpassed defensive player Carl Rosen and then goalkeeper Frederick Anderson, who was fooled by the shooting and played wrong. In losing 3-
1, the leaves and lightning hanging together, certainly not defeated in giving a solid effort.
The last shot was 30-29 Toronto.
Nikita Kucherov scored 54 points into the empty net.
Six seconds left in the last home game of the 2018 season.
Regular season.
Gardiner played at Scotiabank Arena and missed the previous 18 games because of a back injury and didn't look inappropriate with regular partner Nikita Zaitsev.
"It's exciting, some relief," Gardiner said after playing for 16 minutes and 51 seconds . ".
"I want to help this team go further in the playoffs as much as possible, and when you're sitting outside because of an injury and you're not sure if you're going or not, it's always tough to be able to come back.
I feel good now.
"Time is always a little inappropriate ,(knowing)
Stand Up (On the blue line)
Or come back, but the transition is much easier than I thought.
Where are the 8-year-old leaves? 7-
3 no dinner, missed 28-year-old?
"In the room, on the ice, everywhere," said Babcock . ".
"He moved the ice hockey very well.
His defense is much better than people think.
"You just can't get it (
Players of this quality are easy).
We saw, we tried a real loop here.
You 've seen how hard it is to be a good defensive player in the NHL and he's one of them.
Gardiner will travel to unrestricted free agents this summer and is unlikely to be re-established
Signed by the leaves, the idea of admitting he had surgery on his back was already on the table.
"It's controversial, but we decided we didn't need it at this time," Gardiner said . ". “(The back)
A little disturbing me (
During the season)
But we just think it's wise to get ready for the playoffs at this time.
"There is no center for the leaves, Nazim cadri, or Jack Mujin, the defender --
Although they won't play in Montreal on Saturday against Canada-
Don't panic, Ender.
"This is just a precaution," said Babcock . ".
"These two are playing (
In the first game against the Boston brown bears)
So no one needs to write a big story or something like that about it. One is sick (Muzzin)
One has-
I don't know what you're going to say. a boo-boo. They’re fine.
"As for the blue line, needless to say, the leaf lineup including Gardner, not Martin malinkin or Igor Ozhiganov is much better.
Let's bring Calle Rosen into the equation, who has been sharp since he was summoned from Marlies.
"Rosen is fine too, so it gives you an option you don't know (you had)"Said Babcock.
"I like him and I think he will use his legs more when he feels comfortable.
"As he becomes more comfortable, his gap may not be the same.
But I was impressed with him, his ability to attack the blue line and his ability to move the puck. He’s been good.
He is not a burden on defense.
"We have another game against Montreal, so we will learn more.
You always need extra body in the playoffs.
This is the case.
Mickey Mana was flying all night and gave the leaves a 1-
In the first period after the Toronto Blue Line forced Tampa's turnover, 0 led.
Zach Hyman brought the ice hockey back to Mana, who has been holding 2-on-
4: 41 he opened fire on Andre Vasilevski.
Tampa finished at 5: 37 in the second game with a shortage of hands.
Captain Steven Stamkos managed to find open ice in the neutral zone and was sent in separately by Ryan McDonagh, beating Anderson.
"I think we played well," said Mana . "
"We have not made many mistakes, but we must stop making them.
People score on them, so we have to clean up something.
"Learning something, NEWTavares broke Darryl Sittler's team's record of scoring the most in a season in Monday's game against New York Islanders, but until Thursday morning a reporter mentioned that, only then did he know that he made team history.
"In the course of Maple Leaf's history, there are a lot of great core characters playing for Maple Leaf, so it's very special to do something like this," Tavares said . ".
"I don't think it's something I'm too concerned about or worried about right now.
Maybe you look back at something on this road.
This is a good proof of my colleagues and the type of group we get the opportunity here.
"When told it was the sign of Sittler, he had 45 targets in 1977 --
78. Tavares said, "it's great.
Very good players.
"After listing the positives of MacDonald's second season from the New York Rangers, Tampa coach Jon Cooper was asked about his impact on Tava's leaves.
"I think he brought us something MacDonald brought to the leaves," Cooper said . ".
"He spent a year in the leaf team.
They were injured and the players were down and things like that, Tavares seemed to be a stable force and I didn't want to call him a deep score because they were always able to score, but he's just another weapon from their arsenal.
"He is a veteran who has been through the league and I believe in the locker room he is the one that many young players rely on, just like Macdonald did for us
"COLE's CALLBob COLE plans to bring memories to others in the final game on Saturday when the leaves visit Montreal Canada.
A few years ago in Montreal, after skating in the morning, Cooper and Cole went to the Bell Center cable car, so Cooper can take a few photos with someone he calls "the greatest hockey announcer of my time.
"I put on headphones with him, we took pictures there, only me and him," Cooper said . ".
"I will always cherish one of those moments Bob did for me.
His voice brought me a lot of happy feelings that he called iconic goals.
"When Babcock talks about someone he respects, his voice usually drops a few levels.
That happened Thursday morning when he was asked about Cole.
"He's great," said Babcock . ".
"First of all, he is an incredible gentleman.
I think Bob will probably have 10 more years to work if you let him go.
"He's amazing here, and I like the fact that he never forgets where he came from.
He is great for people and good for the game. He is a big-
To say the least, he has found a way to get the job done in a positive way, and he has affected a lot of people.
I am honored to call him a friend.
"Loose leaf stammos talks about playoff expectations for lightning from escaping NHL during the regular season:" We realize the pressure is on us, but we have to go and let our play talk.
We want to win the championship but it will be the hardest thing we have to do as a team in hockey is to win the league title at this level
". . . For Babcock, the idea that Tampa will have some heat is not a bad thing.
In fact, he will be happy to accept it.
"Would you like to be in their situation or someone else? ” Babcock said.
"I 'd rather be the best team every time, with pressure and expectations, you start there.
It's not like a trip just started in Tampa.
They have been doing it for a long time.
". . . Leaf is a goal for Kasperi Kapanen, the first time since 1989 that seven players have scored at least 20 goals in a season --90.
By contrast, Babcock was behind the Leafs bench in the first season of 2015 --16, P. A.
Parenteau is the only Toronto player to score 20 goals and he did that in 82 games . . . . . . Toronto Maris wants Justin Brazo to be in league for the magical season of the Ontario Hockey League.
Marlies has signed 21-year-
Two old strikers-
Annual AHL contract beginning 201920, after 6-foot-6, 226-
In 68 games against North Bay camp, brabrazeau scored 61 goals.
On Thursday, Maris 3-
Against Utica at coca fieldCola Coliseum.
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