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gauteng's schools of the future - smart board in school

by:ITATOUCH     2019-07-04
gauteng\'s schools of the future  -  smart board in school
The houden Education Department is using abandoned schools that cost millions of pounds to turn them into hi-
Technical and professional institutions.
The program will see 20 abandoned schools transformed into schools across the province that will provide the technical skills training needed in their area.
The school at the Johannesburg Centre will teach engineering subjects and information and communication technology (ICT);
They will focus on aviation in ecolani;
They will work in the automotive sector in Pretoria;
People in siland will teach the skills needed for tourism, agriculture and the water industry.
The first school of information and communication technology and engineering to be opened will be the reformed Fontanus integrated secondary school, and houden education company panyza lesufi will be in em in Soweto next week
The school is closed because its teachers are below standard and its learners are too few to survive, it has experienced 80 million facelift.
It has the amenities that the neighbors envy: a modern football field;
A combination of tennis, basketball, tennis and volleyballcourt; a workshop; and a library.
Lesufi took City Press to visit the school this week to showcase the brand
The new classrooms have interactive and smart boards, as well as their own affiliated offices, which will be the working space for the head teacher.
The workshops will be equipped with helicopters, Caterpillar payment machines and even engines for Boeing 737 aircraft.
The school's communications infrastructure is sponsored by Telkom and students will be able to repair the gearbox provided by Nissan.
The Executive Building includes offices, kitchens, meeting rooms, a small conference center and toilets.
"This is the prototype of Township Schools. It will be hi-tech;
"There are no books and no chalk," Lesufi said . ".
"We want to restore the dignity of Township Schools.
We hope that the previous model C schools will compete with these schools.
"Some C schools do not have these facilities," he said . " He added that Township residents should get used to the idea of having these facilities first
Right where they live.
The new technical school will only employ the best and most qualified teachers, he said.
"We focus on recruiting university graduates who have received honorary degrees.
We don't want people born before technology, they will fight high tech
Technical facilities and infrastructure.
"The construction of the Ekurhuleni School, which will start later this year in Rhodes, will focus on the skills needed in the aviation industry.
"Mining is dead and as a province we have to come up with new ideas to gain a competitive advantage.
Nor do we want to teach our children to build bricks;
We want to teach them engineering . "
Unlike the neighbors, the school will have tight security.
Armed response hours.
"It's a huge investment and we can't give it a chance," Lesufi said . ".
Outside the classroom, Fontanus students will focus on football.
Similar schools will host the Olympic Games, lesophie said.
Large swimming pool with a focus on swimming, cricket, rugby and other sports.
In addition to the 20 schools being renovated, there are 13 schools similar to Fontanus that are being built from scratch, Lesufi said.
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