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genius debuts designer tablet for kids - pen tablet

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-11
genius debuts designer tablet for kids  -  pen tablet
New Delhi: So you don't want to buy expensive iPads for your kids because you feel they are too small to handle.
Don't worry, you may find some cheaper options if you look around, with limited scope and functionality of course (
Although we will not evaluate them by any criteria).
Talented Children's designers are one of them.
Launched by Taiwan genius, this children's designer is promoted as a "Pen card" for children and through its exclusive distributor, Chennai-
Based on the wave of information technology.
The genius child designer, priced at Rs 3,995, is the first tablet to be launched for children by any supplier in the Indian market.
Despite its limited scope, this product may be worth exploring.
It targets children under the age of 3. 8.
Kids can use it to draw, write what they want, and even play their favorite games with it.
Genius claims that its game software helps motivate children to speed up learning color, shape, math, and thinking skills.
Children can express their ideas and create their imagination using bundled game software.
A series of interesting games are also included.
But how easy or intuitive this is, we can't say until we put our hands on a person.
The company claims tablets are easy to use and install.
It has different colors, and it may be a good gift for your child before you decide they should get the final gift --de-
IPad resistance!
With the price tag in mind, its 5 "x8" screen workspace can provide enough canvas for your child's creativity.
The Genius Pen tablet claims to provide easy storage to view the age group it is working on.
In addition, it is compatible with Pentium 233 or later, Windows 7, Vista, and XP.
And it does have a USB port.
We clearly do not know the obstacles and other challenges to it.
But this product uses one.
One year warranty in India.
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