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get to know ralph krueger - what is a smart board

by:ITATOUCH     2020-02-27
get to know ralph krueger  -  what is a smart board
Ralph Kruger was announced on Wednesday as the 19 th coach of the Buffalo army knife, the culmination of a path he started after being appointed a player in 1989 --
Coach in Germany, then on the international stage, at the NHL level, and recently in professional football, there have been stops.
"In his career, Ralph showed how to adapt to various heights.
"While leading some of the world's elite players, there is pressure," said Jason Botterill, general manager of Sabres . ".
"His strong communication skills, leadership and diverse backgrounds make him the only qualified candidate to lead our team forward.
"Botterill will meet with the media at 11 to discuss employment. m.
In the meantime, let's answer some of your questions about the new coach of the saber.
Kruger has been away from the NHL for the past five seasons, and has also served as chairman of the Premier League Southampton Football Club.
Oh, he's also a speaker on leadership strategy at the World Economic Forum. As multi-
Despite his multi-faceted background, hockey is still at the heart of his resume.
He gritted his teeth while coaching in Austria, leading VEU Feldkirch to five consecutive championships from 1994 to 1998.
His success earned him the job of head coach of the Swiss national team, a title he has maintained for more than a decade.
Kruger led the Swiss to play three times at the Olympics and then played three NHL games.
Working at Edmonton oil for one year (
2 assistants, 1 head coach).
Later, he served as a consultant in the Canadian team's 2014 Olympic gold medal.
Kruger recently coached the European team.
The melting pot of players from eight European countriesto a runner-
Won the championship in 2016 World Cup hockey.
Kruger said in 2012: "One of the advantages of the coaching profession is that you need to have a bigger goal and vision, but the most important thing is what you do in a day. to-day basis.
I really like the small pictures, the details and the high quality and make sure we are efficient at the moment.
Management will be responsible for the big picture.
"What a strong coach has done is to make the player's instincts flourish and flow naturally.
This will be one of the biggest challenges, we have all the skills to gather them on a page on the defensive end of the game, but allow them to flow freely and be dynamic and excited on offense.
Kruger also emphasized the catering strategy for employees in his career.
In 2012, "the manager has to develop a strategy to win the game, which is in line with the level of tools and skills he has . ".
"You can attack if you have offensive skills;
If not, rely on defense and counterattack. "Yes.
He wrote his book in 2001
Sellers in Germany
He told the Guardian that "the winner's living habits ".
"In fact, it seems that Kruger's communication and leadership skills are generally respected.
He served as a member of the Global Agenda Council of the World Economic Forum on the new leadership model, and, although he had not previously worked in the campaign, he was responsible for the cultural construction of Southampton.
He described his time at the World Economic Forum in 2014.
"I am working on the leadership model," he said . "
"I work with business groups and charities and organizations at various levels at the World Economic Forum to try to figure out the best way to lead the group and the way the team really finds success.
I define success as fulfilling your potential.
"He also brought these skills to the skating rink.
During the 2016 World Cup, Christian Ehrhoff, a former saber defender, said: "I didn't say good enough to him.
He focuses on keeping everyone confident and right-headed, believing in himself and the team.
We came together as a team.
Detroit striker Nelson also expressed the same view in the same story.
"He showed how smart he was," Nielsen told the website . ".
"He saw what kind of players and potential he had in the team and built his system around that.
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