getting in touch: touchscreen use in education technology will continue to grow - interactive whit

getting in touch: touchscreen use in education technology will continue to grow. - interactive whiteboard manufacturers

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getting in touch: touchscreen use in education technology will continue to grow.  -  interactive whiteboard manufacturers
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When Apple launched the IPHONE in June 29, 2007, it was one of the largest and most anticipated consumer electronics ever.
The device is revolutionary, not only because it combines mobile phones, MP3 players, and Internet access into a small, stylish gadget, also because it relies entirely on a unique touch screen UI button or stylus, it is completely controlled by finger tapping and sliding.
The original iPhone sold 270,000 units in the first 30 hours, and so far the device has sold about 13 million units, including the next-generation iPhone 3g released in July.
Some industry analysts predict that by the end of 2009, Apple will sell 45 million iPhones worldwide, mainly driven by consumer enthusiasm for touch screens.
Francisco Lee, CEO of touch sensor maker Synaptics, predicted: "This new user interface will hit the entire device area like a tsunami . ".
However, the touch screen interface is not completely new to the school district, some of which have been using touch technologies such as interactive whiteboards for years.
In 1991, smart technology invented the first interactive whiteboard, a device that combines a whiteboard with a projector to present a computer screen for the entire course, enables teachers to control the computer with their hands or hands instead of the keyboard and mouse.
Today, similar technologies have been sold to schools around the world, and various manufacturers including Hitachi, 3 m, einstrution, Promethean and Mimio now offer whiteboard models.
The touchscreen interactivity and increasing affordability of whiteboards make them more popular than ever before, and now estimates that they are 16% of all U. S. classrooms ---
A growing number.
The joy of love this summer (Texas)
The Independent School District has installed 235 Hitachi StarBoard FXDuo interactive whiteboards in five schools.
Dennis mark, assistant director of operations in the region, said: "We want to transform our learning environment into more interactive environments and achieve better student engagement and improved learning environments.
The Board's Advanced touch features add to the appeal of the region.
"We realize that you are not limited to proprietary writing tools.
"You can use your fingers, the back of your hand, or what you want to write on the blackboard," he said . ". Wichita (Kan. )
There are about 1,500 smart technology interactive whiteboards in public schools.
"Students want to use wooden boards," said MarciaJeans, an expert in teaching technology in the school district . ".
"Those who do not usually want to stand in front of the classroom are eager to use the blackboard.
"Interactive whiteboard software helps regional teachers create interactive courses such as virtual science.
Jeans, for example, found the technology particularly helpful in teaching challenging mathematical and scientific concepts.
"There are a lot of different ways to easily demonstrate a process," she said . ".
In addition to the whiteboard, the versatility of the touch screen, the specially designed touch screen has been in other educational technology fields for a while.
Touch screen computers help students with special needs because they make it easier for students who are uncomfortable or unable to operate their keyboard and mouse.
For example, the Wichita district also uses about 20 touch screen computers for special education students.
Students also frequently use other touch screen devices, such as tablets and PDAsin school, which are purchased and provided in some regions through recent technical grants from the United StatesS.
Ministry of Education.
Mesa County Valley (Colo. )
51 The school district recently installed touch screen kiosks in local libraries and shops as part of its "parent bridge" initiative, which allows students to easily log in and view academic records of their children, even if they do not have a computer, they are not familiar with the keyboard and mouse.
This summer, the city of theChapel Mountain/Carrboro, the administrator Culbreth Middle School (N. C. )
The school announced that they intend to provide students with the Apple iPod Touch, help them teach the organization skills, technical level, and encourage them to record podcasts. [
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However, in the consumer market, the iPhone shows the latest progress in touch technology, which increases the price while enhancing features, resulting in a large number of devices that support touch screens just beginning to enter the market, and quickly promoted the development of educational technology.
"Apple has changed everyone's perception of touch," said Jeff Walker, director of global product management for Elo Touch Systems at ETCO electronics.
Consumers now see touch screens in a wide range of electronics, not only Sony, Samsung, Motorola, LG and T-
Products such as computers, printers, copiers, televisions and MP3 players. Hewlett-
The newTouchSmart PC released by Packard this summer is a breakthroughin-
Home computer designed mainly by touch screen;
It does not require a keyboard or mouse for many applications.
Sony recently released third.
The new generation of reader digital books is now a touch screen model that the company claims can provide a more intuitive reading experience.
Teenagers, if they don't touch
Phones, PDA or MP3 players that have been enabled usually use touch screen registers or kiosks in retail or other work.
Even young children are often familiar with the concept of playing games on computers.
Nintendo DS touch screen sales-
Support handheld video game system.
Both students and teachers are getting used to using screens as interactive hands
On the interface of their daily lives, they are also starting to look forward to the technology of their school.
The MPC Computer that just released ks K6 meets the growing demand
The dedicated laptop txtbook PC also provides several touch-screen "dialogue tablet" laptops for high school students and college students.
The screens of these models rotate as they are folded into tablets, which allows the user to take notes, draw, and use the app directly on the screen with a stylus.
MPC convertibles products linemanager Deborah Herrud said the recent touch screen innovation is a paradigm shift in students' exposure to computers.
"We see very strong demand for this technology in schools," she said . " She pointed out many advantages of touch.
"For young students who do not type or type badly, or students with special needs, it is more intuitive for students to write on the screen, control the computer with their fingers, "The MPC is currently evaluating how to incorporate touch into a model that focuses more on education.
Mika Majapuro, marketing manager for Lenovo's notebook products, said the iPhone triggered a huge demand for more touch technology.
"It is so natural for students to use touch screens to control their systems," he said . ".
Lenovo has just released the model of ThinkPad X200 Tablet atouchscreen for the education market.
"The touch screen day is faster, more accurate and more sensitive than in the past, and we will certainly see more and more educational technologies," he said . ".
In anticipation of this trend, a glimpse into the future is rumored that manufacturers such as Apple and HP are developing a variety of touch screen products, and interactive whiteboards are expected to become more common in schools.
One of Microsoft's next most prominent innovations --
Windows 7 will be a multi-generation operating system
Touch function.
Microsoft founder Bill Gates discussed the growth of touch in a keynote speech at the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show, part of a new future for "natural UI" and technology.
"The first digital decade was driven mainly by the keyboard and mouse," he said . ".
"Just over the past two years, we have begun to see other interactive models emerge.
The response to these natural interface implementation is amazing.
People are very interested in a simpler way of information navigation. . . . [But]
We just started.
"The touch screen can facilitate future cooperation because of all its advantages, most of the touch screen devices currently used do not recognize multiple users at a time. "Multi-
So the touch screen is the next target for touch screen manufacturers, which will enable multiple simultaneous users on the device, and illustrate what analysts believe is the future direction of educational technology: collaboration.
A recent report by research firm Compass Intelligence found that "implementing collaborative tools to enhance teaching" will be one of the main growth areas for future educational technology programs.
The SarasotaCounty (Fla. )
For example, the school district spent $14 million over four years and installed about 3,000 Promethean activity boards in classrooms in the region and in each grade.
MikeHoran, director of information technology, said the possibility of cooperation was attractive to the region.
"We are thinking about leaving the teacher to be the only one with knowledge and the only one who interacts with the board," he said . ". Multi-
Touch screens have proven to be an important part of this trend.
Educational technology researchers from Durham University, USAK.
In September, their prototype "interactive" was displayed in a primary school classroom in the UK, a government project --
Funded teaching and learning research programmes. Like a desk-
The size of the IPhone or interactive whiteboard, the prototype is a combination of tables and computers, it "allows multiple fingers to be pressed on the screen at a time, unlike a computer mouse, liz Burd, lead researcher at the project, said.
The unit shows the possible future of cooperation, touch
Based on school technology.
"There are three children in one unit and you can have thirty pointers to the screen at any time.
For the first time you have a computer for many individual users.
"Students can work on the table individually or together, while teachers can control the content through the main console.
"They can send any activity they want students to do to their deskmate.
A group on the teacher's console will show what each student is doing, so that they can provide additional guidance or support if necessary, "said Sidd.
"A lot of research highlights how students learn more deeply when discussing work with others.
We believe that the combination of direct contact and group activities through multi-party cooperation
The touch environment will greatly enhance our learning experience. " [
Slightly] IllustrationsRESOURCES CDW-G www. cdwg.
Compass smart
Computer intelligence.
Teaching and Learning Research Programtlrp. org Kurt O.
Dyrli is the product editor.
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