'girls on the run' students in kansas thank first responders with 500 cupcakes - interactive whiteboard lessons

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-12
\'girls on the run\' students in kansas thank first responders with 500 cupcakes  -  interactive whiteboard lessons
A group of Kansas children coquetry around in kindness and gratitude, making life a sweeter life for the first responders.
Young people who take part in girls running, one after
School program at Clear Creek Elementary School in Shawnee, Kansas.
Bake, scrub and decorate 500 cupcakes for their local heroes.
Fourth, Ansley Gale.
Grade students involved in the program told Fox 4 Kansas City that first responders should be rewarded with all their hard work.
The death of children in Kansas sparked murder charges, and the agency changed "they helped a lot of people because they were the first to get a call," said Ansley.
The girl running is a non
The organization's website says profit organizations help teach life skills through dynamic, interactive courses and running games ".
The program encourages girls across the country to make impossible things possible.
Kendall Herman leads the organization at Clear Creek Elementary School, which consists of 34 members.
"Some people really like the classes we discussed and some run here ---
"Some people are here for both," Herman said . ".
The KANSASThe girls in the South East showed their homemade items to the first responders in Johnson County. Lt.
Lisa Hemphill of Johnson County said she received a cupcake on Tuesday.
"It makes me feel like I can be a good example for girls," Hemphill said . ".
"Hopefully one day they can do something like what I'm doing, whether it's in EMS or being a teacher or whatever work they want to do.
Ainsley said that although she was very respectful to the first responders, when she grew up, she saw herself working in another building ---
White House.
"I want to be president," she said . "
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