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giving french learners an immersive experience - the smart board

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-25
giving french learners an immersive experience  -  the smart board
The French Alliance, the oldest in Asia, will take French learning to a whole new level.
Its director, Olivier Litvin, suggested bringing students from other French union centres to puduchry for two days
The "immersion" course will help students practice language skills here with French-speaking people, including yoga and other classes.
It is estimated that 2,500 students pass various levels of French courses from the French Union each year, which has unique advantages, provides learners with a cultural environment closer to France than any other Indian city.
Mr. puduchelli said: "The excellence of puduchari in French influence is unique . "
Litvine, refers to the different French institutions present here, such as the consulate, the Pondicherry Institute of France, the French Academy of Art --
Lycee in the East and France.
Students from the French Union also have the advantage of using an interactive "smart board" to attend classes.
The team here said that regular training for teachers has allowed students to learn continuously --to-date.
Recently, five students and a teacher were sent to reunion for a three-week education and language visit.
Students from the advanced level were trained at CIEP (
Center for International Development Studies)
Reunion Island center
This is the first time that the French Union celebration will be held here in 125, and management hopes to continue this visit in the future.
"The Trip to Reunion provides a great opportunity for students.
In terms of culture, Reunion Island is also the closest French Island to puduchelli . "Litvine.
The French Union provides language courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels, ranging from basic level A1 to level C2, each of which takes 80 hours.
Most of the students are in the primary stage.
These courses are taking place throughout the year, in line with the goals of the common reference framework for European languages.
Currently, students here can attend classes to level B2 if there are enough classes (At least 12)students.
Basically, the B2 level includes systematic revision of the knowledge and application of language and communication, and strengthening the ability to raise Views on subject matter. Mr.
Other plans for Litvine include working with Lycee Francais International School to open up a way for the French student union to participate.
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