glassboro 2013-2014 school budget sees 5-cent tax rate increase - interactive projector-ITATOUCH-i

glassboro 2013-2014 school budget sees 5-cent tax rate increase - interactive projector

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-22
glassboro 2013-2014 school budget sees 5-cent tax rate increase  -  interactive projector
—A proposed 5-
An increase in the school tax rate for cents means that the average self-government homeowner's tax will increase by $97.
Recommendation of the gerazborough Board of Education 2013
2014 The budget includes an additional $697,884 in state assistance.
To maintain a low tax rate, the budget will use $373,000 in additional assistance for new projects and projects, and approximately $330,000 will be spent on the general operating budget.
According to Walter puddko, the area's business administrator, spending $330,000 on general operating expenses will provide about £ 1. 5-
Lower the tax rate. The $39.
The budget for 8 million was $19.
Tax revenue of 2 million, increased by about $1.
8 million higher than last year's budget.
The proposed budget raised the tax rate to $1.
An increase of 595 per $100 in assessed property resulted in an increase in taxes of approximately $97 per year for homes assessed at $188,404.
Walter puddko, the area's business administrator, said the budget would allocate $69,200 to create keyless access for staff working in the area, which would include $24,000, additional security measures for the area, such as adding more surveillance cameras to school buildings in the area.
In addition to the keyless access, the school is putting additional money into transforming the school's technical equipment.
According to George Weeks, technical director, the region will seek to upgrade computers, laptops and tablets as 4-
Annual lease agreement concluded on July 2013.
"We also plan to upgrade to the TV studio this year, where we will replace the old analog TV camera with a new high level
Sad weeks said the upgrade of the studio would cost about $35,000.
In addition, the region is expected to spend between $150,000 and $160,000 on classroom interactive technology, including touch screen tables and interactive projectors.
"This technology not only provides interactive components. . .
It also allows us to distribute videos to the classroom via video or television broadcasts, "said Weeks, adding that the area wants to be able to broadcast morning announcements through projectors rather than PA systems.
Last year, the region's tax rate growth was second in the county, just 1%.
The local toll-free base has actually been reduced, puddko noted.
An increase of 6% over last year has increased the need for tax rates.
Silverstein said that part of the country aid in the region was due to the fact that Glassboro received additional school choice funding from the state, and that the school did not have to use all the funds to obtain a 2013-region target2014.
He added that the school is seeking to expand the number of students in Glassboro, which will be admitted to two selected colleges in the region.
"Our bigger concern is the Glassboro taxpayers and provides them with some relief," Silverstein said . ".
Pudelsko said that Glassboro is also one of several towns in Gloucester County that negotiate teachers' contracts, and that the budget will explain any salary increases brought about by these negotiations.
A public hearing on the budget will be held at seven o'clock P. M. on March 27. m.
Executive Building on the beach. ---
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