global advertising marketing revenues up 39 to 12t in 2017, as odd-year slowdown offset by mobile,

global advertising & marketing revenues up 3.9% to 1.2t in 2017, as odd-year slowdown offset by mobile, smart tech, word of mouth, content marketing & product placement - smart tech

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global advertising & marketing revenues up 3.9% to 1.2t in 2017, as odd-year slowdown offset by mobile, smart tech, word of mouth, content marketing & product placement  -  smart tech
October 27, 2017-
Global advertising and marketing revenue is expected to increase by 3. 9% to $1.
225 trillion according to a new report from PQ Media, in 2017, growth slowed this year due to the absence of major political and sporting events, offset by strong growth in various digital and alternative media channels.
Global advertising and marketing revenue is growing faster.
9% in 2016, thanks to a bi-yearly influx of media spending related to the Summer Olympics and political movements.
According to the third quarter, the growth in 2017 was driven primarily by mobile media channels, including smart technology marketing, video game advertising, mobile coupons and social media, as well as other non-
Traditional media such as influencer marketing, content marketing, product launch and digital marketing. of-
According to the news just released, home advertising
Global advertising and marketing revenue forecast 2017-
21. although there is a lack of balance
Annual international sports events
The controversial political campaign has slowed this year's growth, and health events in 2018 are expected to lead to accelerated growth next year as global marketers scramble to take advantage of Russia's FIFA World Cup, winter Olympic Games in South Korea, and a series of hot
Political competition in the United States.
Global digital and alternative media revenues are growing at 11 times.
Growth in 2017 was 2% to $442.
92 billion, or more than 36% of total revenue, while traditional advertising and marketing are expected to increase by 0. 2% to $781. 61 billion.
According to PQ Media, 28 of the 41 digital and alternative Media channels it tracks will be released
Including mobile location marketing, digital billboards, online video game advertising, word-of-
Conduct word-of-mouth marketing and product delivery of content and services on TV.
In particular, with more brands adopting artificial intelligence, intelligent technology marketing is expected to grow by more than 700% in 2017 (AI)
Augmented reality (AR)
Internet of Things (IoT)
Virtual reality (VR)and voice-
Activate computer robots in marketing campaigns.
According to the first project, PQ Media projects intelligent technology marketing will generate more than $0. 11 billion this year
Create complete ad and marketing data sets for this emerging mobile media channel.
"While the introduction of new advertising and marketing channels has accelerated significantly over the past decade, E. G.
Storage of mobile beacons, adjacent services and digital sites
Patrick Quinn, CEO of PQ Media, said that based on the advertising network, smart technology marketing is expanding at its fastest pace since online search marketing in the year 00 s.
"There doesn't seem to be a day to announce a new media campaign that leverages artificial intelligence, AR, robotics, the Internet of Things or VR technologies, including those related to IBM's Watson and Pokemon Go.
While most mobile media channels are the fastest --
As the category continues to grow, the brand began to reassess digital media purchases due to the numerous controversies that emerged in 2017.
Most importantly, programmatic media purchases place ads near suspicious content, which causes many brands to stop advertising on social media.
At the same time, advertising fraud continues to plague leading digital media sites, which use computer robots to react to online and mobile display ads, artificially pushing up CPMs.
The increasing use of ad blockers has led brands to question audience metrics.
As a result, brands begin to shift to other advertising and marketing media such as word-of-
Control word-of-mouth marketing of conversation;
Sponsored live video content marketing to increase popularity; digital place-
Target information of advertising network based on community population statistics;
And OTT video ads on script programs made by streaming video services.
Other highlights of global advertising and marketing forecast 2017 include: total global advertising growth of 4.
Between $ 5% and $551 in 2016.
4 billion, while global marketing increased by 5. 2% to $627. 5 billion;
In 2016, Internet advertising became the largest digital media platform for $94.
3 billion, and the fastest growth in mobile advertising, 36. 8%;
Online search has become the largest digital and alternative media channel for $53.
2016 growth of 62 billion, the fastest growth in smart technology marketing, up 1,795 year on year. 5%;
The largest traditional media platform is traditional direct sales, which is worth $214.
67 billion, while the traditional public relations growth is the fastest, an increase of 8. 4% last year.
In 2017, the United States will remain the world's largest media market, generating $470 in revenue.
5 billion. other markets will not exceed $80 billion;
One of the other major trends pointed out by PQ Media is that people are increasingly worried-
Shop View, where e-
Business has led to a decline in brick trafficand-
Mortar stores, fewer shops in shopping malls, and the highest closing rate in retail stores since the Great Recession, especially in the United States.
These developments have led to a decline in many traditional promotional marketing channels tracked by PQ Media, such as point-of-
Other channels are turning to digital distribution such as mobile loyalty program applications.
Based on the weight of major global trends, PQ Media estimates that global advertising and marketing revenue will grow at a CAGR of 4. 5% in the 2017-Period 21 to $1. 47 trillion.
About the Report: PQ Media global advertising and marketing revenue forecast 2017-
21 provide exclusive data and analysis covering more than 100 consumers-
Facing media departments, silos, platforms and channels including advertising, marketing and consumers
Digital media, alternative media and traditional media; 15 hybrid (
Digital and traditional)media silos;
21 digital and traditional platforms;
More than 40 digital and traditional channels.
The new forecast is the first of the three upcoming reports in PQ Media's new Global Media and Technology Forecast series 2017, designed for the annual performance benchmark series, so each report works individually and collectively as part of the bundle.
About PQ Media: PQ Media is a leading provider of actionable market intelligence and strategic guidance to the world's top Media, entertainment and technology organizations.
PQ Media's proprietary approach, database, and opinion leaders Group prepares intelligent data and analytics for the management team that they need to make smarter business decisions.
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