global army of online freelancers remakes outsourcing industry - best tablet for graphic design-IT

global army of online freelancers remakes outsourcing industry - best tablet for graphic design

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-16
global army of online freelancers remakes outsourcing industry  -  best tablet for graphic design
Lippa City, Philippines (Reuters)-
Not far from the crowded cubicle and headphone world
Calling the operators of the call center, a quiet revolution is taking off.
For example, the salary of university librarian Sheila Ortencio is too low, half of her salary is for childcare, and her daily meals are equivalent to dry fish and a fried egg.
Four years later, when she was online catalog e-books from her parents' sofa, she played two daughters, one husband and two pommeras.
In her freelance job, she made enough money to buy land for a nearby house and pay down payments in an apartment in the capital.
"My job has doubled, but it doesn't bother me because it doesn't feel like a job," she said . ".
Ortencio is one of more than a million Filipinos registered on the freelance website oDesk. com -
At present, more and more business process outsourcing companies in China (BPO)industry.
Although it's early, so-supporters
The so-called commercial crowdsourcing believes that more and more global freelancers are already subverting the traditional outsourcing business.
From preparing tax statements to conducting research on pediatricians.
"It's all about cross-border cost arbitration," said Siou Chew Kuek, a Singapore researcher working with the World Bank.
"Now you can show your work to anyone in the world. ” LOW-
The trend is driven by more than a dozen mainly American fruits. S.
Let other small and medium-sized enterprises
A larger company divides the project into several parts and then recruits a team of individuals or freelancers to do the job.
By taking advantage of faster, more universal, and cheaper Internet, startups can reduce costs
Fruit of IT and data --
Large BPO participants such as Infosys and Wipro once thought they had their own access to outsourcing. Australian-U. S.
For example, startup 99 designs has paid about $40 million to about 180,000 graphic designers, and its largest user base outside the US is in Indonesia.
Elance has 266,000 freelancers in India who earn nearly $0. 15 billion. Odesk has 2.
4 million registered freelancers and over 480,000 clients
Companies including Cisco and HP.
"This is driving the entire BPO industry --
These large middlemen account for most of their profits --
Anand Kulkarni, a scholar, saidturned-entrepreneur.
"Now, you no longer have to pay the price of Infosys to get high-quality results from the outsourcing system.
"Of course, the BPO industry is not necessarily shaking.
Last year, the industry was valued at $150 billion, growing at a rate of 5-
According to Pradeep Mukherji, an Indian IT consultant and a World Bank consultant, £ 6% per year.
Crowdsourcing admits it's still a hard struggle to convince companies to try to outsource their jobs to freelancers instead of letting it continue
Work with established BPO players.
For freelancers, many people face an unstable career: they are not always paid after the job is completed, there is no medical insurance, and job opportunities are not always available.
In fact, many freelancers who have signed up with oDesk have never received feedback from their customers --
It shows that they either didn't work hard or they haven't won any games yet.
"It's true to say it's hard to get the first contract," said Panos Ipeirotis, associate professor at New York University who studied oDesk data.
This imbalance is driving the second wave of innovation in the industry.
The first external source C focuses on what oDesk is.
Com CEO Gary SWAT called eBay mode
Use referrals, feedback and trust to create a market where companies can find excellent freelancers and freelancers can build a reputation.
But as freelancers build closer relationships with their customers, both sides prefer a more structured model in which trusted freelancers hire their own teams, prompting
Ortencio, for example, manages a number of other delegates, the odemers. term clients.
Over the past few years, other startups have been trying to fix the weak links in the chain.
For example, potential employers who publish projects on Elance or oDesk may be overwhelmed by applicants --
This makes it difficult for them to quickly find the best freelancers and make it difficult for freelancers to stand out from the crowd.
Kulkarni hopes to solve this problem by having his startup MobileWorks train workers to guarantee quality and break down the project into micro-projects
Carry less tasks-
The skilled workers took their first steps.
These tasks range from copying hedge fund forms to generating leads.
Once they are proficient in Micro
Kulkarni said, "they will relax on websites such as oDesk or freelancer.
They can earn higher fees there.
Ortencio also doubled her salary.
She began to charge $1. 50 an hour -
Like she was a librarian.
But it's $8 now. 50.
Her experience is far from unique: the company says the average contractor at oDesk has increased his monthly income by 190% after three years.
Almost all crowdsourcing companies make money by charging contractors for each successful transaction.
All refused to share detailed income, but oDesk, who claims to be the largest online workplace, said its contractors earned about $75 million in 2012, compared with $40 million a year ago. “MICRO-
Crowdsourcing is global.
Elance has clients in 180 countries and freelancers in 155 countries
A large part of growth comes from Asia.
For example, Indonesians flock to 99 designs.
Com, not up-
They submitted graphic design, hoping to win the prize.
Recently, dozens of people gathered in the Java city Yogyakarta, thanking 99 designs in the video.
Patrick Llewellyn, the company's Australian president and CEO, heard about it when it was posted online.
"I was moved to tears," he said . "
This growth has prompted crowdsourcing to build its business close to action.
Taskus, a boutique outsourcing company, and freelancer.
For example, they all set up Asian operations in the Philippines.
Some people go further.
On a trip to Nepal, Mark Sears of Canada saw so many engineers and MBAs doing nothing, he saw business opportunities and moved his family to Kathmandu.
Now the CloudFactory training team has completed the Micro
Complete tasks on behalf of clients at home, such as commenting on videos of amateur hockey matches.
His latest Member: Mohammed Juman, an English teacher
Addict on Facebook, which collects garbage outside the office.
In fact, companies like CloudFactory and MobileWorks say they are fighting poverty not only for profit, but also for poverty.
World Bank consultant Mukherji says
Companies known as "impact sourcing" have hired 560,000 employees, which by the end of the century could account for nearly a quarter of the total number of BPO employees.
Governments and organizations like the World Bank are noticing the potential of an industry that generates foreign exchange but hardly requires capital expenditure.
Bangladesh is one of the first countries to declare online income tax
For example, free and MobileWorks recently signed an agreement with the government of Jamaica to deploy the service nationwide.
All companies have stressed that they are making money by mobilizing Ajay Vinze from the World Bank. P.
Carey Business School at Arizona State University called it "Microentrepreneurs.
More simply, Sheila Ortencio said: "We want to be an independent modern Filipino family.
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