goa’s first smart school in panaji | goa news - times of india - smart board tv-ITATOUCH-img

goa’s first smart school in panaji | goa news - times of india - smart board tv

by:ITATOUCH     2019-07-18
goa’s first smart school in panaji | goa news - times of india  -  smart board tv
PANAJI: Parents of Mala people's high school students will soon receive the test results of their children through the app on their smartphone.
At the new academic conference 2017-
People want to be the first smart school in the state.
To this end, the school is developing a software that teachers will access as an app on their mobile phones, and parents will partially access the software, which the school trustee, Rahul Deshpande, said on Sunday.
First of all, every class in the school's grades 1 to 12 comes with a "smart board" that puts the whole class in audio
Visual format that can be played to students as a teaching aid.
The smart board has also become a regular board for teachers' writing.
"So far, we have installed a smart board for each class, and students from different departments of a particular class will rotate once a week to benefit from the smart board.
We will evaluate the performance after the SMART Board is installed at the end of the school year.
Currently, the use of the board of directors costs Rs 7,000 per session.
"At the moment, school management is taking the cost," said Deshpande . ".
He said that it is well known that students can better retain when teaching with audio
So the idea of installing smart boards.
Teach Next provides a smart motherboard for schools.
During the school year, machines will also be installed and students and teachers must swipe their cards to record their attendance.
He said that if students are late for school, parents will immediately issue an alert.
"Through the app we developed for the school, the teacher will be notified if the student in his or her class leaves the school.
Deshpande said: "We often see that students may not tell their parents their scores in school exams, but the app will immediately notify parents of his children in a particular subject
BOX People's High School has launched two "Bollywood dances" per week for primary school students in the past school year, raising students' enthusiasm for the school, and student affairs Commissioner Rahu Deshpande said Sunday.
"We launched Bollywood dance in elementary school.
Usually, parents have to try to wake up the students to school, but on those two days, when they take dance classes, the parents say the children are eager to go to school, "Deshpande said.
He said that based on feedback from teachers and parents, the school also opened stitching and cooking classes for students in the new school year in 201718.
"Sewing and cooking classes will be offered for all girls and boys.
Now the kids don't even know how to stitch the button off.
Some told us that students could not identify the beans we were eating and could not distinguish between wheat and other beans.
So we decided to introduce cooking so that when parents are away, they can at least make a meal for themselves, "deshphend said.
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