good, bad and clueless candidates on day 1 of sabc board interviews - smart board in school-ITATOU

good, bad and clueless candidates on day 1 of sabc board interviews - smart board in school

by:ITATOUCH     2019-07-05
good, bad and clueless candidates on day 1 of sabc board interviews  -  smart board in school
Good, Bad, ignorant;
The interview for the first day of the new SABC board ended yesterday.
Icasa is unknown to a candidate (
Independent Communications Agency of SA)
Representing the role or anything of this statutory regulator;
Several others were unable to tell the difference between public and NBC, and the other became controversial when asked about the unreliable transfer of college fees to her daughter's account.
The parliamentary communications portfolio committee held a 12-hour meeting and interviewed 11 of the 36 shortlisted candidates last week, including professional journalists, lawyers and businessmen.
Members of Parliament were raving about John Mattis, one of the five members of the interim SABC Committee appointed on April, whose term of office ended on September.
When he talked about the changes the interim board brought to the broadcasters, he asked them to eat what was in his hands.
"We have changed the image of SABC.
We have stopped in the fall of SABC.
We took over a broadcasting company in a real crisis, whether we join or not, we will make an appropriate handover to the new board of directors and provide detailed information about the audit situation, the financial situation. . .
"They will be able to hit the ground to run," he said . ".
Mattis Weng also revealed that when the interim committee took over, it found that some people in the news department thought it was their job to serve some political agendas.
"We can't go faster, but the problem has been solved," he said . ".
The chairman of the committee, Humphrey masegana, revealed at the beginning of the Mattis interview that the committee had received a public objection to the re-appointment of interim board members to the new board, allegedly due to improper award of May's tender.
Mattis said he did not remember the details of the tender, but hoped that his colleagues would be able to resolve the issues raised.
Leanne Govindsamy is the first candidate to participate in the interview team;
The legal and investigative director of Corruption Watch, who has a deep background in media law, supply chain management and her work in civil society, seems to have left a deep impression on members. Perhaps the 32-year-
Old's lack of board experience could be bad for her, but she replied: "It's a good thing in a sense and I'm not prepared in advance
The existing concept of how I should behave.
I have brought a new perspective, a perspective that is very consistent with the rules and administrative regulations . . . . . . "A member of the ANC was overheard saying," she is perfect;
Smart and young.
However, the MPs were not friendly to several other candidates, such as Louise Val, and she was asked about the chaotic state of her media development and diversity agency.
Just a day ago, after members of the board of directors and acting chief executive made public objections at a parliamentary meeting, the Communications Committee expressed its displeasure at the status of the agency.
Mandy Matuba of the ANC said bluntly: "You are sitting on the collapsed MDDA board and now you want to sit on the SABC board. . . ” she said.
Harvard Business School graduate Bongumusa Makhathini is probably the most eloquent and impressive candidate.
He is the director of legal and foreign affairs at bat and is also the chairman of the Bongi Ngema Foundation.
Makhathini has an answer to everything and there is a way to speak, but two DA MPs from the interview panel, Phumzile van Damme and Gavin Davis, just don't want to give up this connection with the foundation.
Bongi Ngema, the sponsor of the Foundation, is the wife of President Jacob Zuma.
Da mp appears to be concerned about Makhathini's relationship with Zumas and the extent of his relationship to apply for a seat on the SABC board.
Makhathini is one of several candidates who suggested that SABC needs to change the content to raise the bottom line.
"Let's go back to the basic question . . . . . . We have to look at the relevance of the products that SABC sells to consumers, the public, and understand what they are competing.
Makhathini said that SABC's competitors are ahead of the public broadcaster in many ways and are catching up.
Vale has put forward a similar view, saying that if the SABC scheme becomes more relevant, it will play a big role in solving the funding problem.
"Improve the service because you want people to have SABC and they will have it if you improve the content," she said . ".
In his interview, dinkwan Mohuba also made a deep impression.
The Dean of the students at Mohuba Limpopo University had to shy away from questions about the so-called political connections that led to or were related to the questionable business transactions in Limpopo.
The more he explains, the more problems he has.
He had some ideas and he thought that SABC could consider improving its status and books.
The nerves of reporter Seipati Khumalo won the day.
When Khumalo answered the question, people couldn't help but hold back.
Half the time, she sounded as if she didn't understand the question she was asking.
Anc mp Sisisi Tolashe had to detail Icasa for Khumalo, who then responded that "all reports" were regulated by radio and telecom regulators ".
Khumalo had worked as a producer at SABC and ANN7, but the MPs had an impression on her at the time of the Gupta-owned station.
But it was zuguda halizha who raised too many eyebrows.
While working at the University of Venda, Kharidzha was charged with depositing funds from the university into his daughter's account.
He resigned before facing disciplinary action at the university in September 2008.
While Kharidzha initially tried to convince members of Congress, he was innocent throughout the incident and he never had a chance to state his case at the university, he later argued that he had recovered, he will never make his mistake again.
Cleary was angered by the continuing question of his integrity, and he snapped: "Integrity is not static;
This does not mean that a person is guilty for life if they are guilty!
Kharidzha argued that he had learned from his previous mistakes and that his record had been clean since the "mistakes.
Continue the interview today and tomorrow.
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