google and huawei join forces to create powerful raspberry pi rival - what is a smart board-ITATOU

google and huawei join forces to create powerful raspberry pi rival - what is a smart board

by:ITATOUCH     2020-02-29
google and huawei join forces to create powerful raspberry pi rival  -  what is a smart board
Google and Huawei have teamed up to launch a powerful new single --
Tablets with ARM chip architecture may challenge the market dominance of raspberry pie.
HiKey 960 is designed primarily for software developers and is a single
A car computer running on Google's Android operating system.
It was designed to be a high
Build and test the final solution for ARM applications.
At present, Android developers who want to design products for ARM chips must program on rival Intel x86 architectures.
Octa based on Huawei-
The core Kirin 960 chip of HiKey 960 has four high
ARM Cortex strength
A73 nuclear 4 low-power Cortex-
This means that it contains a lot of cores.
This computer was developed in cooperation with Harston-Linaro.
Collaborative Engineering organization based on open source develops software for ARM ecosystem.
George Gray, CEO of the company, said it hoped that developers closer to ARM hardware would gain the biggest advantage from computers.
These may include mobile developers who want to support and innovate new features through new and existing sensors, security and other peripheral hardware and software, and the point of sale for the development of derivative products for markets such as digital signage (POS)and robotics.
"We are pleased to work with Linaro members ARM, Huawei, Google, Archermind and LeMaker to develop this product," Gray said . ".
"HiKey 960 has achieved the goal of 96 boards, providing access to the latest ARM technology for the developer community, and supporting the latest Huawei high-performance ARM Cortex on-chip mobile system --
A73 kernel combined with the latest generation of ARM Mali GPU technology.
Although HiKey 960 is mainly running Android, it supports Linux, which means it can be used for manufacturers such as drones or other smart devices.
However, it does not share the price tag with companies that are ultra-low
The price of Raspberry Pi is $289, or about £ 184.
With this in mind, it is suspected that it will be more popular with serious software developers than the digital production community.
"ARM is committed to providing new technology to platform developers to support ARM's continuous innovation
Based on the mobile platform, "said Lawrence Bryant, vice president of personal mobile computing for the rich Bohn chip design giant.
"HiKey 960 platform integrates the latest big platform.
Small techniques combined with cortex
A73, the most powerful but energy efficient mobile CPU, Cortex-
A53 for further efficiency and the latest Mali GPU, Mali-G71.
"We are bringing a range of advanced solutions to market faster.
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