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google pixel c vs. microsoft surface pro 4 -- which one is better? - graphic tablet for pc

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-29
google pixel c vs. microsoft surface pro 4 -- which one is better?  -  graphic tablet for pc
NEW YORK (TheStreet)--Both super-
Modern, light, super
Portable touch screen tablet that can also be used as a laptop when you buy a simple computerto-Connect the keyboard.
But the alphabet (GOOG -Get Report)(GOOGL -Get Report)
Google Pixel Cand Microsoft (MSFT -Get Report)
The Surface Pro 4 completes the task in a different way.
Which device is best for your needs?
Pixel C is an Android tablet and one of the first devices to release the latest version of Android, codenamed Marshmallow.
This makes Pixel C More designed than a laptop.
So far, pixalchromebook Pixelnotebooks runs on software called Chrome OS-
Basically an operating system built entirely around a Web browser, not much else.
Getting Google Pixel C on Amazon Pixel C provides a superbright, high-definition, 10. 2-
Inch touch screen, Nvidia (NVDA -Get Report)Tegra X1 octa-
Core processor, Maxwell GPU, 3 gb RAM and 32 or 64 gb storage.
Pixel C also has a reversible USB Type-
C port that powers the tablet, charges the battery and all other connections.
The camera measures 8 and 2 MP, the fourth of Microsoft's
New generation tablet Surface Pro 4 with the latest 64-
Bit version of the new Windows 10 Pro operating system. The new 12. 3-
The inch touch screen is slightly larger than 12. 0-
Display inches in the front Surface Pro 3.
In the magnesium case of Pro 4, you can choose the sixth one
Generation Intel (INTC -Get Report)
M3, i5 or i7 processors, Intel HD or Iris graphics chips, 4, 8 or 16 gb of RAM, and up to 1 tb of 128, 256, 512 GB of storage.
There are a variety of ports to choose from, including the full-sized USB 3.
0, mini monitor, headphone jack (analog only)
, And the microSD card expansion slot.
The front and rear cameras measure 8 and 5 MP respectively.
The Pixel C is 7mm thin and the Surface Pro 4 is 8. 45 mm.
The two devices are lightweight, easy to carry, and are equipped with the latest Wi-
Fi, Bluetooth, accelerometer, gyro and ambient light sensors and all the other internal components you expect from the high levelend tablet.
Both designs feature a removable keyboard. The Bluetooth-
The Pixel C keyboard retails for $149 and, like a tablet, features a matching metal case.
Microsoft says its $130 Surface Pro cover has been completely redesigned to make it harder, easier to type, and includes fingerprint sensors.
The added benefit is that the new cover can also be used with last year's Surface Pro 3 tablet.
As for the price, Google's Pixel C 32 gb model starts at $499 and 64 gb model starts at $599.
Adding a keyboard will cost you an extra $150, which is a bit expensive for Android tablets but cheaper than Microsoft Surface.
Get Microsoft Surface Pro 4 on Amazon Microsoft's Surface Pro 4, Intel m3/4 GB/899 GB version starts at $128
The price of the Intel i7/16 GB/1 tb configuration is $2,799.
You can think of Pixel C as an Android phone in the form of a larger tablet, and the Surface Pro is more like a PC that shrinks to a tablet.
The biggest difference is the operating system and what you need to do with a tablet.
While Marshmallow takes the Android tablet experience to the next level, the processor-if you need to do more heavy tasks-
You may prefer the combination of Windows 10 and Intel.
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