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google's ai assistant aims to transcend the smart speaker - smart

by:ITATOUCH     2019-08-01
google\'s ai assistant aims to transcend the smart speaker  -  smart
When Google launched its digital assistant, which is now different in 2016, it was faced with becoming a digital assistant. ran.
At that time, Amazon had sold the Echo smart speaker for more than a year, which was supported by the Alexa voice assistant.
Apple's Siri has been around for five years, and most iPhone users are familiar with it.
So far, Google's main portal in this area is Google Now, a mobile phone.
A binding application that accepts voice commands but does not reply.
Google Assistant now
Mainly known as the sound of Google's Home smart speaker
New products are becoming more and more important to Google.
Although it is still covered up commercially by Alexa, it constantly breaks through the boundaries that artificial intelligence can achieve in its daily environment.
For example, Google announced last year an assistant service called Duplex, which can actually call the restaurant and book a room for you.
In addition to Google's own Pixel phone in the United States, duplex phones have not yet been widely usedS.
So far, Alexa and Siri have not provided similar services.
Google is expected to announce updates and extensions to its AI assistant at Tuesday's annual developer conference.
Hey Google: Give Siri a quick shortcut on your iPhone, Siri, or Alexa: Which voice assistant can handle these 100 questions best?
While voice assistants are already spread across smartphones, cars, and offices, the most common thing they do at present is at home, where people tend to use them with smart speakers for simple activities such as playing music, set the timer and check the weather.
According to eMarketer, Amazon's Echo devices maintain a strong lead in the market;
The company estimates that 63% of the population in the United StatesS.
Smart Speaker users will talk to Amazon devices this year, while Google will have 31% users.
Apple's HomePod is just an afterthought and it's classified as "another" category with a total of 12%.
However, competition is more difficult to assess from a broader perspective.
Google claims that the assistant can now be used on more than one billion devices, although many of them are smartphones, and its owners may have never issued a warning from the assistant --
"Okay, Google.
Amazon and Google may
Gartner analyst Werner Goetz said that complement each other on different indicators, but the real measure is how far they achieve these goals.
Amazon's deep relationship in shopping has made Alexa popular
Help you add items to your grocery list or quickly re-place them
Order for Soap.
Google's decades of deep search technology has made it a leader in finding or answering questions you may have, and personalize your actions or your web browsing based on other information Google has learned about you from your previous search.
Of course, all of this reinforces Google's key advertising business, which is to show you ads that target your interests.
At the beginning, most of the assistants in the family only served as a sounding search engine;
It can also perform some additional tasks, such as launching the Spotify playlist.
However, over time, it has added dozens of languages, working with more than 1,500 smart home companies to control lights, locks, and TVs, and learn to recognize members of any particular family by voice
It also expanded the number of apps and other companies that worked with it and used it as a way to get into Google Maps by texting while driving.
Both Google and Amazon plan to expand further.
Last year, Amazon launched a number of home gadgets built into Alexa, including "smart" microwaves.
At this year's CES gadget show, it shows a phone
The connecting device that takes Alexa to the car.
Google has updated its ever-expanding Android car system, which received assistant functionality last year.
As Assistant and Alexa become smarter, faster, and more personalized, analysts expect their business scope to become wider and more widespread.
Victoria peterlock, analyst at EMarketer, said the speaker "made people accustomed to talking to their devices.
"In the end, she said, if you can speak directly to your microwave, TV, and light, you don't need speakers --
Except maybe playing music.
In these emerging areas, Google hopes to beat its rivals with strong progress in Android smartphones and cars.
But it faces competition not only on Amazon, but also in many areas such as Apple and Microsoft.
Google I/O starts at 10. m.
Mountain View, California, Tuesday Pacific time.
The company is expected to announce a lower-priced Pixel phone and update its smart home devices.
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