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google smart goggles 'to be launched by 2013' - google smart board

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-03
google smart goggles \'to be launched by 2013\'  -  google smart board
It is said that Google will launch a pair of "smart glasses" called Google goggles at the end of this year ". The Terminator-
Fashion glasses are said to be able to transmit information to wearers in real time at prices ranging from £ 160 to £ 380, or for smartphones.
They will have a small screen, only a few inches from the wearer's eyes, and users can see augmented reality through it instead of web pages like those on smartphones, according to reports, anonymous employees familiar with the project said.
When the wearer looks at the restaurant, they may see the comments pop up --
Or, when they see a historic building, they can see an image of its past.
Glasses are Android.
Data connection based on 3g or 4g as well as motion and GPS sensors.
A feature can cause privacy issues: glasses are said to include low
Built-in resolution
In cameras that can monitor the world in real time, cover information about friends who may be nearby, buildings around them, etc.
According to the New York Times, Google has been actively discussing privacy issues.
The company is said to want to make sure people know that people wearing glasses are recording them.
Although it is not clear how to do this.
Google has not issued an official statement on the project.
The blog also looked into the project, claiming that glasses would be justified --
Interrupt navigation system for user tilt head scroll and click.
"We were told to learn very quickly, and once the user is good at navigation, it becomes a second nature and is almost difficult to distinguish from external users," a blog post said . ".
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