google unveils £399 pixel 3a to rival iphone – and new nest ‘smart screen’ - smart-ITATOUCH-img

google unveils £399 pixel 3a to rival iphone – and new nest ‘smart screen’ - smart

by:ITATOUCH     2019-08-06
google unveils £399 pixel 3a to rival iphone – and new nest ‘smart screen’  -  smart
Google has launched two "cheap" phones with iPhones and a new smart screen powered by Google's assistant.
The news came this week at the Google I/O special event in California.
The headline is Google Pixel 3a and its big brother Pixel 3a XL.
They were basically cut.
The version of the super-charged Pixel 3 smartphone has dropped last year.
But their processors are a little slower and their prices are significantly lower.
Instead of paying around 600
700 for the full model, only £ 399 is paid for pixel 3a.
This is actually an impressive product because the camera you get is basically the same.
This means that you keep some of the top features, includingin-the-
The dark night vision mode and the AI Google Lens feature allow you to recognize the real
World objects using cameras.
It also supports HDR photography, so your photos have a lot of contrast, color and exposure even if taken under difficult lighting conditions.
You can also get unlimited photo and video storage through Google Photos.
Decent enough specs: 5 pixels 3a. 6-
Inch full HD screen, 4 gb memory, 64 gb storage space, 3.
5mm headphone jack.
The larger pixel 3a XL has 6-
Inch screen, from 469.
Google also announced it will launch a smartphone.
Technology brand Nest has launched a new product under its official brand.
The new Google Nest Hub Max is home smart screen.
It's actually a scale.
The up version of the existing Google Home Hub, the larger 10-inch screen.
Like the Amazon Echo speaker, but there is a large display.
It's not Alexa, it's powered by a very smart Google Assistant.
The assistant can manage your schedule, tell you the news, and even play the video-all with voice commands.
You buy luxury goods for 219.
This is also the most expensive Google Home device at present, located in the Home Mini (£49), Home (£89)Family Center (£119).
Google Pixel 3a is now available for purchase, while Google Nest Hub Max will be available on July 15.
We 've seen what Google Pixel 4 might look like in 3D concept rendering.
But Google Pixel 3 is already an incredible hairdryer, in part because of its excellent camera.
If you're a fan of Google gear, check out our review of Google Pixel elaptop --tablet hybrid.
What do you think of Google's new smartphone?
Tell us in the comments!
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