grant 21 gets new tech to four school districts - smart board mobile-ITATOUCH-img

grant 21 gets new tech to four school districts - smart board mobile

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-15
grant 21 gets new tech to four school districts  -  smart board mobile
There was a blackboard at first.
Then the whiteboard.
Now, the smart motherboard.
The Fairfield town school district and the school districts in Bridgetown, Woodbine municipality and Buena Borough received TALENT21 grants for $468,000.
This total is used to ensure 16 Smart Boards for students on 6, 7 and 8
Grades at Fairfield town school.
Laptops are also part of the grant, with technical support and salary of about $100,000.
Lisa Niemi and Kelly basks
Grade teachers at Fairfield school showed the Fairfield Town Board of Education some fancy features of the board Thursday night.
"You hear the 'smart board' and think about 'what the hell are we talking about, '" Niemi said before his speech '. ".
This is an upgrade to the traditional teaching methods in the 21 st century.
The two showed some programs designed to educate students and involve them in the classroom.
Special pens and erasers allow the user to write on the blackboard, touch screen technology actually involves the user, and the program is much less linear than the course on the textbook.
"I have to say 'click' and one of my students has to go to the computer in person to do it," Niemi said . ".
With the SMART Board, the teacher can stand anywhere in the mounting board and attend classes without interruption.
Laptops that receive grants will be issued every 6 days
Grade students in the school.
They were manufactured by Lenovo, which bought IBM in 2005.
Part of the grant states that laptops must be brought home and used sometimes.
This has attracted the attention of some members of the Board of Education, who compared it with last year's incident at the lower meilion school district in Pennsylvania
School staff access the camera remotely and use it to view users of laptops.
Superintendent John Klug assured the board that webcam software was not installed on the machine.
"It's a very competitive grant, and it's part of it," Klug said.
"LoJack software is also installed on the laptop, which will track and locate the laptop in the event of theft.
"It's much easier than someone is on a computer.
The teacher only needs to walk back and forth, "said Sabrina Moore, who started on the 7 th.
The grade of the school in September.
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