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graphic design students create logos for contest - graphic drawing tablet

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-22
graphic design students create logos for contest  -  graphic drawing tablet
JpgFrom left, Junior Maria Iannone uses a drawing tablet to enhance her design.
Senior Matt Mills adjusted his design for the upcoming Youth Football design competition. (Photos provided)
Washington town--
Dale Bebel, graphic design teacher at Washington Township High School, believes one of his student competition entries will be a touchdown score.
In a true community partnership, Bibel's students accepted the offer to design a new logo to mark the 50 th anniversary of youth football in Washington town (WTFY)
An organization that attracts about 260 players each fall.
The winning design will appear on uniforms, banners and signage during the 50 th anniversary, and the winner will receive a $200 Visa gift card.
60 students enrolled at all three levels in the Biebel design class will submit at least one design for the panel of judges to consider in the coming weeks.
"We have some great, professional designs," Biebel said proudly . ".
"I think it will be very difficult to choose one.
As a lesson, we discussed the logo requirements, the color scheme, the meaning of the 50 th anniversary and the age range of our target audience.
The results were impressive.
"All the designs were made using Adobe Photoshop on the school's new iMac computer for five hours.
The logo will be high.
Resolution documents that can be saved in multiple formats.
"Once the design is needed, we turn to Mr. the next very talented high school student.
"Long term as coach of WTYF and former Commissioner Charlie dude said.
"Their creativity is amazing, and the Washington Township youth football will proudly showcase the winning logo.
"This latest project is just one of many interesting and compelling projects --
Grab the project that Beibel throws at his students.
In addition to numerous posters and T-
His students designed themed beverage cans (i. e.
Oscar and Super Bowl Award), re-
Designed currency, carefully crafted grain boxes, and even Snapchat filters.
"My students work well together and they criticize each other in class," Biebel said . ".
"These are arts, creativity, universities.
Self-disciplined students
Drive, who likes to keep up with ever
Change Technology.
They are interesting children.
"The project was submitted to the Washington Township School District by January.
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