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Garden designer and TV show host DIARMUID GAVIN update: 17: 10 April 16, 2011, although he is from Manchester, Corner's most outstanding cooperation with his company JCFO has been in the United States.
I recently visited High Park in New York for a long time.
It's built in a mile.
Before being recycled in 2005, long-standing elevated railway lines were laid for years.
The project was very ambitious, but what really moved me was how he approached an abandoned land in a way that no one else could think.
It is characterized by the fact that I also like a lot of things in the garden, including the elements of surprise.
There is a habit of commitment in the corner --
These conversions
He was involved in another regeneration project at a huge landfill site on Staten Island.
Perhaps the real test of a great garden is whether it can attract people who are not interested in these things.
I think so.
This is one of the biggest new attractions in New York. this is a feat in itself.
People who are interested in the 20 th
It is almost certain that the century garden design put Marx at the top of their list. Half-Half a German.
He lived and worked in Brazil until he died in 1994.
He was interested in graphic design, tapestries, lines and shapes and moved these ideas and textures from paper and fabric to the ground in a completely original way.
This is a completely new approach that is very innovative and enlightening.
I visited his house on the outskirts of Rio, which is incredible, although more people will see his work on the waterfront of copakabana.
Another key to him is that he was an early environmental activist.
The first of his compatriots to criticize the destruction of the rainforest.
He also supported the use of native species when ignored.
Marx became a national hero, which is unusual for a gardener.
Dillon is a consultant and designer who lectures around the world.
Like Christopher Lloyd. No 9)
She is famous for a garden-
She is at the City Garden on Sandford Road in Lanna, Dublin.
It's brilliant, there's no day in the year where you won't see 20 flowers.
She has the most amazing lawn, and she chose a reflection pool surrounded by limestone decking and hot and cold borders.
In any case, this is not a modern thing, but it shows what can be done in a traditional range and in a relatively small space.
She's a real No.
Very inspiring though a bit snobbish.
Reynolds became the only gold in Ireland in 2002.
The winner of the Chelsea Flower Show.
She continued to design a garden at Kew and worked with the BBC and RTE.
I found her job very simple and beautiful.
The picture above is the "Brigis garden" in Galway County, Ireland. the sculpture is a crouching woman who is cast in bronze next to the uterus --
Like a branch shelter.
Normally, I wouldn't be in line with her style myself, because it's a little quirky, but through her gentle carving of the land, her appreciation of natural materials and her use of Celtic symbols, she managed to take a delicate line between twee and beauty, work in a very modern and clean way.
I think we spent some time in the garden, during which people are obsessed with everything that is contemporary.
A little more relaxation now, she can get some honors.
Using the same materials and methods
Trees for lawn, reflection water and frame view
As the ability of Brown about 200, Jenks created a real contemporary landscape inspired by scientific concepts such as the Big Bang.
Born in Baltimore in 1939, he settled in Scotland and made his best work.
Known work there.
I saw his cosmic speculative garden for the first time. above)
At the Portrack House near Dumfries, on the cover of a book called Heaven transform, it gives me hope that people are still doing bold things.
I then interviewed him, though I can't pretend to understand half of what he said.
In return, he claimed that he had never heard of the antennas, even though they had striking similarities with their homes.
Seriously, however, his work is magnificent, interesting, inspiring and honest.
Like Marx, he is not just a landscape designer;
He is also an interior designer, architect and philosopher.
French landscape designer Le Notre is the main gardener of Louis XIV, leaving an indelible mark on places such as Versailles (above)
Fontainebleau monk Dee.
He was employed by Louis XIV to make a statement on his grandeur and power.
The message is that the king not only controls France, but even the landscape of France.
With an unlimited budget, it seems like an easy thing to do, but Le Notre's focus on proportions is excellent.
The Czech landscape architect moved to Australia in his 80 s before setting up the company terrillo.
His addition is based on a garden I know, the dream garden of Australia in Canberra.
It is small but very notable.
The map of the area is fashionable and gives the impression that the volcano is erupting.
The west tower does not approve of the idea that the garden must be beautiful;
He is thinking about terror and turmoil.
Clever use of such a small space.
A landscape architect most people have heard of, "the greatest garden in England" rises from work
As a royal gardener, the class became almost part of the nobility.
He swept the grand formal style and ushered in the era of people --
A natural landscape.
Although his works in places such as the Blenheim Palace have aroused different opinions, he has a romantic view of Britain.
His attitude is that he is perfecting the work that God started.
A few years ago, I made a documentary about him for the BBC, using CGI, and we were able to show the size of his work and the number of people needed to get it done. It was amazing.
The name Lloyd is unlikely to leave the list of any great garden designer who belongs to the tradition of a gentleman gardener, and everyone listens to his point of view.
Most of his best works were done in his own garden at big Dexter in East Sussex (above)
But most people learned about him through his books, such as the garden with good temper and his newspaper columns.
He may be quite bold in subtle ways.
He used to replace a rose with an arrogant exotic.
I met him before his death in 2006, and while I was usually cautious about meeting people like this, he was very kind.
Denevan, who is not a gardener but a landscape artist, is known for his huge temporary installations.
As a surfer and chef, he creates fascinating geometric patterns that usually only need to go through the beach with a large stick.
Many landscape designers can learn from him because you can achieve the same goal with lawn and mower.
He's like Marx, he works with nature, he's a really inspiring character, and I feel like I can learn a lot from him.
Moreover, there is a real humility in his work, and it is washed away because of its impermanence.
He might record it with photos and videos, but it disappeared soon.
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