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greed is good - the winning habit on the road to the rugby world cup - white board

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-23
greed is good - the winning habit on the road to the rugby world cup  -  white board
At this stage, we should know better that we really should.
Although some "golden generation" teams have been sent to various world cups over the years, the semi-finals
The final was a friend never seen in Irish football.
We have two classics (2007)and recent (2015)
Example of chicken
Based on the number of eggs in a particular basket, we found ourselves in duplicate mode before 2019 in Japan.
Yes, it's dangerous to start planning the final,. . .
Should Ireland win Pool (
Japan, Scotland, Russia, Samoa)
The results of the other pools were the same as expected, with the second quarter being South Africa
Australian semi-final
New Zealand in the finals and finals.
There's a general feeling of just letting it go for the past quarter
The finals will be disappointing for the first time.
On the other hand, entering the final may feel like some kind of victory.
If Ireland finally reaches a decisive position and falls into the awesome all-black force, then a noble defeat may be shaped into a moral victory.
So many chickens
Before all this, Leinster will try to keep their championship trophy and Pro14 title, Munster will aim at a certain level of trophy, and it is unlikely that the national side will consider less than the six-nation royal family.
The player itself does not calm the story, but jumps on board. They believe.
But this time, unlike in previous years, this optimism is spreading, supported by great success in this field.
Behind the glory of 2018, Irish players became greedy and there was no reason not to repeat.
There will be a World Cup in more than a year.
They can simply say, yes.
Is it simple? No.
31-year-old Sean O'Brienyear-
Laolinster and the Irish winger were his team last season.
The companions sat on the silverware, giving a feeling that the gaps in his fireplace made him nervous.
Just like being asked to pick a favorite kid, O'Brien won't pick out any of the trophies.
"Of course [
It's possible to win everything]
He said, "but you need a little bit of luck to keep everyone healthy and go all the way.
I believe we can do it.
Win the World Cup.
"I think our squad will definitely go further than in previous years.
From the point of view of the young guy coming over again, its architecture is also very good, it is a perfect combination of youth and experience.
History tells us that it is not easy, but it is feasible.
One person who knows what needs to be done in a season is victor Matt field.
Legendary springbolock won Super Rugby with the Bulls in 2007, helped South Africa win the World Cup a few months later and beat England in the final.
In an interview with RT É Sport, Matfield agrees with the theory that success is based on success.
The story of him and the bull bears an incredible resemblance to the path Leinster is taking.
"What we 've seen in the past is that when you have a very strong team of clubs that dominate international competition, 41-said: "It's much easier to incorporate this into the international season, because most of the time the team will also be at the heart of the national team. "year-
The old man who retired in 2016.
In a grand slam in Twickenham, Ireland, 14 Leinster defeated England.
Except for what happens in the lead
During the season, Matt field traced the origins of their 2007 Webb Ellis win back to 2003 Gamestogether.
He recalled: "This is the first time we have walked into the board room with a spring.
On the whiteboard ,[coach]
"We will be the seventh world champion," White wrote . "
We have worked for this for four years.
"I think the Bulls were successful at the time, two semi-finals.
The Super Rugby final in 2007 and the Super Rugby win gave us extra motivation and we really knew, 'Look, we're the best team in the world right now.
We beat New Zealanders at club level every week.
"We had Bulls and Sharks in the final of that year.
We know we often beat all the blacks and if we play well we should be them [and]
We didn't even play against them at the World Cup.
"Our confidence is so high, and I think it also shows how we played against England in the group stage, where we were the best team in the world.
Matt Field, who won 127 games, also admitted that three games this year
The ranking of the country has declined.
There was a conscious decision that the game was played away against New Zealand and Australia at the expense of a bigger goal.
"Actually, we left 15 of the best players at home and we have done a lot of hard work in two weeks," he said . ".
"It's just getting together in an environment where there's not much pressure, and if there's not that much expectation, then we can really focus on what we want to do at the World Cup and get things done, make sure everyone agrees with the plan.
Asked last year about the possibility of using the six-nation window as a stepping stone, Joe Schmidt said: "I will pay the highest respect to the six countries.
This is our game.
"Its history is much longer than the World Cup. it's really Johnny-come-lately.
"While it takes the overall priority, the six countries are such an amazing title and so difficult.
"There is a grand slam in the bag, will Schmidt now be involved in the" overall priority "agreement? It is even possible to use the tournament that ended the first six months of the World Cup as a sounding board, when the match against England started in February, joey ka put Johnny seckston on the bench "I don't think this will happen," former Irish international dragon coach Bernard Jackman told sports.
"He will never have any freedom in the game.
"For example, you want Joey cabbury to be a legitimate choice for him now, because of his form, not the symbolic game, but I think the six countries will be treated as important as before.
"You look at the joy the team has gained from winning six countries, which is huge in itself.
"They won't put things like the World Cup above the joy and achievement you have won in six countries. . .
So I don't think there will be any relief in the short term.
Given the World Cup, there is a lot of pressure in the semester.
"A pattern is forming.
Now, even the upcoming November series --
Against New Zealand and Argentina
It will not be considered as a match of choice for experiments.
Jackman added: "The more you win, the more likely you are to win again.
"All the successful teams are supported by players who are champions in a row, and this is just an advantage.
"According to Matt Field, Ireland is taking the support of Steven Hansen --to-back champions.
"Ireland is a very good team," he said . "
"New Zealand must be the first team.
If you look at them, everything they do is fine.
Ireland, next team (in rankings), is the same.
"You didn't say, 'Yeah, it's special, it's special, 'and they're very good at doing [simple]things so well.
"I think they are really competitive.
They have a good coaching staff under Schmidt. they have been together for several years, the same core players, the same management.
"I think this is a real threat to New Zealand.
"Talking like an experienced person like Matfield can help boost your appetite.
There is still a long way to go ahead, but the confidence to flow through Irish blood is like this. There is a feeling that a lot of these eggs may be fine.
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