here’s who conservative celebrities are backing in 2016 - what is a smart board-ITATOUCH-img

here’s who conservative celebrities are backing in 2016 - what is a smart board

by:ITATOUCH     2019-08-23
here’s who conservative celebrities are backing in 2016  -  what is a smart board
Are you a voter of Chuck Norris or rock boy?
What about the Duck Dynasty?
As competition for the Republican nomination for president grows, conservative celebrities have lined up to speak for their dreams.
When it comes to Hollywood, Democrats usually clean up and celebrity agents are a rare breed on the right, helping to humanize candidates, especially in a party that has historically been difficult to attract young people.
Celebrity endorsements don't determine elections, but sometimes they're good for a lot of people --needed boost.
Let's take a look at who we might see on track this year with the Republican candidates of their choice.
"Chuck Norris doesn't support it, and he tells the United States what the situation is going to be.
Mike Huckabee)
Actor and martial artist Chuck Norris, who is a favorite of right-wing fanatics, said on Tuesday that he would back the former Arkansas government again.
A few hours later, Mike Huckabee announced his candidacy for president.
"I still believe that Mike Huckabee is the most qualified," Norris told the New York Times . ".
"He has moral clarity and experience leading our great country forward.
Norris fought for Huckabee in 2008, agreeing with a spokesman for conservatives and people under 75year-
The old actor said he was ready to help again.
Huckabee jokingly boasted in a video: "Chuck Norris doesn't support it, he tells the United States what's going on . ". 2. )
Willie Robertson of the "Duck Dynasty" supported the state government of Luis Anna.
Although the governor is expected to postpone his 2016 presidential campaign until June.
"Bobby is a great man, he is a devout man," said outdoor activists and television figures in April.
"I know his values if he chooses to continue.
I am the kind of person who likes to be really smart . . . . . . That guy is one of the smartest people I 've ever met.
Jindal, who has published the homophobic remarks of guru Phil Robertson in the gq magazine, verbally defended the "Duck Dynasty" TV show and joked that Robertson would be3. )
Kelly Clarkson, Vince Vaughan, and John Mayer both supported libertarian Ron Paul, who was called "Republican celebrity" by conservative blog Breitbart when former members of Congress ran for president in 2012.
His son, Sen, Kentucky.
Rand Paul, 2016?
At least one of dad's former supporters was on board.
"I got to know Rand through Ron and I found out that he was very consistent on many issues of freedom and liked him very much, and Vaughan told UCLA students in April.
"He is the candidate for the current campaign, and I agree with him most in his thoughts and philosophy. ”4. )
In the last presidential election, Kidd Locke verbally supported Mitt Romney, but in June 2013 he told Fox News that his early presidential candidate was retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson. RELATED: Dr.
Ben Carson was in the competition "I love Herman Ka-no, black-Ben Carson! "Said the boy.
"I like to listen to him, his views on political correctness, and some daily affairs. ”5. )
Barkley, denba Hall-of-
Famer said on February that he was considering changing his team and voting for the Republican Party in the election.
"I have been voting for the Democratic Party.
But I like some Republicans this time.
I like Chris Christie.
I like Jeb Bush.
I like the guys, "he told Sports Illustrated. Gov.
Walker sounds like President Reagan.
WalkerForPres picture. twitter. com/orvn8v9EkM—Scott Baio (@ScottBaio)
Neither of them officially announced their candidacy for president in March 11, 2015, but both are expected to do so in the coming months. 6. )
Scott Baio, known for playing Chachi in "Happy Days", expressed his support for the Wisconsin president's March.
Scott Walker tweeted him on a par with former president and Republican patron Ronald Reagan.
Related: Duggars rummaging santorun Huckabee7. )
Jim Bob and Michelle Duger of "19 Kids and Counting" also joined the Huckabee team.
The family supported Qiansen.
Rick Santorum in 2012, they have made it clear that they support Huckabee this time-as they did when they had only 17 children in 2008.
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