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hey! look here! how to focus your life and your business - digital pen and pad

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-22
hey! look here! how to focus your life and your business  -  digital pen and pad
To accomplish any of the goals you set, you have to focus.
Simple and clear.
Specifically, you must be able to focus on what is critical to your business.
That's why people looking for opportunities online are different from what I call "strategic entrepreneurs.
"People looking for opportunities have been in the United Nations almost all the time. focus.
He is looking for "what else can I do?
"Where will my next chance come from?
Strategic entrepreneurs, on the other hand, focus on the essence.
An entrepreneur has been asking, "What can I do at least to achieve my vision of success? The difference is great.
Whether you are an entrepreneur or a person looking for opportunities, you are often attacked by opportunities and other distractions that compete for your attention.
Therefore, it is absolutely important to learn to think and focus like a strategic entrepreneur.
Let me show you.
But first, test it quickly to see if this works for you . . . . . . Take a moment to think about the following questions: Are it easy for you to get bored when you are not in front of your computer?
Do you find it difficult to focus on a task for more than an hour?
Are you looking for a "gadget" or some sort of technical solution for every purpose you can think?
Can you sit and read a book or read a long magazine article without having to reach out and get the TV remote?
Have you run out of patience for a long time?
Conduct in-depth and detailed discussions on some topics?
• Do you only frequently visit bookstores and coffee shops that provide wireless Internet access?
So you can keep in touch?
You found the article because it said "Look here!
"In the title, distracting you from what you are doing?
If you say yes to any of these questions, you may be threatened with your attention and attention.
This means that there are distractions around you that keep you busy-inefficient.
Because reality is a distraction that makes you feel like you're doing things. But you’re not.
On the contrary, when you do nothing, they will consume your energy and attention.
If you want to succeed in your career, succeed in your life, and you must master the ability to focus.
Otherwise, you will become a slave to distraction.
Only in this way can you achieve all your business goals in the fastest time.
What impact does lack of focus have on you and your business?
At the most basic level of business, losing focus means that you are not doing what you need to do in time at all.
You ended up working long hours (
Or at least think you're working)
In reality, you have done nothing.
I call it "fake work ".
"Focus is at the heart of your ability to develop a sound strategy.
In other words, you don't have a strategy until you're sure you won't focus on something.
What prospects are you not going to pursue and what products are you not going to offer. . .
When you stay focused, it allows you to create leverage in your business.
Leverage brings scalability and a profitable "let go" business.
Losing attention can also lead to delays and delays.
When your attention is distracted too much, you start to miss the deadline because you have not completed the task.
You spend too much time on things that don't make much sense to your ultimate success.
This creates its own problems.
It will have a negative impact on your ability to acquire customers, and once you have customers, it will weaken your ability to retain customers.
The bigger your business grows, the more important your focus is.
Because at a higher level, you have more things to focus on.
Can you see how bad behavior grows and spreads as the organization develops?
If you could remove these distractions from your thoughts and attention while doing any project, how good would your business be?
How much more can you finish?
Would you be more sure of each goal and decision if you were able to focus fully and wholeheartedly on them?
I'm willing to make a lot of bets.
In fact, everyone of the thousands of entrepreneurs I worked with in my career agreed.
Once they can re-
Master their attention and focus, and things start to happen in their business like magic.
They have a new level of clarity about their goals and goals.
They finish more and faster.
Seems to use less effort.
Instead of feeling tired and tired at the end of a long day, they are actually full of energy and ready for more.
The benefits of controlling attention are obvious.
When it starts wandering, the "way" to take back control is not.
What can you do when you feel you are losing your attention?
When you're bored or over-excited and start looking for the next "challenge" to stimulate your brain?
If you think you lack focus, I have prepared a series of exercises for my private clients that can help you.
I have listed three below to help you recover and keep your attention in a variety of distractions. 1.
Try to meditate: I do 10 minutes every morning.
It's simple to do.
Find a quiet place that will not disturb you.
Lay on the floor or sit in a comfortable position.
Relax your body
Especially if you sit up, your shoulders)
Close your eyes, clear your mind and breathe slowly and deeply through your nose.
Focus on your breathing.
If your mind is starting to wander, just bring it back and don't worry.
Go back and focus on your breath.
Some habits may be needed at first.
But once you do that, just 10 minutes of meditation will eliminate all the noise in your brain. 2.
Away from your computer: I wrote a lot of things with pen and legal pad. I'm serious.
I know the farther I get from the technology, the better.
The same is true for most entrepreneurs.
Not only will you do more, you will also see a change in the quality of what you are doing. 3.
Use timer: physical timer.
Go to the store and buy a $5 digital timer.
Set the timer for a reasonable time when you sit down and do some work (
Start small-maybe 30 minutes at the beginning)
Then tell yourself that when the timer is running, you will not pay attention to anything other than the task at hand.
It's time. you can have a rest.
With a goal, a certain amount of time to do something will help you stay focused.
This behavior is mastered to regain control.
Control your business.
Control the goals you are trying to accomplish.
Control your life and your success.
When you can control your attention and exclude all distractions that are likely to derail you, you can almost guarantee that you will complete the important key projects you need to succeed.
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