hollywood mourns one of its greatest stars as wholesome screen icon doris day dies of pneumonia aged

hollywood mourns one of its greatest stars as wholesome screen icon doris day dies of pneumonia aged 97 - draw on screen

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hollywood mourns one of its greatest stars as wholesome screen icon doris day dies of pneumonia aged 97  -  draw on screen
Hollywood legend Doris Day has died at the age of 97.
On Monday, her charity, the Doris Dai Animal Foundation, announced her death.
The foundation said in a statement that she was surrounded by close friends, "at her age, she was in good health and had not been infected with severe pneumonia until recently.
She died in her manor in Carmel Valley, California, where she lived alone with her dozens of pets for decades.
The charity also revealed, "Her wish was that there was no funeral or memorial service and no tombstone.
Instead, she wants fans to donate to the charity she founded to save the animals.
Day mesmerized the United States at the age of 40, 50 and 60, starring in an amazing 39 movies in just 20 years.
She is a bright one on the screeneyed goody two-
She often calls herself a "virgin of America ".
However, her personal life was destroyed by the dark plot.
Her marriage broke down four times.
Her first husband beat her, the second left her, the third wasted her wealth, and the fourth was ignored by her dog.
In 1950, at the peak of her career, she also suffered from a mental illness.
But her biggest loss was the death of her only child, Terry, in 2004.
He died of melanoma at the age of 64.
Day has rarely been seen by the public in recent years.
In addition to starring in some of the most iconic Hollywood movies of all time, such as pillow talk, high seas Love, Love Me or Leave Me, scroll down to watch the video
The 15-year-old started her career with the Les Brown Band.
Her songs "Sentimental Journey", "Secret Love" and "Que Sera" were all selected for the Grammy Hall of Fame.
Unlike her contemporary rival, Marilyn Monroe, this reflects the healthy presence that the United States is in love.
In her biography, she wrote in her biography Doris Day: her own story.
Her first husband hit her while she was pregnant and the second husband left her because he knew she would be a star, "don't want to be a gentleman"
Doris Day and her third one took control of her social life and career, and then she passed away, left her debt and was forced to return to work.
"I have an unfortunate reputation, that is, two Miss Gaudi --
Shoes, virgins in the United States, and all that, so I would say that would shock some people, saying: "But I firmly believe that they should not get married unless two people live together. ".
Elsewhere, she wrote: "My public image is the healthy Virgin of the United States, the girl next door, carefree and full of happiness, and I can assure you that it is a better image
More than any movie I 've ever played.
"But I am the lady of chastity, and that is all it is.
Born in Evanston, Ohio, Doris Marianne von kapohoff.
Her parents were a music teacher and a housewife, and her dance career was over, but at the age of 12 she suffered a serious accident: one of her cars was hit by a train and her leg was badly broken.
During her recuperation, she listened to the radio and began singing with Ella Fitzgerald, "trying to capture the subtle way she covered her voice, the casual and clean way of her singing words.
The day begins with a radio station in Cincinnati, followed by a local nightclub, followed by New York.
A band leader changed her name to the day after the song day after day to accommodate the tent.
She started her Hollywood career after singing at the Hollywood party in 1947.
After working early as a band singer and Warner Bros.
, Day won the best notice of her career with "Love Me or Leave Me", "the story of female singer Ruth Ting and her gangster husband"-manager.
She was hesitant at first, but 1955 films became box office
Office and key success.
But she started with her Oscar and found her greatest success in a beautiful and stylish sex comedy --
Pillow talk nomination role.
She and Rock Hudson are two New Yorkers who share a telephone line and initially hate each other.
Her other famous film, Romance on the high seas, was designed for Judy Garland and Betty Heaton.
Both of them quit, and the Day recommended by song writers Sammy Kane and Jules sintin won the role. Warner Bros.
With a series of musicals, including "My dream is yours", "Tea for two people" and "Broadway ecstasy", it's a new star.
Her last movie is six of You Get Eggroll, a 1968 comedy about a widow and the problems they have with the Fusion family.
With the popularity of more explicit sex movies, she turned to television to make up for her financial losses.
Doris Dai Xiu is at 1966-1973 runs on CBS.
Her acting career began singing in the band, first in Cincinnati, and then in New York, a band commander changed her name to Day.
When she recovered from her broken legs, she was already fascinated by the idea of becoming a singer in her teens.
When she was 17, she first married the long man, Al Jorden, who said she beat her when she conceived her son, Terry.
Terry was born on 1942.
A year later, she left her father and went back to the band to sing.
She married her second husband, George wader, for three years until 1949.
In 1951, after a short date with Ronald Reagan, she married film producer Martin Melcher.
They 've been together for 17 years. he's her strength-pushing agent.
He encouraged her to work tirelessly, but suspected that she had embezzled many royalties for herself.
She defended him blindly.
In his early 50 s, Day's mental health changed while filming disaster Jane.
She is prone to panic attacks but is still working.
Melcher is in charge of all her contracts and deals, and as a result, Day never really knows how much she gets paid.
As her son Terry grew up, he begged her to leave him, but she was still worried that she would go bankrupt as he threatened if she left him.
She stayed with him until he died of a stroke in 1968.
Later, she knew how much he had squandered.
First, she received a tax bill of $500,000.
This made her find that there was no money in the bank, only personal property.
She learned that her late husband, along with a manager, threw away the equivalent of $20 million.
Her only asset is the house she owns and with the help of her son, she uses it to rebuild her wealth.
She married restaurant owner Barry Condon in 1976, but the two broke up in 1982.
Day said they were "out of tune" but Comden said he was tired of being kicked out of bed to make room for their dog.
"She has 14 dogs, and the last straw was when I was kicked out of bed to make way for the lion dog Tiger," he said before 2009 dead.
Working until her 1980 s during the day, but the last part of her life is devoted to animal rights.
In 1985 she won more than one
Got millions of dollars in settlement from Jerry Rosenthal, her late husband's business partner, but it was her last public appearance.
Later, with the help of her son, she used settlements and a huge real estate portfolio to rebuild her wealth.
At the time of her death, her estimated net worth was $0. 2 billion, but it was not clear how much money she had left to charity.
Although she has retired most of her time from the show business since she was in her 1980 s, she still has enough followers and 2011 previously unreleased songs, my heart, have landed in the UK
In the same year, she won a lifetime achievement award from the Los Angeles Film Critics Association.
Her friends and supporters have been lobbying her for an Oscar for many years.
In 2004, President George H was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom. W.
Bush said it was a good day for the United States when Doris Marianne von kapohoff of Evanston, Ohio decided to be an entertainer.
"She did not attend the ceremony in person because she was afraid of flying.
The last few years of her life are devoted to the work of animal rights.
Her most famous quote is "I 've never seen animals I don't like, and I can't say the same thing to people.
In 1978, she founded the Doris Day Foundation.
On the charity's website, she was affectionately referred to as the "dog catcher in Beverly Hills ".
"We all have at least one Doris Day Animal.
If you see Doris on the street or in the studio, you will most likely get a homeless cat or dog sponsored by Doris.
A star once said that she carries photos of animals in need of home with her, and then she will come over and check your house to make sure you are up to it.
Doris Day is a Virgin of the United States, although she won the heart of the world, she is always unfortunate in love, the first marriage of 1941-1943 days is in her 17
She married the long man, Al jauden, and soon conceived her first and only child, Terry.
After years of divorce, she described him as a "mentally ill" who tried to give her medicine to abort ".
She also claimed that when she was pregnant with Terry for eight months, he played her for nothing.
They met when she was the singer of the band.
After their divorce, she returned to the music and took care of Terry alone.
George handler 1946-
1949Day described her second husband, saxophone player George wader, as a gentle man.
They got married in 1946, just as her star wave was about to collapse.
In their short marriage, she tried to live as a housewife in Los Angeles.
He converted her to Christian Science.
When the star of doris rose, the two broke up well.
It is said that he told her that he did not want to spend his life as a "Sir"Doris Day.
Marty Melcher, 1951-
1968 Melcher is Day's favorite person in her life and her longest partner.
He's her money, too.
Her agent wasted her property, died, and left her millions of dollars in debt.
They got married in 1951 and he adopted Terry as his son.
In public, they are happy photos and often come together happily in her movies.
However, friends are worried about how much Melcher controls his wife's star status.
He settled the contract for her and set her a fee for a big cut for himself.
It is said that she never knew how much she was paid that day.
She was almost out of home to take care of Terry because Melcher pushed her to work relentlessly.
As Terry grew older and worked hard for the day, she began a struggle for mental health and was prone to panic, which only Melcher comforted her in her film.
At the end of their marriage, he soon became ill.
Although she told her son that she was unhappy and even encouraged him to keep his mistress, she refused her son's request to leave him and took care of him until his death in 1968.
After his death, she learned that he had spent all her $23 million.
This is equivalent to more than $0. 14 billion today.
Melcher wasted it with his business partner Jerry Rosenthal.
With Terry's help, Dai sued Rosenthal and recovered only a small part of it.
Barry Coden, 1976-
1981 Comden, a restaurant owner in Los Angeles, is the fourth and last husband of the day.
In 1976 they got married because he became friends with her and gave her a bag of shredded meat to her dog when she left one of his restaurants.
Their wedding was held at the house of friends.
Thought she finally found a matching object, a day of joy.
She said: "In the end, I finally satisfied romantically. Barry is a beautiful person. we have a wonderful relationship. this is the most wonderful relationship I have ever had! ' she said.
During their marriage, she bought the huge Carmel estate she lived in.
Unfortunately, their happiness was short-lived and they divorced in 1981.
He told the Sunday Post on 1996 that it was because she loved her dog more than he did.
"She had 14 dogs and the last straw was when I was kicked out of bed to make way for the lion dog Tiger," he said . ".
Day said they are "just" incompatible.
How Doris Day changed from a silver-screen siren to a "dog catcher in Beverly Hills", after a lifetime of HEARTACHEDay, he rounded up animals at night
But in her last years, she lived in a dilapidated house, taking care of the animals in the heartbreaking separation from the charming pins
She is remembered all over the world.
After the death of her third husband, she stopped making movies, and she retreated from the camera together, except for Doris Day's show.
Instead, she lives quietly in Carmel, Cali, to take care of the animals.
However, her life was lonely, and before his death her beloved son, Terry, sought someone to accompany her.
He once offered Sydney Wood a job that only needed to "take Mom to lunch.
For all her failed marriages, her son died unexpectedly in 2004, which was her real heartache.
She had never talked about it publicly and had no strength to attend his private funeral.
Her only heir is Ryan, son of grandson Terry.
Over the past decade, there have been rumors of a "little old lady-like figure, stealing things in the middle of the night on the streets of Carmel, rounding up stray dogs and thin cats, put them in her car.
On her charity website, she is described as "dog catcher in Beverly Hills ".
She celebrated her recent birthday at home on April, but 300 fans gathered in Carmel to pay tribute to her.
The famous Doris Day can cry at the hint
Her image as the ultimate sweet and innocent "good girl" in Hollywood --
She cried many times.
Many actors remember the unhappy moments when they need to open their tearpipes, and as she knows in the industry, there is a lot to learn from "Miss lachrymose.
Victim of the wife
Beating her first husband, she endured the second who couldn't stand her success, the third who ruined her financially, and the fourth who was very unhappy.
No wonder she dedicated herself to animals in her later life.
Iconic actors and singers
One of the greatest stars in Hollywood's history, the 50-year-old and 60-year-old "American lover "--
Died yesterday at the age of 97.
In her mansion in Carmel Valley, California, she is surrounded by close friends and at one stage she has up to 50 stray dogs.
Doris Dai animal Foundation said that at her age, she had been in good health and had not been infected with severe pneumonia until recently, resulting in her death.
According to the foundation, instead of having a funeral or memorial service, Doris wanted to be buried in an unmarked grave.
Most of her friends and colleagues
The stars passed away a long time ago, but she was mourned by countless celebrity fans who worshipped her --
The charm of the screen, not to mention the extraordinary singing.
Actress William Shatner says she is the loveliest person in the world and loved by all.
"God bless Doris! What a voice.
Singer Boy George said it was a legend.
"The only one, this woman inspired me a lot, I love you, my disaster Jane," said fashion designer Stella McCartney, who later became Doris's friend.
"She is a real star in many ways," added Sir Paul . ".
"I will miss her, but will always remember her flashing smile and infectious laughter, and the many great songs and movies she gave us.
Doris wears blonde hair, a bright smile and an active screen, in movies like pillow talk, beyond darling, and disaster Jane, become a huge pure love in a romantic comedy to share with Rock Hudson, Gary Grant, and James Garner scene.
Although she made 39 movies and many TV shows, she was remembered for a song --
Que serum, serum (
Whatever it will be, it will be)—
She shouted to James Stewart in Hitchcock's film, "know too many people.
Many years later, Day likes to say "que Sera, Sera" to defend against intrusive questions about personal life, contrary to the glittering romantic story in her film.
Despite her healthy, sunny image as an image of her Hollywood consultant --
Pianist Oscar Levant once quipped: "I knew Doris the day before she was a virgin . "
She doesn't want to let the fans down, she has been playing with the fans for many years.
On April 3, 1922, she was born in a German community in Cincinnati, Ohio-Doris Marie Ann carpulhoff
Her childhood life was not happy, but her parents' bad marriage covered up her childhood life.
Her father is a professional musician who hates pop songs.
To seduce him, Day's mother will let the little girl perform a song that he particularly hates.
When she was a child, she found out that her father and another woman sneaked into the bedroom at a party at home.
She recalled hearing their voices crying and sleeping on her own.
"I heard him, and I heard her," she said . "
Since childhood, Doris said, she has dreamed of becoming a perfect wife and having a perfect husband.
She's probably just trying too hard.
At least two of her husbands will blame her for taking a break.
When the third person said she was too tired to keep up with their relationship.
Doris was encouraged by her mother to be a dancer, but when she was 13 years old involved in a terrible car accident, the ambition was dashed.
A car was driven by a friend after a bumpy ride, stuck on the rails at a horizontal intersection, crushed by an oncoming train.
One of Doris's legs was crushed and she used crutch for more than a year.
She sang instead.
The local band leader, Barney Rapp, gave her a job and her art name after hearing her singing "Day after day.
When Doris was 17, she fell in love with the long hand, Al Jordan, who helped her sing.
They got married when she was 19.
When Jordan hit her on their wedding night, he immediately showed the dark side of his character, the first of many beatings.
After she was pregnant, he insisted on her abortion.
He hit her belly when she refused, hoping she would lose their baby.
Although at the time of their son Terry's birth, she did not manage to escape her cruel and paranoid husband.
Even though Doris dreams of being a perfect wife, she is not a perfect mother.
She quickly returned to the road with her band and left her mother Alma to raise her son. Terry —
Her only child.
Later I would say, "mother" is a meaningless word for him.
My grandmother was my parents, he explained.
At the age of 22, Doris married her second husband, George Wedler, a saxophone player.
They lived in the trailer park and the marriage lasted only eight months.
This is important for Weidler to introduce her to Christian Science --
A belief notorious for its hostility to modern medicine, which insists that believers should heal themselves by praying.
Day would say to Weidler: "We have a strong physical appeal to each other, but I didn't realize that getting married takes a lot more time than that.
Even after they break up, they occasionally get reunited for passionate sex --
This behavior is very different from her screen character and meets the needs of a physical relationship that she has never denied.
There were rumors that she had an affair with Bob Hope.
Because Hope's music director, Les Brown, is the conductor of Doris's band, she often sees her.
Hope gave her the nickname "jut butt" and he explained: "You can play bridge on her ass.
Doris, without any acting experience, made a huge breakthrough in director Michael cotiz's Hollywood career --
Looking for a allAmerican Girl-
Play her in the 1948 romantic comedy musical magic.
In her screen test, he wiped her tears most of the time.
Curtiz called Day "Miss lachrymose" because she had the incredible ability to cry on demand.
Also useful is that she can remember the script only once she reads it.
The film immediately established Doris's position as a 26-year-old star with stone as the background
In terms of public relations in Hollywood
Her image is very clean. Co-
The stars were surprised by her innocent candor, and when they chatted at lunch they wanted to know if she was really herself or a "character ".
Doris often plays singers and nasty lips.
So she usually sings on the set.
In 1951, the 29-year-old married her third husband, Marty Melcher, an aggressive and greedy filmmaker who insisted on all the movies from her future
In Hollywood, he is called "Mr. Dai" because he constantly interferes with her career and makes impossible demands that are usually made for herself and not for her.
He forced her to make various films that she was not interested in and rejected some parts --
For example, the "older women" among the graduates she wants ".
They fight at work and in private life.
After he followed her into Christian Science, she complained bitterly that faith was more important to him than their marriage.
When Doris made 1956 movie Julie, Christian Science almost proved her death.
Due to their common religious beliefs, Melcher refused to let her see a doctor within a few weeks after starting bleeding because it turned out to be a intestinal tumor.
In the end, she did go to the doctor and had to have a uterine resection.
Today, decades later
Returned to Christian Science in later life
It would shock friends who are worried about her getting weaker because she doesn't even want to take aspirin.
She left Melcher at least once, but revealed to her friends that she needed-
More than he did.
Sexual aspects of their marriage
The star only knew that Melcher had cheated her of her £ 15 million property.
Leaving with about £ 350,000 in debt
After his death in 1968
He signed five for her.
The annual contract for the TV series "Doris Day Show", she knows nothing about it
Although she accepted the role, it became a huge blow.
Doris was accused of fraudulently trying to evade income tax, and the charge was thrown out of court only if she proved she knew nothing about her husband's actions.
She finally broke down-
One of the symptoms was that she sneaked into her friend's pool in her clothes.
But she finally won $22 million. £17 million)
Melcher's lawyers and other poorly managed colleagues compensated her for the money.
In 1976, she married Barry Conden, the restaurant owner, for the fourth time.
This time, Day deliberately kept their marriage out of the spotlight, not even mentioning him in her "who is who" entry, let alone allowing him to take pictures with her.
Six years later, however, they also divorced.
When Comden claimed: "She kicked me out of bed and made room for her animals, she could only say 'We live better together '.
Doris, who had retired from acting and public life at that time, spent her time on her pets and stray animals.
She is known locally as extremely eccentric (
Although she successfully sued when a newspaper called her crazy "Ms. Bao).
She will drive her own animal ambulance to a place where she hears a dog or cat run over to take care of it, and she will show up in the supermarket when she is full of pet supplies, count her discount coupons.
She opened an animal hospital, gave her huge home to her pets, provided them with delicious food, and exclusively for dozens of cats and dogs --
Bed in the evening.
Many dogs will pile up on her own big bed.
As a Hollywood superstar or a sexual symbol, Doris has never felt comfortable.
James Ghana
She starred in two movies with her and once described her as "a very sexy lady who doesn't know how sexy she is ".
She was largely out of her past life and did not even attend the funeral of her son who died of cancer in 2004.
The staff who took care of her complained that she might be stingy, demanding and not even giving a former PA who broke a pack of food and donated the money to the dentist.
In her later years, all but a few smaller pets had to go because her carers were increasingly afraid that someone would knock her down and kill her.
The only star partner she has ever had close contact with is Rock Hudson.
She claims that she loves him, even though his homosexuality pays off for any romance.
When she launched her last TV showabout dogs —
Hudson attended the press conference on 1985.
She was stunned by his broken appearance, but Doris didn't know he had AIDS and he reassured everyone that he just had the flu.
Soon after, Hudson died.
The star, once nicknamed the Virgin Queen for the purity of her character, has been hiding for weeks and most of the time doing what she has been doing well: crying.
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