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: how a marvel movie became one of the year's most revolutionary films - draw on screen

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-01
: how a marvel movie became one of the year\'s most revolutionary films  -  draw on screen
Can a movie lead to a revolutionary movie? There are many things that movies can do.
They can make us cry, force us to rethink what we think of the world, and even introduce us to every corner of the world where we never knew existed.
But can they really be the revolutionary force of change? This is a big requirement for a movie because it knows that no matter what passion and feelings they have behind them, they are still a multi-by-product
A billion-dollar business industry.
After all, what is most important if not all successful industries try to avoid revolution.
But it was a question raised in February when Marvel's Black Pantherroared entered theaters around the world.
For many, the answer to the film is the resounding yes ". It could.
In fact, it has been in its own way.
The academy announced last month that the film was nominated for best picture.
This is the first comic book to win this honor.
This is one of seven nominations for the Panther.
You don't have to go too far to get to the idea of one of the biggest business studios in the game in time, it will bring millions of dollars in revenue to the game and market superhero movies starring black actors driven by an African
American director in the context of prosperityif fictional)
African countries, if you do not pay direct attention to the suffering suffered by black people in global history, you will be laughed out.
We talked here for a few years.
They put a huge green monster (
Of course, when he is no longer angry, he will return to his straight white male state)
In the center of the movie.
They did, in fact. More than once.
Hollywood has been telling people of color and other marginalized groups for years that their stories are not universal enough.
On a global scale, their profits are not enough.
When a film that focuses on such a story is made, it is usually adapted quickly into its own sub-film.
The type of movie, as if its theme prevented it from being considered a movie, completely stopped.
If this is a commercial success, it's a fluke. off—
The head of the studio will certainly not consider a viable path to profitability. So we waited a long time.
We waited a long time.
We waited a little longer.
Now that we are finally here, director Ryan Coogler brings hope to the King T'Challa of Chadwick Bosman and his glorious kingdom of wacanda, it's like giving underserved communities the chance to finally see a superhero who looks exactly like them.
This is revolutionary in itself, my friends.
"It's hard to imagine this movie," Forest Whitaker told E! He plays Zuri, a veteran politician at wacanda and adviser to T'Challa.
When asked if such a movie would see the light of the day, journalist Justin silverst.
"I can see a lot of movies moving forward, peeking at their heads and showing us something different that we 've never seen before.
This one has so many different levels, so many different messages, so much humor, sadness and pain, you know what I mean, and I think it's unique.
I think Ryan did something that would fail in time.
"In fact, in the lead
Before it was released in February 16, it had a place in history books.
Except for the first one. of-its-
According to analyst forecasts, the cast of a comic book film Black Panther is expected to receive at least $0. 25 billion worldwide on the weekend of President day.
Fandago revealed that the film was not available. 4 pre-
The best-selling movie in history is second only to the latest three Star Wars movies.
To commemorate the release of the film, there are more than 200 grassroots sports in the black community around the world, and it is safe to say that the expectations for the film are high, and we don't see it very often.
"The concept of African stories, the actors of African descent at the forefront, coupled with the scale of modern franchise film production, has never been seen before, coogler told Hollywood reporters, why is the world so eager for his movies.
"You feel like you have a chance to see something fresh and be a part of something new, and I think all the viewers want to experience it, whether or not they are of African descent.
"Of course, the revolution of the film
Contextualize the roles we encountered in Captain America: Civil War, 2016
Crowned King back to his height
In order to protect their technical secrets, developed countries have separated themselves from the rest of the world, but this has not stopped.
With a more exciting and timely story than the usual Marvel film, due to the arrival of villain Eric kilmung, T'Challa was forced to reconsider the isolation life of his society
Played by Jordan
His uncle and the son of an American woman
Growing up in the United States and being forced to endure all the racism and discrimination that comes with it, killmonger wants Wakandans to share their metaphorical wealth with the oppressed people of the world to help change the balance of power, support those who have been denied power in history.
Jordan Peel's Oscar-
The nominated Social demon thriller is the 2017 most revolutionary film that forces us to consider race issues in the US and then the Panther picks up the baton and uses it to force us to celebrate the game --
Africa and mankind.
"I think an important message is to recognize that we are responsible for each other, to promote each other and to be one.
"To be a tribe, recognize that our success in our own lives needs to be reflected in the lives we see," Whitaker said . ".
"I always think so when I work.
I work with different NGOs in conflict areas and similar places and we always have to see ourselves in another person and understand that they are you and you are them.
If you have this understanding, you will treat them differently and you will try to make sure that their lives are improved.
Still, the real power of the Panther's long road from the 1966 comic book introduction to his unprecedented big screen debut may lie in its impact on future generations.
In addition to Bosman and Jordan kicking their ass on the screen, there are many similar buttocks around their characters --
Kick women played by Gurira, Lupita nyong 'O, Letitia Wright and Angela Bassett who are not considered "strong women" but"
"The Cup is over, just to catch up with us. too-
Thirst is often ignored.
That is to say, the success of the film will undoubtedly open the door for black artists (
Or any artist in a marginalized community)down the road.
"At the end of the day, it represents the next generation, represents these children who are going to watch this game, and represents people around the world starting this conversation and dialogue, Jordan told us: "This is where I'm more excited. ".
"Look at how many more Panthers we will see . . . . . . What I'm more curious about is the effect of this film in the film industry and how this will change the minority groups in film and television.
"Just like the wachandan people who are forced to consider entering a diverse global community, Hollywood can no longer ignore the notion that different stories can and will play a global role. Not anymore.
No Panther on site.
Long live the king. (
Originally published on Friday, February.
Month, 2018 at 4: 00 in the morning. m. PST. )
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