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how bhubaneswar will transform into a smart city - a smart board

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-10
how bhubaneswar will transform into a smart city  -  a smart board
After taking the lead in the Smart City Challenge, boubaneswar is trying to maintain its position through a strong implementation plan.
The capital, Audi Sha, is also the first city to form a special-purpose vehicle (SPV)-
Bhubaneswar smart city Co. , Ltd (BSCL). For BSCL, a 16-
A member of the board of directors composed of state government departments, 1 central government representative and 5 independent directors was established.
The SPV will have an authorized capital of Rs 500 (rs 5 billion)
Divided into 50 million shares, Rs 100 per share.
Among them, the share of the state government and Bhubaneswar Municipal companies will reach Rs 112.
The Bhubaneswar Development Board will contribute Rs 50 per share, while the Bhubaneswar Development Board will contribute Rs 250 (rs 2. 5 billion).
"We are on track and moving forward more systematically so that once the work starts, it will not stop.
We are trying to keep the position of numero uno, "deputy
Chairman of the bubaneswar development board and managing director of bsc.
By the end of this month, bsc will set up an office soon.
The smart city plan of the city consists of two components-an area-
Basic proposal for the development of the central area of Bhubaneswar (BTCD)and a pan-
City proposal of smart city operation Management Center (ICOMC).
BTCD plans to transform and re-develop 985 acres of land around the main train station in the city center, becoming a vibrant 24x7 destination.
ICOMC will provide a digital platform to integrate multiple city subsidiaries
Seamless integration of traffic management, parking, bus operations, General fare cards, emergency response and urban accident management systems, as well as operational requirements for BTCD utilities.
The Smart City proposal estimates the total cost of the project at RS 4,537, including RS 4,095 for BTCD and RS 442 for ICOMC.
SPV will implement 56 projects in the following areas
Based on a project under development and pan-projectcity solution.
The project funds will come from the mission fund of smart city (Rs 950 crore)
Integration plan with state and central plans (Rs 525 crore), public-
Private Partnership (Rs 2,563 crore)
Municipal Infrastructure Development Fund (Rs 184 crore)
Public-Private Community Partnership (Rs 30 crore)
Borrowing through business (Rs 30 crore)
Loan Plan of Asian Development Bank (Rs 210 crore).
The SPV has already conducted tenders for the selection of consultants managing regional development project reports and IT solutions for a period of four years.
At the same time, the SPV is also taking measures to tender for the city.
Large traffic signal project and railway station renovation project.
For the smart city project, busbaneswar may have a long time
Long-term cooperation with the German ministry of environment.
Development Bank of Germany (KfW)
May provide economic assistance to Bhutan in the form of soft loans200 million.
In addition to financial assistance, technical cooperation will also be an integral part of cooperationWith Germany.
Interestingly, the original urban planning of the city was done by the German architect Otto H. gonisberger.
The SPV will adopt the Swiss challenge law for all senior executives
The development of the cost project, according to Chief Minister Odisha Patnaik Navin.
As part of the child
Friendly smart city assembly, a tie
Singapore may work with Singapore to train Singapore officials.
The Odisha government recently proposed to the central government to establish a partnership with international finance companies.
IFC will act as a trading consultant for public development projects-
Private Partnership model
"We want to achieve all the milestones set in the smart city proposal during the target period.
"As of now, all sources of financing are online," Kumar added . ".
As the first planned capital of independent India, bubbaneswar has all the natural ingredients, such as water bodies, rivers, canals, open spaces and heritage, to become a smart city for the future, according to city Piyush Rout
City planner.
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