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how computer monitors work - notebook touch screen

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-24
how computer monitors work  -  notebook touch screen
Aspect ratio and visual area measurements describe the dimensions of the display: aspect ratio and screen size.
Historically, like most TVs, the aspect ratio of a computer monitor is 4: 3.
This means that the ratio of display width to height is 4 to 3.
For widescreen LCD displays, the aspect ratio is 16: 9 (
Sometimes 16: 10 or 15: 9).
Widescreen LCD displays can be used to watch DVD movies in widescreen format, play games, and display multiple windows side by side.
Widescreen aspect ratio is also used.
All types of displays include projected surfaces, often referred to as screens.
The screen size is usually in inches, from one corner to the opposite corner.
This diagonal measurement system is actually due to the fact that early TV makers wanted to make the screen size of their TV sound more impressive.
Interestingly, the screen size measurement of CRT and LCD display is different.
For CRT displays, the screen size is measured diagonally from the outside edge of the monitor housing.
In other words, the external housing is included in the measurement, as shown below.
For an LCD display, the screen size is measured diagonally from the inside of the oblique cut edge.
Measurements do not include the housing as shown in the following figure.
Due to the different measurement methods of CRT and LCD display, 17-
Inch LCD display available with 19-
Inch CRT display.
To represent the size of the CRT more accurately, please find out its visual screen size.
This is the measurement of the CRT display without the housing.
The popular screen sizes are 15, 17, 19 and 21 inch.
The laptop has a smaller screen size, usually between 12 and 17 inch.
With the advancement of desktop and laptop display technology, the screen size is also growing.
For professional applications such as medical imaging or public information display, the size of some LCD displays is 40 inch or larger!
Obviously, the size of the display directly affects the resolution.
The same pixel resolution is clearer on smaller monitors, and more blurry on larger monitors because the same number of pixels are distributed over larger inches.
21-image on
Inch display with a resolution of 800x600 won't look like 15-
800x600 display.
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