how much damage will the original galaxy gear have on samsungs gear 2 smartwatch - touch screen sm

how much damage will the original galaxy gear have on samsung's gear 2 smartwatch? - touch screen smart table

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-16
how much damage will the original galaxy gear have on samsung\'s gear 2 smartwatch?  -  touch screen smart table
Samsung announced today at the Mobile World Congress Samsung Gear 2 and Gear Neosmartwatches.
They are expected to go public in April, but will they be damaged by samsung 'searlierrush's release of the Galaxy gear smartwatch last year?
The two new smartwatches come in double
Core 1 GHz CPU architecture, 163x163 pixel Super touch screen, 4 GB storage, 512 mb ram, infrared transmitter and Bluetooth LE.
The watches also include heart rate monitors, step count counters, and sensor kits that allow each watch to act as a basic fitness tracker.
They all need a host device to connect, whether it's a smartphone or a table, whether it's a new Gear device or an out-of-the-box device, all will be connected to "dozens" of Samsung devices, according to the company's news report today.
It is worth noting that Korean companies have given up the name "Galaxy" for good reason.
Samsung released the Android smartwatch on CES 2014, but the new Gear watch is no longer powered by Google's mobile operating system.
This is the honor of toTizen.
Samsung has launched the zeq9000 smartphone to the public, and now Gear 2 and Gear Neo will be the first smartphones to use the Linux operating system.
Given the roar of Samsung and Google over the overall display of the UI and Android on Galaxy smartphones and tablets, it's a strange move, but it shouldn't be too much of an attack.
Android is an expensive operating system that runs on power and resources, both of which are leading the way in smart watches.
I suspect that the nature of tizen is more in line with goals such as battery life and code optimization than the political statement issued by Samsung about the core operating system.
The biggest problem with Gear 2 is not the operating system, specification or style.
Samsung's follow-up will face the problem of how to deal with the lack of goodwill built around their 2013 smartwatch Galaxy Gear.
The Watch, announced in September 4, 2013, was widely criticized for poor battery life, dull design, clumsy user interface and lack of software.
It also needs to control the latest version of Android on your smartphone, which means you have to have the Galaxy Note 3 or the Galaxy Note 10-at the time of release-
Two new devices were also launched at the event in September 2013.
Perhaps Samsung hopes to gain a first-mover advantage through the release of Galaxy Gear to lead Apple's competitors (
Still to be realized)
, Or get as much user feedback as possible?
With the knowledge of Gear 2 running different operating systems, as well as improved functionality and battery life, why did they release the original Galaxy Gear?
Companies don't need to improve their cash flow.
If they were delayed for five months, they could have used the Gear 2 and the Gear Neo runningenand led, and everyone interested in the smartwatch would be happy to buy one.
Since it is the first promoter of the Galaxy Gear, it will feel left out of the revolution in just a few months, as the Android-driven Galaxy Gearis is marked as a dead enemy in historyend.
I think fortunately, from September until now, no other major manufacturer has challenged Samsung's smartwatch business.
Some companies continue their plans and create a name for themselves, such as start-up, which is based in Palo Alto-
KickstarterdarlingPebble worth $10 million;
While others continue their own slow and steady improvements, sony's SmartWatch 2 is a good example of failing to ignite public attention.
No one can completely fill the gap caused by the Galactic gear launch.
The Pebble watch may have the best features, but like Samsung's Gelia, it's a very small David.
Samsung's original device PR budget could provide Pebble with several years of funding.
Still, Samsung is the second-largest elephant in the room, and their presence in smartphone space offers opportunities for the niche in a way that only one other company can do.
Their support for the Galaxy Gear, while flawed, was part of the conversation.
This makes the sales of the new Gear watch a little easier, as Samsung has created the expectations of smart watches as a partner device through its huge number of advertising and brand campaigns.
They also create a bunch of negative expectations around a fairly expensive product line, which many still think is a novelty.
When Gear 2 and Gear Neo arrive on the street in April, I will be interested in how Samsung handles this mismatch and whether Gear can elevate itself and find an audience.
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